Friday, June 9, 2017

Friday's Mad Mad World!

Greetings watchers on the wall!  I haven't posted any news in awhile, but so many crazy things been happening these past few weeks. I have more than I can report on so I'll try to choose the highlights. For those of you who keep up with my news reports and/or other world wide news like this, there's no way you can deny we are in the last days... the very end of the last days, in fact.

These "labor pains" will happen faster and faster with more and more intensity as the "Day of the Lord" (which is the 7 year tribulation period) approaches. No need for fear. But there is a great need to share Jesus with others and to make sure you, yourself, are ready to meet our Savior!  That means making Him first in your life. He's not coming back for a lukewarm bride.


Syphilis cases hit their highest level since 1949
Deadly Tick virus spreading across the US
Mt. Sakurajima  erupts in Japan 
Strong and shallow earthquake hits islands off Antartica 
Seismic unrest strikes the US! 
6.9 Quake strikes Alaska 
Earthquake swarm continues in New Zealand with more than 2339 quakes 
Studies say San Diego faces heightened risk of major earthquake
Worst drought in over a century in Cape Town

Signs in the Sky

Scientists warn fragments of meteor shower could wipe out nations


United Methodist church ordains first "nonbinary trans" provisional deacon
Church of Scotland to allow Gay marriage


Supreme court refuses to help a marine punished for posting Bible verses 
Ontario passes law that children can be taken from parents who oppose gender transition 
Eight Filipino Christians killed for refusing to recite Islamic Creed 
6th Circuit Appeals court says banning religious schools okay
Illinois forcing foster parents to accept gender transition or lose children
You can't sell blueberries unless you affirm gay marriage
School principal and secretary placed on leave after praying for student at school 
Christians in India arrested for taking kids to Bible camp 

Big Brother/loss of freedoms

Facial recognition software coming to stores

Wars and Rumors of Wars

US Navy warships strike ISIS targets  
Russian fighter jet intercepts US bomber over Baltic Sea
North Korea holds mock attacks of air craft carriers
China is creating a giant warship like the world has never seen 
Japan holds evacuation drills amid tension from North Korea 
U.S. Missile interceptor won't stop a shower of N. Korean nukes
Japanese and US hold joint military exercises in light of N. Korean threats 
Russia ready to supply S-400  missile system to Turkey 
This week, N. Korea fired multiple anti-ship cruise missiles 
Iranian backed forces amassing near US training base in Syria 

Terrorism/Rise of Caliphate

ISIS man attacked police in Paris with a hammer 
7 dead, 21 still in critical condition after London attack 
Muslims take over New York Street and pray in front of Trump Tower
New York Public school turns class into Muslim prayer room 
12 dead after suicide bomber at Iranian parliament 


With an army of 27,000 Hamas prepare Gaza for war with Israel 
Plans move forward to build the third Jewish temple


Here come the drag queens
McDonalds rolls out rainbow fry boxes in honor of Gay Pride 
Adult Drag Queen performance at grade school talent show 
Wisconsin appeals court unanimously decides that school district must allow girls in boy's restroom
Judge rules that parents and school officials must obey transgender teen
Family comedy sexualizes Jesus and Virgin Mary 
328,348 Abortions preformed by Planned Parenthood in 2015

Good news!

Scientists prove a miraculous Biblical event 
How God saved rock star Santana from 7 suicide attempts 
14,000 attend "Jesus Week" in NY's Time Square for prayer and Bible reading
 100,000 new converts to Christ in China each year despite intense persecution

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