Friday, July 21, 2017

Friday's Mad Mad World

Greetings Watchers!  Here's another batch of news that certainly will convince you that we are close to the end. Keep everything in prayer and don't allow fear to enter. Perfect love casts out all fear, and God loves us with His perfect love.

What caught my eye this time were the incredible number of earthquakes, AND the increasing apostasy of church leaders and the rising persecution of true Christians.

Wickedness, Evil, Violence
US plunges toward occultism and demon worship
Hawaii forcing pro-life clinics to promote abortion

Wars and Rumors of wars
Chinese spy ship spotted off coast of Alaska
Military creating super soldiers through bio-science 
Chinese war ships conduct drills in Mediterranean  
Israel prepares to counter Iran and Hezbollah buildup in Syria 
Tensions continue to rise on Temple Mount in Jerusalem

Big Brother/One World Gov
China has capability to erase images mid-transmission from one person to another
VISA giving out rewards to restaurants who go completely cashless 
70 year old Vet fired for trying to stop shoplifters
Facial recognition coming to police body cameras

Sodom and Gomorrah
Transgender nesting doll shows girl transitioning to a boy
LGBT activists double down to fight Trump's hateful policies. (Huh? I'm wondering what hateful policies)
Incest and pedophilia should be legal according to Sweden's Liberal People's party
Maltese parliament legalizes gay marriage in almost unanimous vote 
California proposes jail time for using the wrong pronoun with transgenders

Terrorist attack on Temple Mount in Jerusalem

"Preacher" TV show tears pages from the Bible to roll joints
Churches in Egypt shut down due to heightened attacks 
Indiana school district bans prayer at graduation ceremony 
More than 100 Christians arrested in Eritrea during Government sting 
NBC and ABC under fire for calling Christian group a HATE group 
8 evangelical leaders who publicly embrace apostasy 
A compromised Gospel produces compromised fruit (A must read!! Excellent)
Facebook gives no reason for blocking dozens of Catholic pages with millions of followers

7.8 Earthquake strikes Aleutian islands
Flood waters swamp homes in Illinois
Rare 5.8 Quake strikes off N. Korea
Growing sinkhole swallows 2 houses in Florida
Yemen faces world's largest humanitarian crisis and largest cholera outbreak
6.4 quake strikes near coast of New Ireland
Mexico residents fear a volcano is being formed beneath them
150 earthquakes strike Mammoth Lakes, CA
Series of powerful earthquakes strike the globe within 14 hours 
Extreme flooding strikes Istanbul
878 earthquakes strike Yellowstone. Could an eruption fulfill Acts 2:20
Worst wildfires in British Columbia history
Thousands evacuated as wildfires burn in Central CA.

Signs in the sky
Meteor fireballs shake windows in Brazil and N. Carolina
Menacing skull cloud appears about Mt. Vesuvius

Good news!
Former lesbian finds new identity in Christ 
Research reveals blood on Shroud of Turin is from a man who was tortured 
Justin Bieber proclaims Gospel of Jesus with boldness! 

Have a wonderful weekend and keep looking up!

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