Sunday, June 18, 2017

Our Delusional World!

I DID NOT WRITE this!  A friend of mine copied it from a Christian Web site. However, it was so well-written and compelling, I wanted to post it on my blog. I wish I could give credit where credit is due, but alas, I have no idea who the author is.
Recently I had a conversation with a woman from Canada. Her granddaughter, in first grade in a public school, was approached on the playground by a boy her age who was dressed in girls’ clothes. “I want to play with you,” he said.
“Well, I don’t want to play with you,” she responded.

The boy walked away. Soon after, he came back with the playground supervisor, who informed the girl that she had to be friends with the boy.

Since when do school authorities get to decide who our children’s friends are? 

This is just a microcosm of what society is doing with transgenderism: demanding that we all embrace it. Systematically eliminating our power to think otherwise.

To me, the despotic playground supervisor is an emblem of just how aggressively society is moving to impose and enforce this revolutionary transformation. Disapproving of transgenderism has suddenly become a thought-crime, a la George Orwell.

Women who object to men in their public bathrooms and dressing rooms are being told they just have to live with it. Employees who instruct men to leave these facilities are being fired.

This goes far beyond morality. To accept society’s approval of fornication, adultery, pornography, homosexuality and same-sex “marriage” is to reject the authority of the Bible. Now, though, society is demanding that we reject reality. That we pretend biology itself is an illusion.

Transgenderism occurs in the mind. No expert can point to any physiological or biological evidence to support it. A doctor who diagnoses “cross-gender identification” has nothing to go by besides what the person claims to be feeling. Yet based on such claims, a psychiatrist can recommend that a child live as someone of the opposite sex, and even, eventually, to undergo sex-reassignment surgery—genital mutilation.

When else is invasive, irreversible surgery performed on healthy organs, particularly in absence of medical tests to confirm a diagnosis, based solely on a patient feeling there is a problem? Yet in America, taxpayer money has gone toward doing just that on soldiers, government workers, prisoners and private citizens.

As precipitously as this revolution is occurring, however, it can’t be fast enough for some people.

The New York Times published an article a couple weeks ago called “How to Raise a Feminist Son.” It scolded us parents for “confining” our sons by discouraging them from having “feminine” interests and teaching them to be tough. It advised us to let our boys cry, to teach them how to do housework and care for children, and to instruct them to recognize the terrible sex stereotypes in The Berenstain Bears. Under a drawing of a boy wearing a sunhat, large shades and a pearl necklace, the article said, “Let him be himself.” Actively fight traditional sex norms. And if he has gender confusion, by all means encourage that.

This push for transgenderism has simply exploded in just a couple short years. What in the world is society going to look like 10 years from now—or even five, or two—after we’ve deliberately raised our kids to be gender-dysphoric and pansexual?

Society is hurtling down this weird, delusional road—seemingly without considering just how bizarre and treacherous it must inevitably get. Denying the very existence of male and female necessitates restructuring whole segments of our culture. Sex segregation naturally occurs everywhere. The contortions this will put us through over public facilities, sports participation, military service, family composition, the role of science in reproduction, and countless other areas are impossible to foresee. Not even Karl Marx—with his abolition of the family and advocacy of a “community of women” in place of marriage—conceived of a completely sexless society.

But most alarmingly, such a revolution cannot take place without force. When a lie becomes orthodoxy—when truth must give way to fantasy—when it becomes expected that everyone enthusiastically endorse pure deceit—such utopianism can only be brought into being with the bullying power of the state. You simply cannot rewrite reality on such a scale without THE MUSCLE OF AUTHORITARIANISM.

It is coming—and fast. We get a peek at that future in a playground supervisor demanding that a little girl befriend a boy in a dress.

Sodom and Gomorrah adopted homosexuality and other sexual perversions. But I don’t believe that even these cities—notorious for their rank wickedness—ever rejected the very reality of male and female! We have outdone them.

Don’t mistake God’s restraint for tolerance. He promises that we will suffer Sodom’s fate.


  1. I was pondering this the other day. It's just becoming too rampant! It's like an out of control train! What's next??? I heard of an athlete that competed with girls just because he identified with being a girl! Of course he won the race! I remember a scandal back in the early 60's concerning the gender of an athlete and him being disqualified for trying to pass himself off as a woman! I could go on but it is disgusting! Come Lord Jesus! We need Him more than ever!

    1. I agree, Paula! This is so insane and it seems to be getting worse and worse faster and faster! I fear for my grandkids growing up in this mess. :-(