Saturday, August 19, 2017

Can a Christian be a Trump Supporter?

 I voted for Donald Trump. Yup. I admit it.  I don't agree with everything he says or does or everything he has ever said or done. I voted for him because I believed he was the best candidate to help bring back jobs, defend our nation, stop illegal immigration, and uphold the constitution. I voted for him because the other candidate was an unthinkable choice.

I am a Christian. I believe the Bible is the living Word of God. I believe Jesus is the Son of God who came to earth, lived a sinless life, died for the sins of all mankind, rose again, and is now sitting at the right hand of His Father. All those who rely on Him and believe in Him and follow Him will spend eternity with God. Loving God with all my heart and loving my fellow man as myself are my chief aims in life. I am not a racist, a zenophobe, a homophobe, transphobe, islamaphobe or any other "phobe".  I have friends of all races and my granddaughters are half Mexican.

Then why am I being persecuted by my fellow Christians for being a Trump supporter. I lost a dear Christian friend over this election who told me that I couldn't be a Christian and support Trump. She was actually worried about my salvation. I recently met other Christians online who said the very same thing. Questioning my faith and my salvation simply because of my political preference. I've never seen anything like it!

Their reasons are always the same. Trump is a racist, a nazi, a pervert, and a woman hater. He's a white supremacists who wants to take away the rights of every minority in the country, including the LBGTQ community, all while he's splitting up Mexican families and throwing parents out of the country without their children. He's the antichrist himself who is going to start World War III and destroy our nation. Oh, and by the way, he surrounds himself with rich white racists too.

Really? Wow. Whenever I hear all those things I truly wonder what news these people are listening to. Honestly, I think that's the key. If Trump really was all those things and was doing all those things, then absolutely, as a Christian, I could never support him. But the truth is, I don't believe he is any of those things. I really don't. (Maybe a pervert in his younger years... I'll grant you that one. But then again, we've had lots of perverts in the White House, haven't we?. Kennedy and Clinton come to mind).  So then, if much of the country believes all this horrible stuff about Trump and the other half doesn't, where's the disconnect?

I'm not here to defend every accusation against him, though I  believe I could. That's not what this post is about. This post is about a very dangerous trend in America that is a cancer that will destroy us. This post is about propaganda.

Propaganda: information, ideas, or rumors deliberately spread widely to help or harm a person, group, movement, institution, nation, etc

Did you ever wonder why so many Germans allied themselves with Hitler?  Surely if they knew what a horrible monster he was, the majority of the population would have risen up and gotten rid of him!  Then why did his nation adore him? I have one word: Propaganda. Hitler and his people owned the media of the time and began feeding the minds and hearts of the people with lies...very convincing lies.  People believed the newspapers and journalists because they had no reason not to.  Now, before you tell me that this is exactly what Trump is doing, then why is the media against him?  You have to stop and ask yourself that question. Why is the majority of the media against Trump? 

We live in a digital age and much of what we see and hear can be manipulated. They can alter pictures, play clips of videos that make it seem like something it isn't, give you half-truths or full out lies. They can even film an event in a movie studio and make you believe it really happened. And people believe them because, hey, they're journalists! They are supposed to be reporting the news. But the age of the unbiased journalist is gone. And with it, our republic. A democracy that is run by the people cannot survive unless the people are properly informed. The people must have the truth, or how can they vote correctly? They can't. 

This is so much more than democrats vs. republicans. There are forces at work in the USA and the world that most people have no clue about. I have only just begun to skim the surface of what is truly going on. There are very powerful and very wealthy groups of people behind the scenes who are the ones running the show. They want a one world government with them in charge. But first they have to destroy any form of democracy and create such chaos and violence within countries that people beg them to bring back order and peace. They will even go so far as to start a world war to achieve their goal. Several of our presidents in the USA have been merely puppets for these people (democrat and republican), and they thought they had another puppet in place when the horror of all horrors happened: Trump won. He's a nationalist and a believer in this country and the constitution. And they hate him for it. Now, they have to him get out of office at all costs. At the very least, they will put roadblocks in place so he can't achieve any of his goals to make America great again. 

The mainstream media is in their pocket and they are using it to lie to the American people, to convince them that Trump is the worst sort of person imaginable and that he will destroy our country. 

Case in point: The recent Charlottesville riots. 
Here's basically what most of the news media reported: The KKK and Neo-Nazis were protesting the removal of a statue of a confederate war hero and when other people came to protest their rally, all hell broke loose. Fighting ensued, including knives and blow torches and in the end someone drove a car into the crowd, killing one person and injuring several. 

