Friday, July 14, 2017

Friday's Mad Mad World!

It may interest you to read these stats from a recent Gallup Poll of all Americans. Then, perhaps it won't surprise you to read the rest of this Friday's news. 😢

  • 24% of Americans believe Bible is actual word of God and to be taken literally.
  • 47% believe Bible’s inspired by God, but not all of it is literal.  Friends, remember the scripture above in Rev. 3:16 on Lukewarm:   We’re 100% with Him, or we’re NOT!
  • 26% believe the Bible is fables, history, and recorded by man. 
  • 62% approve having a baby outside a marriage today.  Only 17% in 2001.
  • 63% approve of LGBT relations.  Only 21% in 2001.
  • 69% approve of sex between an unmarried man and woman.  Only 16% in 2001.
  • 73% approve of divorce.  Only 14% in 2001.
  • 36% approve of pornography.  Only 6% in 2001.
  • 37% approve of sex between teenagers.  Only a scoshe of “4%” in 2013, just 4 years ago.
  • 43% approve of abortions.  Only 1% in 2001. 

Sodom and Gomorrah

Sesame Street rolls out transgender muppet.
Kids too young to even know about sex are talking about same sex marriages 
Swedish Prime Ministers says church MUST marry same sex couples 
LGBT "acceptance" panel hosted at Virginia public schools 
Gay activists are after your children 
Drag queens dress as nuns to read children stories 
Major denomination praises Trans people 
Army: Naked men identifying as female allowed in women's showers 
How transgender idealogy has produced large scale child abuse 
Florida police to receive reprimand for writing "male" on transgender's citation 
Facebook police remove live video where pastor calls rainbow flag the mark of the beast

Signs in the Sky

Motorist films UFO


12 year olds given the morning after pill
Exorcisms rising in the UK 
Parents blast company trying to market pole dancing to teens
Online game urges young people to end their lives
Huge number of young men in America playing video games and not working
Minnesota approves Satanic monument to be built in Veteran's park

Big Brother/Technology

Military technology allows humans to be plugged into a computer
Google censoring anti-abortion groups from top search results


Bench that contains "God" Quote removed after atheist complaint
Teen Vogue reporter calls Bible "Fake News" 
Atheist group demands fire station remove cross from front of building 
Turkish government seizes 50 church properties 
Pastor receives feces in the mail for opposing Facebook's Rainbow flag emoji 
Atheist group seeks removal of roadside cross where a mother died


Church of England votes to accept Transgenders, saying LBGT is not a sin
The man behind The Message translation of the Bible says he would marry gays 
8 Evangelical leaders who have embraced apostasy

Wars and Rumors of Wars

US bombers carry out exercises in S. Korea as show of force
North Korea threatens a nuclear exchange after US carries out drills
Trump assures China that N. Korean threat will end one way of the other
Russia has taken a side in the N. Korea dispute and it's not ours 
US Bombers challenge China in South Sea 
Russian submarine activity in the arctic 
US sends warships and Navy SEALS for war games off Ukraine coast 
N. Korea's new nukes capable of destroying naval base in CA 
N. Korea threatens to turn America into a pile of ash 
China sends ships and troops to 1st overseas military base in Africa


Thousands of cows dying in California heat wave 
Wildfires spread across 6 states and Canada
Things so bad in Venezuela, toothpaste is being rationed
400,000 affected by flooding in India 
6.5 earthquake in the Philippines knocks down buildings and kills at least 2
5.8 earthquake shakes Montana
6.4 Earthquake rocks New Zealand  
Massive iceberg twice the size of Wales about to break off in Antarctica 

Spotting the Antichrist?

New French president Macron says "I will govern like a Roman God"


Jihadists behead nine Kenyan villagers

Weird Stuff

Ancient skeletons of Nephilim unearthed in China

Good news

Thousands attend large UK evangelism event 
Evangelical leaders lay hands on Trump in prayer 

It's time to get serious and pray, read and meditate on the Word of God, and stay in the Joy of the Lord. That is your strength!

Until next week... have a great weekend!


  1. Our world really seems to be spiraling out of control. Stay strong in the strength of Yeshua!!