Friday, August 11, 2017

Friday's Mad Mad World

Greetings Precious Watchers! The news really blew me away this week. I believe as you peruse the titles below, you'll agree. Three things stood out to me this week:

1. North Korea and the US may very well enter into war. This guy in North Korea is a lunatic who probably thinks he's god. He's not going to back down or give up until he has destroyed his entire country in a war that could cost thousands of lives.

2. What is up with transgenders?. A year ago, it was never talked about. Now, transgenders are everywhere, and we are supposed to sit back and say this is all normal. The worst part for me is that they are twisting the minds of our young people and forcing them into dangerous surgeries and hormone replacements. Pure satanic perversion and most likely demon possession.   Sorry, no PC stuff here.

3. This planet is reeling and about ready to explode. Look at the number of earthquakes, volcanoes, heat waves, sink holes.. etc.. that are going on around the planet. Jesus warned us these would come and come quicker and with more intensity.

Wars and Rumors of Wars

North Korea demands US surrender or else!
Russia says US sanctions an economic act of war! 
Tensions rise between China and India 
N. Korea's alarmed neighbors consider deploying deadlier weapons
Trump warns N. Korean threats will be met with "fire and fury"
N. Korea now making missile-ready nuclear weapons
Iranian drone buzzes US Navy Jet
Japan warns that N. Korea may have nuclear warhead
US may begin air strikes against ISIS in Philippines 
N. Korea moves anti-ship missiles to patrol boat 
N. Korea vows an attack on America 
N. Korea strike plan ready in days!
Russian air force jet flies over Pentagon and the Capitol

Sodom and Gomorrah

Disney Junior adds a 2-Mom family to one of its popular shows 
Transgender camp offers programs for children as young as 4 
Local news affiliate publishes "How to know your child is transgender?" 
Little girls model lingerie in Victoria Secret's style show 
Planned Parenthood: Teach your preschoolers that their gender is not determined by their genitals
Transgender man gives birth to healthy baby boy
 More than 1 in 8 Americans are now alcoholics

The Earth Birth pangs

Death Valley breaks 100 year old record for hottest month 
Earthquake swarm shakes central Oklahoma 
Tennessee residents shaken up by small earthquakes 
Yellowstone volcanic activity remains elevated 
Venezuela's currency crumbling 
Largest earthquake in 30 years strikes Scotland 
Earthquake swarm continues around Long Valley Caldera, CA 
5.8 Earthquake strikes Phillipines 
Powerful earthquake kills 19 in China 
Imminent eruption warning issued for Alaskan volcano  
Massive sinkhole in Florida growing, 7 homes threatened 
F-2 Tornado rips through Tulsa, leaving 26 injured 
Yellowstone super-volcano about to blow after 1400 earthquakes 
Active Hurricane Season ahead 
Blood red river kills thousands of fish in Indonesia
Two strong earthquakes rock China


Star Trek bans God from new series 
Knoxville church hosts service in a bar 
The View co-host says Jesus cares more about climate change than abortion. huh?
11 dead after gunman open fires in church 
Lutheran pastor allows son to transition to become a girl

Big Brother/Evil Tech

It's possible now to create designer babies
China holds drill to shut down harmful websites 
Facebook will autoload related news stories to combat fake news 
Technology now in place for Mark of the Beast

Signs in the Sky

Anne Graham Lotz warns of God's judgement after coming Eclipse
Bright fireball streaks over Seattle, Washington


Israelites march, demanding access to Temple Mount and building of 3rd Temple
First time in thousands of years priest are trained to enter Holy of Holies

Good News!

Man on brink of death experiences a miracle when Captain calls on Jesus
Christian photographer wins lawsuit that would have forced her to photograph gay weddings 
Kentucky minister prepares to preach to 250,000 expected for the solar eclipse 
Archeologists discover proof that ancient Jerusalem was destroyed by Babylonians 
A million Muslims filled the streets to hear about Jesus in the middle of radical Islam 

 Have a great weekend, and keep looking up!


  1. It's apparent that we are in prophetic 12th gear, and the people I try to talk to about this stuff simply disregard me. Let's keep praying fervently for those who will be left to the time of trial. We're out of time...

    1. Most people disregard me as well, Look Up. It's a sign of the times. I am praying every day and night for people to wake up. Indeed, time is coming to an end

  2. Again you have brought to us all the dreadful happenings in this world. I for one thank you for each post. It gives myself and others what is going on in this world and what to pray for. There are many things on this very page. I saw a video on what to do in an deadly bombing. If we are within the 60 mile radius-- looking at the mushroom we could go blind. The nearer we are to the center the more of the radiation harms us. If it doesn't kill us, try to take a shower to wash the residue off . You can use shampoo but do not use conditioner as it would keep the radiation debree in our hair. We should have water enough for days. We will have no service for our cell phones and it even showed diagrams on what part of your house to stay in. It was very informative and I sent it to my family. Some of their reaction was -- if that bomb goes off we are dead anyway.

    Your lists keep getting longer and disturbing and I can only think of God shaking His Head. All the earthquakes, the weather , the fires , are frightening but not as much as -what is happening to our children? They are getting it from all sides and the pure innocent of our little ones are being destroyed by the sin that is a thousand times worse than Soddam and Gomorra . God please protect our children from the evil that is around them even in their schools where they should be learning to read and write not what gender they want to be. God I stand before you and ask-- please protect our children!
    Thank you MaryLu for being obedient in what God is allowing you to share with us all so we can pray and tell others.
    I ask for prayer for our President and our Military and keep them safe in the days to come.
    In His Name I Pray
    ,Elsie 💕💕💕

    1. Not many people want to accept the fact that the world is coming to an end. They believe life will go on and on as it has for thousands of years. Like you said, the worst thing is what's happening to our children. And I don't believe we know the half of it. Hollywood is a hotbed of pedophilia. Yes, Lord, Please protect the innocent children! I also pray daily for our President. He is not only up against a left that hates him, but he is up against Satan himself who is trying to birth the new world order. I'm ready to leave. God help us. Bless you, Elsie!!

    2. I googled Earthquakes and came to a site and was amazed in just today how many earthquakes there had been in the minutes and hours of this day-to each earthquake all happening in California, ( all different parts) Alaska, ( different areas) Hawaii, Idaho , Peru, Argentina , Japan. From 7 hours to minutes. Not strong strong ones but none the less they were earthquakes. They are predicting a bad hurricane season and yes our earth is groaning. Yes I agree -- God Help Us. Help me to pray and reach those in my family and circle of friends that do not know you as their God. Help me to be be the woman of Christ that you would have me be. And God , Bless MaryLu and her loved ones