And when Trump came out with his initial statement saying that there were bad people on both sides, he was instantly called a racist and a white supremacist.  Later, he came out and said that of course all forms of racism, the KKK, and Neo-Nazis are reprehensible, but he stuck to his original story that both sides were culpable in the riot.

Here's what really happened from two eye-witnesses  (Both posts were comments on my blog)

My son is a Major in the VA National Guard and was there. There were an equal number of well funded leftists there (planned ahead of time) whose intent was to fight and make those who were there merely to preserve our history appear to be aligned with the Nazi and KKK element. Sad that America is continually being deceived by the mainstream media. They put their ideology ahead of what is good for our country.

I live here in Va. and you might be surprised at what has already come out about the violence in Charlottesville. Some in the Charlottesville police have come forward and said they were ordered to lead the two groups together and to "stand down" and not intervene in any way unless told to by the democratic mayor. They said they couldn't even stop the car that drove into the crowds because of this order. The whole thing was planned, last I heard, 5 of the 6 arrested weren't even Va. citizens 

MaryLu again: Yes, there were probably KKK and White supremacists there. Yes, they are horrible people. But I don't believe they made up the bulk of the original rally. The people who were shipped in on purpose to disrupt things may or may not have had good intentions, but we know at least some of them came there intending violence. (I personally believe they were paid)

Why would anyone want to cause a riot and possible death? See my paragraph above about the forces behind the scenes. They want to cause chaos and division and hate. 

So what can you do? Who can you trust? 

 If you see a clip of something happening or of a speech and then the anchor person puts a spin on it, seek out the entire clip somewhere else and watch it. Watch both conservative and liberal news stations and read both liberal and conservative newspapers and when something doesn't seem right and there are contradictions, seek out another source online. In fact, seek out multiple sources. Find a newspaper or news outlet that you trust and stick with it, but never read it exclusively.  The trouble with this is that it takes time and hard work and most people are lazy in this country. Many people don't even know our true history or even care. We're being distracted with entertainment, sex, alcohol and drugs. And if you don't think that was also planned, check out the history of Rome and why it fell. Keep the ignorant masses entertained, keep them fat, dumb and happy and they won't pay attention to you when you strip them of all their freedoms.

Back to my original point: None of us should ever question another person's salvation. Yes, we can examine their fruit and wonder sometimes. But whether a person is saved or not is a matter of the heart and between them and God. 

Secondly, salvation in Jesus Christ has nothing to do with political affiliation or who one votes for. We are not saved by works, but by grace (and I would add, a love for Jesus and desire to follow Him). Even if Trump were a racist and all those other things they say he is, my voting for him has no effect on my eternal destination. 

Before you accuse me of not being saved because of voting for him, perhaps you ought to get your facts straight about exactly who he is and what is really going on in this country. 


  1. Thank you SO much, MaryLu! Very well stated.

  2. Hi MaryLu,
    Let me be the first to say on this blog, that I agree with both of your points wholeheartedly. Politics has nothing to do with salvation and a person's salvation is between them and God. I also agree President Trump is not perfect but I believe he was the better choice in candidates. I just wanted to send some encouragement your way and to say stand strong in your faith. "But the one who stands firm to the end will be saved." -Matthew 24:13
    Thank you for all of your encouragement! :)
    Dani S.

    1. Donald Trump is a new Christian he has not been saved very long. Look at King David when God
      selected him to be King he was the least likely or the apostle Paul he murdered Christians before he met Jesus after that he was a new man!

  3. Well said thank you!

  4. Thank you, well said.. Agree totally!

  5. Thanks, everyone! I thought I'd get some flack for this, but you all have been very kind. :-)

  6. Of course you "can" vote for a terrible person like #45, but you shouldn't, and also the other issue I have with this the the word you have used multiple times in this blog "believe". Belief isn't based on "facts" it is solely what you feel as one individual in your own head is true to you and that doesn't make it true in the real world. I don't believe you will go to "Hell" for voting for him because I don't believe in Hell. Unfortunately, christians will "believe" almost anything that is fed to them like Trump is a Christian for example. He played every single one of you. Being that I was born and raised in a Christian household and followed that religion until I reached the age of reason, I know all the ins and outs of that faith, but for decades now I have held the values after not believing there is no such thing as what you may consider a Devine being. I do chuckle that you call God a him. They have even brain washed people into thinking that and that woman came from a man's rib. Woman have never gotten the respect they deserve even from the Bible. Also, instead of believing or disbelieving what you see and here maybe you should fact check it before you let your beliefs steer you down the BS path just because it is what you want to believe is true even when it isn't.

