Friday, August 4, 2017

Friday's Mad Mad World

Welcome, fellow Warriors of the Most High, here's the latest batch of news that will set your hair on end and show you just how close we are to the end. Peruse, pray, and prepare!  Love to you all!

Oh, and BTW, I'm posting some book news tomorrow, so don't forget to drop by!

16 Facts that prove America is in deep trouble



Schools take major steps to ban any or all references to Jesus
Christian hospital worker who shared her faith loses in court again 
Christian bridal shop forced to close doors after receiving threats for denying Lesbian wedding dress 
Gay activists want to punish the religious right
India's new president has no room for Christians
Machete welding attackers hack Christian for praising the name of Jesus


Biblical Scholar declares characters in the Bible aren't real and the stories are only myths

Wars and rumors of wars

US bombers fly over South Korea after N. Korea's second successful ICBM launch 
South Korea considers a nuclear arsenal to counter the North 
US commissions largest ever warship
US THAAD missile hits test target among rising N. Korean tensions
Putin kicks out 755 US diplomats from Russia
US Air force unleashes supersonic bombers in N.Korean air drill
N. Korean missile test proves they can hit the US 
Pentagon warns that N. Korea could hit us with a bomb as soon as next year 
Iran rocket test breaches  UN Resolution
Tensions rise on China/India border. Leave or go to war!
China tests missiles in show of force to America 
US sends 12 F-16's and 200 troops to South Korea 
US detects unusual N.Korean's submarine activity 
Japan and the US vow to protect all allies from N. Korea


Typhoon leaves half a million people with power and 10K evacuated in Taiwan  
Violent hail storm bombards Turkey leaving 10 injured 
Strange mass animal deaths happening since 2004
India fingerprinted for food rations
Severe floods in Gujarat claim 213 lives 
Shaking felt after 3.1 earthquake hits Madrid fault

One World Gov/Big Brother

You tube will start censoring content
Facebook digitizing and storing your face behind your back


More Americans see polygamy as acceptable
Brazil deploys 8500 armed forces to handle crime surge and rioting
You will be shocked at what planned parenthood wants to teach Preschoolers about sex 
SnapChat is teaching people how to cast spells using emojis  
Fewer Americans are getting married than ever

Sodom and Gomorrah

Pastor and wife allowed son to start identifying as a girl at age 2 
British pastor celebrates Pride festivities that include a Trans-priest 
Coast Guard to defy transgender ban


PA increases yearly funding to 355 million to pay martyrs who kill jews
UN Bias against Israel 
For the first time in thousands of years, Jewish Priests will train to enter the Holy of Holies 
California Imam calls on ALL Muslims to eliminate Jews

Signs in the Heavens

Brightest Meteor shower in recorded history to happen on August 12th! 
UFO's appear over England and Mexico.  (My sister in law saw one in Florida too!)
NASA offering 6 figure salary for new Planetary Protection officer to protect from alien invasion

Good news!

Nearly 100 Evangelical leaders hold closed-doors meeting in the White House
Major defies atheist demands and keeps Bible verse on courthouse wall! 
Bible Studies in the WhiteHouse? 
Muslims converting to Christianity by the hundreds in Finland


  1. Yes, the world is changing and not for the good. It is truly a sad day when so many are flaunting their disregard for God's word and expecting the rest of us to just sit idly by, with our mouths shut and when we do speak out, we are called racist's and heartless for those unlike ourselves.
    I pray for our world, while at the same time I know that God is in control and will have the final say.

    1. Yes, Jesus said when it started, it would accelerate rapidly. No longer can we speak our opinions freely in America.... not even in private, for there is no tolerance for "racists, haters, homophobes, transphobes, etc" though we are none of those things. We love everyone by the love of Christ.. so much so that we cannot be silent in the face of so many ending up in eternal hell. .... Yes, I, too, rest in the fact that God is in control!