Friday, August 25, 2017

Friday's Mad Mad World!

Greetings, watchers, and Happy Friday! I hope you had a chance to look at the very rare eclipse that traveled across the US this Monday. Where I am, only 73% of the sun was blocked out, but it looked really cool anyway. Eclipses are historically warning signs and omens of things to come. Some may think they are merely random events, but the Bible tells us that God is the one who keeps all the celestial bodies in their courses, and He gave them to us for signs and seasons.

Another thing of note is the sudden rush to destroy anything confederate in our nation. These statues have been standing for over a hundred years, yet all of a sudden, they must go! And right along with this horrible destruction of our history, come the speech police, dictating what we can and cannot say and kicking us off social media or banning us from the internet if we cross the line they have drawn. Mind you, I'm not in favor of white supremacy or neo-Nazi's but I will defend their right to speak until the day I die. That is what this country was founded on, equal rights for equal people, regardless of whether we agree with them!

Earthquakes/Pestilences/Famines, oh my!

3.6 Earthquake shatters buildings in Italy, 1 dead.
Thousands at risk of pig virus from England's supermarket sausage 
6.8 people without power in Taiwan 
Three tropical systems develop in the Atlantic 
Wall Street banks warn downturn is coming


Record number of Jews visit Temple Mount under threat of violence
Iran building up forces in the region as ISIS dwindles

Evil/Violence/Civil unrest

Man tries to blow up Civil War statue in Texas
College Professor warns of coming riots this fall 
Thousands sign petition to replace confederate statue with one of Rapper Missy Elliot 
Confederate "looking" tiles to be removed from NY subway 
Knife attack in Germany leaves 1 dead, 1 injured 
Lexington, KY approves plan to remove confederate statutes
Chicago Bishop wants George Washington's name removed from park 
Canadian PM pushes Abortion as a human right in Ireland
Tenn college students told to confront racism and privilege 
University of Texas removes confederate statutes under cover of darkness 
ESPN pulls Asian-American announcer because he bears the name of a confederate general 
The Left wing media's divisive lies

Sodom and Gomorrah

Lace shorts for men are in!
New proposed bill in CA: 1 year in jail for using wrong transgender pronoun 
CA insurance company fined for not providing coverage for cosmetic procedures for Transgenders
5 year old boy undergoes transition to girl in front of classmates

Wars and Rumors of Wars

Massive Terror drill going on involving 70,000 Americans and South Korea Military
N. Korea threatens nuclear war over US war games 
Britain told to prepare for WW 3 Immediately 
Plan to blow up a plane from Australia to Abu Dhabii foiled 
N. Korea shows Capitol building being obliterated by missiles in video 
North Korea nearly has an H-bomb, Pentagon says 
Iran can start uranium enrichment for nuclear bombs in five days 
Russians preparing response to new US sanctions


New Mexico public school paints over Scripture mural following complaint 
CNN publishes map of hate groups which include Christian Organizations 
New anti-conversion law in India could mean the end of the Christian faith 
N. Korea now using teachers and children to hunt Christians 
ABC's Preacher tv show episode features Jesus having sex on night of the Last Supper 
After school Satan clubs are meant to undermine Christian clubs


Pastor launches late night comedy show mocking sin 
Leading Biblical scholar says Bible shouldn't be taken literally

Big Brother/Mark of the Beast

Siberian doctor has 6 chips implanted so he can open doors and store data
Embedded chips leading to the buying and selling described in the Bible 
Your face will soon be the key on all your devices
Zuckerberg vows to remove all violent threats from Facebook
Is Social Media shutting down Christian opinions? 
Yale University begins censoring hostile historic artwork
Facebook shuts down white nationalists accounts
How Goggle secretly records your conversations

Signs in the Sky

Five Divine signs in the heavens in 2017
3 mile wide asteroid to graze earth on Sept 1
Eclipses of the past were calamitous, not celebratory
Apocalyptic cloud haunts Brazilian town 
Solar Eclipses are omens of great historic events

Good News!

One group is secretly smuggling Scripture into N. Korea in a very ingenious way! 
100,000 people are enduring the summer heat to hear the Gospel! 
Christianity is rapidly growing in Iran! 
Archaeological Miracle unearthed in Israel

 Have a wonderful weekend, and keep looking up!


  1. I pray for our misguided country. I pray for all of God's people to open up their eyes and the eyes of their hearts and call out to our God Almighty for forgiveness for being complacent . It is now -- with this world getting crazier each day, and the eviliness is creeping in more and more and taking over- it is now we have to stand up for You. . God have mercy on all those who know you but keep you hidden -- never talking about you to anyone. Help them Oh God to have that deep desire to please you and to share you.
    And Dear Heavenly Father, with all the craziness going on , strengthen your people to show the Jesus that is in our hearts to those around us. Help us to be more like Jesus .
    Again I thank you MaryLu for all you do to keep us informed . It just keeps getting worse. And it seems like it is getting faster and faster and more unbelievable . Lace shorts for men?????

    1. I pray for us too, Elsie. So sad to see what is happening and how fast it is happening. I agree that we who truly know Jesus must share His love now more than ever. Time is short. Blessings, my friend.

    2. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻💕💕