    1. We will find out who is correct very soon because He is coming back. Let's pray you change your position before then.

    2. Mr E, you are a perfect example of another unhinged lib, spouting off ignorant political dribble. Terrible person, number 45? I don't think so - you need to read up on Killary's history. I LOVE my amazing PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP. So thankful for TRUMP. LOVE TRUMP, I SUPPORT our PRESIDENT TRUMP. Will vote for HIM again. Anytime a liberal is upset, protesting, angry and spouting off I know that It is another great day for America. This is a wonderful blog post. If more people would get off Space book, Insta HAM and Flitter they might be able to learn about the deep state and propaganda. Thanks for this amazing post, that is before the unhinged lib hit the comment section. God bless you and yours abundantly. JESUS REIGNS.

  7. God is always in control, and that includes those who are in positions of power. They wouldn't be there if it wasn't part of His divine plan.

  8. I couldn't have said it better myself, MaryLu! Kudos!

  9. You're really trying to stir up the "Fake News" argument like so many Trump loyalists before you. Instead of maintaining a paranoia that all mainstream media is corrupt, and that they're editing things and staging things to make the people you like look bad, consider actually listening to what people like Trump, Miller, Bannon, Gorka, etc have said in their own words. It doesn't take a single edit for Donald Trump advocating violence against protesters and suspects of crimes (who are innocent until proven guilty and have the constitutional right to not be beaten by police, btw) to make him look like a twisted, insensitive individual. It doesn't take a single edit to see how the fear-mongering and authoritarian pushes from Stephen Miller are against our democracy. Bannon edits his own hate-filled publication, for Christ's sake.

    Also consider the new state-run Trump TV. This is the propaganda that you fear so much. It comes from those in power, not an independent media. You claim you take in both both conservative and liberal opinions from multiple sources, but you speak as if you only watch Fox and read suggested articles on Facebook (think- are those propaganda?). They do pander to your faith, so it's understandable that you could be more influenced by them. If you dig just a bit deeper, you'll find there are many talented, insightful journalists out there whose exposés are worth reading (might I recommend Sarah Kendzior, to begin with?). Don't be too shocked when you find out they aren't funded by the secretive billionaires you claim are running the show, but by GoFundMe's, Patreons, and book sales.

    Can a Christian be a Trump-supporter? Sure they can. People do stupid things all the time. The question to actually ask is- Are Christians following Christ when they're supporting Trump? The answer to that is obviously no. You might have heard that Jesus preached about this one thing, "Love your neighbor as yourself. There is no commandment greater than these." Pretty cool thing to say. Doesn't seem to be the creed that Trump goes by though. Do you not feel any shame for supporting someone whose actions contradict their words so heavily, and whose Christianity is in name only?

    And congrats on your granddaughters being half Mexican and having that be your ticket out of being a racist by supporting and publicly defending other more openly horrible racists. I'm sure every single Hispanic person will understand once they hear about your grandchildren.

    1. I am a LEGAL Hispanic female citizen, who proudly campaigned and voted for PRESIDENT TRUMP. I can't wait to vote for him again. I am also a born again Christian since 1979. Since Jesus wasn't running for President, there is not a perfect man to fill the office of President and there most definitely was no perfect woman running. However, I love my choice of President Trump, who by the way works for 1.00 a year because he loves America. My dearest friends from Mexico that took many years to become LEGAL citizens LOVE and voted for our President TRUMP also. And we are all against ILLEGAL ALIENS coming into America and we are MOST DEFINITELY against those DACA dreamers getting a free ticket of citizenship handed to them when so many had to go through the legal process to earn citizenship in this great country. This has nothing to do with race. It has everything to do with not supporting and stopping ILLEGAL activity that drains America and it's LEGAl citizens of it's resources. We are strongly in favor of Borders, Language and Culture and building the wall. We love JESUS, and support and honor President Trump and legal immigration not criminal border hopping. Thanks so much for this wonderful and informative post. It is fun to watch the libs play the race card and now the Jesus card. President Trump is an amazing president and I am doing a very happy deplorable dance in celebration and in honor of him. God bless the owner of this blog. PRAISE JESUS.

