Monday, August 14, 2017

My experience with demons

Do you realize that Jesus spent more of His time casting out demons than healing people? The Apostles also did their fair share of dealing with demons. Then, why do we rarely, if ever, hear anything about them from the pulpits of America? Did these vile spiritual creatures suddenly vacate the planet after the Apostles died? Did they have a change of heart and decide they didn't enjoy torturing humans but would rather sit quietly in the fires of hell?

I was privileged during a few years as a teen to be able to attend a rather interesting church in South Florida called the Good News Fellowship, pastored by the likes of Derek Prince, Bob Mumford, Don Basham and others. During that time I witnessed such things as tongues, interpretation, healing, prophecy and demon deliverance. It was an amazing time and I wish it had lasted. But like all things, the devil got involved with some false theology and the group split up. All that to say that I knew from that time on that demons existed and that they were in full operation today.

What are demons, anyway? Where did they come from? There are many theories out there, the prevailing one among theologians is that they are fallen angels. But that doesn't make sense. Fallen angels already have spirit-bodies are are not in need of another. My personal belief after much research is that these demons are the spirits of the dead Nephilim, which, if you remember, were the offspring of the fallen angels and human women. When they died, these evil spirits were set free on the earth and are constantly looking for a body to inhabit. Regardless of where they came from, demons do exist and their number one goal is YOUR destruction. They hate humans because we are made in the image of God and because God offered us redemption and denied the same to them.

Why do we not hear more about them today? Let me put it this way: Satan's greatest tactic is to make you believe he doesn't exist.

I never encountered any demons head on until my husband got saved thirteen years ago. His salvation experience was so miraculous, dramatic, and quick that the demons inhabiting him were apparently caught off guard and fled him in great numbers, and always during the night when he was asleep. For several weeks after he gave His life to the Lord, I would wake up to loud groaning and moaning coming from my husband. I mean, loud!  The first time it took me a minute to figure out what was happening, but then I started praying and saying the name of Jesus. I didn't want them to come on me!  My husband had never ever made such sounds in his sleep and I honestly believe it was the demons angry that they had to leave him because I'm sure the Holy Spirit was cleaning house. Also my husband said he had nightmares of ghoulish looking creatures shoving their faces in his and screaming at him. Also, just after he got saved, he saw what he describes as shadowy figures darting across the path he was walking on.

I've since come to realize that these evil beings are everywhere, looking for any opportunity to break through our armor of light. If you've read my book, When Angels Cry, you may remember the scene where the demon of fear is circling the heroine anticipating her invitation for him to come in. Do you realize that when we give into fear, doubt, worry, hatred, etc, that we are extending an invitation for that demon to enter us? Our sin creates a break in the light around us wherein they can slither through. Once they get in us, their job is to increase that sin.. make us fear more, hate more and act on our sinful desires. You may think I'm crazy, but this is no joke. I've felt these creatures come on me when I've given into thoughts and feelings I shouldn't be having.

But wait, Christians can't be inhabited by demons! My experience has been otherwise. Besides, if that were true, why do they bother to try to get in?  I don't believe a true believer can be possessed by demons, but I believe IF WE ALLOW them, they can inhabit parts of our personalities.

Here's another true story that happened to me.
My husband and I were on our 20th Anniversary trip to Jamaica. Honestly, don't go to Jamaica. I could tell the minute we got off the plane that something very dark lives on that island. There's a history of witchcraft and vodoo that still permeates the culture and keeps the forces of darkness active.  Anyway we stayed at a Sandals and had a lovely week. On our last day there, completely out of the blue, we got into this HUGE fight. I mean. huge. I had been reading my Bible daily while there and praying as usual, and I had just spent a few minutes with one of the workers at the resort, telling him about Jesus. Then boom, my husband got mad about something utterly ridiculous. I should have realized what was happening but I didn't. So, we fought. It went on for hours until finally we sort of made up and went to bed. (Now I realize that the demons were furious at me witnessing so they used something from my husband's past to get him angry at me)

In the middle of the night I was awakened by flashes of light. You know how you're in that deep sleep and you sense something going on but you don't really care? But it kept happening. flashes going off behind my eyelids. So, I finally opened my eyes and saw lights in our hotel room going on and off, on and off. It was insane!  I got real scared, but at that moment, my husband who was still asleep starting groaning like he used to do after he first got saved. Then, I realized what was happening and I quickly said. "Out, in the name of Jesus!"

