Friday, September 1, 2017

Friday's Mad Mad World!

Greetings, precious ones. What can I say? Things keep spinning more and more out of control. Of course this week the big news is Harvey. Unless you've had your head in the sand, you know this is one of the worst disasters to strike the US. I found it interesting that it came right after the rare eclipse that traversed the country. I'm not saying this is an act of God. All I'm saying is that God may be trying to get our attention and in the process draw more people to Him, for the time is short.

Then of course we have North Korea threatening nuclear war, our children become transgender as young as kindergarten, Christians being labeled haters, mob violence in our streets to shut down free speech, floods, earthquakes, and hurricanes, the mark of the beast technology is here, and the middle-east peace process is once again in the works. If we can't see we are in the last last days, then we must be asleep.
Please keep in prayer for your loved ones and the world, but get your wedding garments ready. The marriage of the Lamb is fast approaching!

Sodom and Gomorrah

Parents feel betrayed after teacher reads transgender book to Kindergarten class
First grader sent to office for gender pronoun mishap 
Canada rolls out gender neutral passports 
California state ids could soon include a Gender X option 
School district takes off Holiday names from calendar because they are too offensive 
Australian psychologists push teaching young kids same sex marriage and gender transition


Elementary teacher sends note to parents discouraging all talk about God, Satan , and Jesus
Atheist group calls Bible a "violent, racist book" 
Christian conservatives being branded as KKK 
Praying football coach loses latest round of religious freedom battle 
Christians in India experience record breaking persecution in 2017 
California Christian baker forced to take down website for refusing to bake a gay wedding cake


Deadly outbreak of Hepatitis A kills 14 in San Diego
Record breaking heat wave to scorch Southern CA
Mysterious gas blows in from the sea and sent 238 to hospital 
Hurricane Harvey dumps 9 Trillion gallons of water on Texas and Louisiana 
Catastrophic flooding in Texas. Thousands are without power, homes, and basic necessities
Tropical storm Pakhar strikes the Philippines and heads towards Hong Kong
3.1 Earthquake strikes Irving, TX 

Hurricane Irma rising in the Atlantic
Harvey to be the costliest disaster in US History 
5.2 Earthquake strikes Guam
Floods in India, Bangladesh and Nepal kill 1200 and leave millions homeless 

Signs in the Sky

UFO portal opens up in the skies above China
Large asteroid to pass by earth today


Thousands attend Burning Man week of debauchery in Nevada
Experts say American alcoholism is a public health crisis 
Witchcraft on the rise in New York


Palestinians give Trump 45 days for peace process or they are out

Wars and Rumors of Wars

Israel warns it will bomb Assad's palace if Iran expands in Syria
North Korea vows to sharpen its nuclear sword in yet another WW3 threat 
Russian Nuclear bombers fly over N. Korea in a rare show of force 
N. Korea fires 3 ballistic missiles into the sea 
N. Korea threatens Britain with "miserable end" if it joins forces with America 
China says tensions with N. Korea at tipping point 
N. Korea vows to launch more missiles

Big Brother/Mark of the Beast/Loss of Freedom

Get ready to purchase goods with a wave of your hand
Google is secretly recording you and storing everything in a file


Churches nationwide host viewing night for pumped up boxing match 
Catholic school removes Jesus statues to be more inclusive
68% of churchgoing men and 30% of women view porn

Good news

Growing number of Christians celebrating God's Holy Appointments!
Scores of people searched the Bible after the Great Eclipse

God bless you and have a great weekend!

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