  10. MaryLu , keep up the great job of keeping us informed. I value your post and appreciate how much you do for all of us who follow this posting. When you had posted last week at all the earthquakes going on-- I googled a site and was so amazed at how many small and large earthquakes were going on in California, Alaska, Northwestern part of the states, Asia, South America. And that's only what I can remember. Our Earth is hiccuping and trembling and rolling almost minute after minute, hours and days .I would not have googled that if you hadn't posted all the information you do.
    Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you. And I too voted for Donald Trump. I believe that prayer is needed to bring our Light out of the darkness where others have put it . We need to be a nation Under God once again. We who know Jesus as our Lord and Savior must step out and proclaim Him in word and Deed to all who are not with Him.
    Pray for our young children and what they are being taught in school.

    1. Yes, it's amazing about the earthquakes, isn't it? And I also agree with you in prayer for our children who are being indoctrinated as young as preschool. Horrifying

  11. You are so right on. I enjoy your blog so much. God bless you.

  12. Mary I couldn't agree with you more. I appreciate your heart and speaking truth, something the world (can many Christians unfortunately) don't know much about. I am disheartened by the anonymous comment. As a worship leader in my church I discount anything that comes anonymously (yes, even letters sent to my home to complain about the music), if a person can't put their name to their complaint don't expect me to address your complaint.

    Keep speaking the truth, we need to hear it!

    1. Thanks, Melissa. I'm ignoring anonymous. I expected hatred from this post, so I'm no surprised... esp when it's present in the guise of Christianity. I've heard it all before. No worries.

  13. I wrote a shorter but similiar response to a Facebook post by a Christian who has vehemently opposed Trump and anyone who voted for him. When I responded, she deleted my response only keep her like-minded friends' responses. I've responded to a few others in similar fashion...some delete, some don't. Here's an example of my response:When I read stuff like this(that you can’t be Christian and have voted for Trump) I think of the play "Into The Woods" and the soliloquy from Red Riding Hood that says, "Nice is different than good" when she realized she had been fooled by the Big Bad Wolf's niceness.
    President Obama did some atrocious things against Christianity, against Israel, against humanity, but because he is handsome, well-spoken, faithful to his family, didn't tweet some stupid comment, or call anyone a childish name publicly, we have confused "nice" with "good".

    I don't like President Trump personally...I think he's childish, thin-skinned, and easily provoked, but lining up all of his "anti-Christian" activities as well as basically saying anyone who voted for him should question their own faith in Christ without also doing the same for Obama, (I dare say almost every president we've ever had) is hypocritical.

    Bill Clinton barely escaped the social media era, though some of it caught up with he and his wife in recent years, yet ask anyone (especially media or democrat) and they will say he is one of the greatest presidents in recent history. He did manage to do some good things...he was not a good person. I would hate to see what John F Kennedy's text messages would have looked like to his many alleged escapades. LBJ...good grief...from what I've read, he would make Trump look like a ….dare I say it…Christian. Nixon…? Jimmy Carter? Even though I was not old enough to vote yet, I was for Carter because he definitely came out as “the Christian alternative”…and for heavens sake…he was Baptist, what could go wrong? I’ll even throw both Bush’s in there, even though I think they are good people and I think were good presidents, I’m sure they did/said some stupid stuff. (non-Christian-esque) They are people after all.

    Let’s not focus so much on who is and who is not Christian based on their voting record. Rather, let’s look to the author and finisher of our faith and pray for mercy for our stupid endeavors at building our own towers.

    And I know things now,
    Many valuable things,
    That I hadn't known before:
    Do not put your faith
    In a cape and a hood,
    They will not protect you
    The way that they should.
    And take extra care with strangers,
    even flowers have their dangers.
    And though scary is exciting,
    Nice is different than good.

    1. Very well put, Lisa! I'm not crazy about Trump as a person either. He's arrogant and thin-skinned and brash. Do I think he's a Christian? Probably not. But I think his heart is in the right place and he wants to help our country. Like you said, if social media were around in the Kennedy or Clinton days... we might have heard even worse from them! :-) As always.. it's the King of Kings who will save us from ourselves and set up the best government ever!

    2. I loved reading your reply Lisa!
      Marylu- you're standing up for what is right. Blessed are the persecuted!! I see a Jeremiah spirit over you and your family. Stay strong!! Hugs!!

  14. Thanks for this post, MaryLu - I couldn't agree more!!

    Love, hugs, and prayers!!