Boom, everything went dark! The lights shut off. My husband stopped groaning. In fact, it was funny because he said  "Thank you" to me and then we both went to sleep. In the morning, he told me that he was having this horrible nightmare. He was pinned against a wall and a raven was pecking out his eyeballs. Then he heard me shout the name of Jesus and he woke up.

Do we Christians realize the power in the name of Jesus?  I honestly didn't until that moment. Just saying His name made those host of demons leave immediately. They didn't argue, didn't stick around to cause more trouble, didn't hesitate whatsoever. They just left!

That's why I no longer fear them. They are defeated foes. They may still try to cause me problems, and sometimes I may even inadvertently allow them access during a weak moment, but I've come now to recognize them. And all it takes is one command to leave in Jesus's name and they have no choice.

By the way, one way to feel their influence is whenever you feel an overwhelming, uncontrollable desire to do or say something you know is wrong. I'm not trying to make excuses for our own sinful behavior. We start the process by thinking or doing something we know is wrong... then if we continue, the demon comes in and gives us that almost uncontrollable push to continue. That's when we need to have the strength to cast it away and then change course.

If you aren't a believer and follower of Jesus, you have no power over these creatures. You can say the name of Jesus over and over but it won't matter unless it comes from a Christian.  (See Acts 19). If you want to know how to become a follower of Jesus, click here.

I didn't focus on demons very much in my book, When Angels Cry, because honestly I didn't want to give them much stage time. I preferred to focus on God's Angels, which I will do in next week's post. I've had some encounters with them as well!  And it was far more pleasant. 😀


  1. Love this! We have authority over the adversary in Yeshua's name. So, no glory to the enemy, even though he's still there!!

  2. A couple of weeks ago, I experienced what I honestly believe was an attic by evil demonic forces. My thoughts towards God were blasphemous and I couldn't control them. I was literally scared 'out of my mind'. I remembered something Julie Lessman wrote on her blog one time about 'renewing' my mind and 'casting out' bad thoughts and feelings in Jesus’ name, and replacing them by quoting scripture. Every time a horrible thought would enter my mind, I would start saying Jesus' name and claiming myself as His child and under the protection of His blood He shed for me and quoting God’ promise of ‘power, love and a sound mind’. I continued to do this over and over again, and eventually these thoughts went away. It's extremely unnerving feeling you have no control over your mind, but I'm grateful that there is power in the name of Jesus that He can and will come to our rescue. Thank you for sharing your own personal account and may others realize that evil forces are real and searching for people to attack. Very timely lesson to keep in mind.

    1. I've had that happen to me too, Amy! You did the right thing. Just be ever more vigilant because these evil forces are becoming more and more bold as the end of the age approaches.

  3. I have had some experiences with demon influence which is hard to share with many Christians because they don't believe in the reality. I am also very sensitive to feeling the darkness in places. I learned long ago that our Lord is greater. I foolishly played with a Ouiji board in my early teens that opened a door to nightmares, suicidal thoughts and influence in my life as a young Christian. I would advise others from ever using the Ouiji board or any kind of "innocent" games to invite spirits into your mind. It was a rough journey until I could claim my Savior's name and "they" left. Thank you for reminding me of this spiritual battle, today at 62, I don't think of those experiences so often but know that they are going on and i should be more proactive in my prayers.

    1. Yup. I did the Quiji board too as a youngster. Such a horrid game.. but not a game.. a doorway into the demon realm. Like you, I renounced it and have since gotten rid of the demons that came with it. It's so very sad that most Christians aren't even aware of (and not taught) about our enemy. :-(

  4. Wonderful post, MaryLu - thank you!! Too bad that demons are another subject lots of pastors are afraid to acknowledge in their sermons.

