Friday, May 5, 2017

Friday's Mad Mad World!


Greetings, end-times watchers!!  Here's another round of world events the media may not be reporting on.. especially those that relate to the times in which we live. Jesus commanded us to watch and pray, so that's why I'm doing this each week. I am unable report on everything I would take too long. I try to pick out the most relevant news. I hope it's helpful for you and gets you excited about the soon return of our King!  But also, please pray for the lost and be a witness for the Lord as time is growing short.  God bless you all!

On Israel's Independence day, UN Condemns Jew's presence in Jerusalem

Wars and Rumors of Wars
US B-1 Bomber spotted over Korean Peninsula 
US deploys high altitude drone over Japan to spy on Korea 
North Korea threatens to obliterate Japan
Satellite images reveal N. Korea poised to test sub nukes that could hit US
North Korea threatens the final doom of the US
US air force to conduct 2nd missile test amid rising N. Korean tensions 
Russia may be planting deep sea mole nukes close to US 
US troops deployed to Syrian-turkish border

Church goers attacked at Hillsong church in Australia
Teacher kicks student out of class for reading the Bible

6.3 Earthquake strikes Alaska
Ongoing earthquake swarm in Alaska
More than 65,000 earthquakes have struck Italy in 9 months 
Huge storms in mid-west cost 6 lives 
37 Volcanic eruptions happening now and many others showing seismic activity

California voting to place third gender option on State documents
Harvard Homosexual group claims gender is fluid and changing
Disney is turning toward the dark side
State Dept issues travel alert throughout Europe 
Student penalized for using "man" on his essay
Billy Graham's Wheaton Christian college waves Gay flag
Florida teacher accused of promoting homosexuality in classroom 
Couple want to divorce each other to marry live-in girlfriend

Huffington post humanist urges church to stop using Bible as moral guide
Program glorifying false gods marked the most politically relevant for our time

The Great Deception
The discover of "alien" life may be close

One World Gov/Religion
Pope Francis made another move toward one-world religion?

Israel strikes raise the stakes in Hezbollah face-off

Good News!
Muslim man gets vision of man in white who heals him!
New Evidence dates the Shroud of Turin to 1st century (I happen to believe this is really Jesus's burial cloth)
Persecution in Iran causes Christian church to grow by leaps and bounds!
Daughter of Facebook murder victim says many are coming to Christ because of their forgiveness

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