    I've witnessed the cold, dark, evil feeling of demons possessed by some of the children I worked with in a children's home - as well as a couple of personal attacks myself, which came when my mind was overburdened. They know when we are at our weakest. As with you, renouncing them in the name of Jesus and quoting scripture made them flee, but until they did the cold, dark, feeling of an evil presence and a feeling of having no control over my mind (as Amy mentioned) was horrible.

    The wife of one of my former pastors related a story of demons possessing her teenage daughter after entering from some things they had allowed a friend to store in her garage while they searched for a new place to live. The daughter started having nightmares, etc. much like your husband had. They left after being renounced in the name of Jesus, however, God also revealed to her the problem with the things stored in her garage - which she promptly had removed.

    Looking forward to your experiences with angels next week!!

    Love, hugs, and prayers!!

    1. Thank you, Bonnie! So nice to see you here. And thank you for sharing your stories. I remember you telling me about the children's home. Yes, they do know when we are weak. Sending my prayers and hugs to you as well!

  5. Many years ago when I lived in Portland, Oregon and became a single mother of four, divorced and alone. All my family lived back east -- North of Boston . I was not a believer then and I could not find a job. Every place I went they wanted someone with experience. The only experience I had was being a Mother and a Brownie leader and not very good at being a wife it seemed. I sold everything I could in the garage to put the barest of food on the table and my kids hated eating oatmeal all the time. I was very discouraged and I had just left another interview with no luck in landing a job. Driving home this voice or thoughts were hammering away at me. Calling me useless, a loser , couldn't even be a good Mother and -- just end it all -- just step on the gas and floor it-- nobody cares anyways. --step on the gas. I stepped on the gas and as the other cars were beeping their horns and getting out of my way - - the softest voice came over me and said. " what about your children".
    I let up on the gas and slowed down and drove very carefully home. My heart was breaking. How selfish was I? that I thought only of myself in my misery. ( I. Didn't know that it is in your hardest times-- that is when that slime bucket satan attacks you) I was so stunned at what almost happened and I couldn't cry at what I almost did.when I got home I filled up the sink with the breakfast dishes and the sun was shining in the Windows over the sink. As I was washing the cereal bowls between the sun shining and the soap bubbles that seemed to have a thousand little rainbows in them and was so pretty --and I thought how the girls would love all the bubbles -- that was when my tears started to come and I cried and cried and asked God to forgive me. "What am I going to do God, what am I going to do?"
    He led me to my Bible and I opened it to the Psalm 105 and as I read --each verse was touching my heart and my tears came faster and I knew that God answered me in the darkness of that day.
    God had come to my rescue that day. He has been with me all these years and I have followed Him. Some times I stub my toes or take a wrong turn .But He is with me always I pray every night and have included this in my prayer -"- I give you- Jesus, my thoughts, my dreams and my vision. "
    And He has honored that prayer- He keeps me covered in His arms, safe in His light! I Praise His Name always !!!!!

    1. Elsie, I remember you telling me a little of your past before, but I didn't know this exact story. I, too, at one point in my life thought about ending it all.. and I had kids too! The devil knew you were marked for God and wanted you to end it before you could fully turn to Him... I, for one, am so glad you listened to the right voice that day. God is truly our hero.. our father, our friend.. and always there for us! :-)

    2. I walked a while with God and slowly became lukewarm sitting on the fence straying from the goodness I had received that dreadful day. I knew where I could find that peace and always kept that thought of finding it once again . It took me 18 years of walking in the desert of my own making before I found that peace in God's arms and surrending all to Him. In those 18 years I believe I was like that verse in Mark- where it states "Jesus was in the boat preaching and there were other boats with Him." I was in the other boat not with Him yet but not without Him -just lukewarm.
      I can fully say that God is a loving and forgiving God and I finally realized that I am a child of His. Now and for evermore. 💕

    3. Sounds a lot like my story.. which we have agreed on before. I spent close to 20 years walking away from the Lord.. and yes, it was a desert of my own making too. Praise His name that He took me back with open arms just like that story in the Bible about the prodigal son!

    4. How loving is our God! 💕💕