Friday, October 20, 2017

Friday's Mad Mad World!

Greetings, precious warriors of the King!  Here's the latest and greatest shocking news.

Can I ask you a question? Is this Friday post beneficial to you? It takes me a couple hours to pull together, so I want to make sure it is useful. I could spend the time writing my novels, it that's more important to you all who follow me closely. Or I could just post on one or two items that drive me nuts!  Or I could post pictures of my reef aquarium or random thoughts or book news when I have it. If you don't mind taking the time to answer in the comments. I've been praying about continuing this and thought I'd ask you all.


Four Pastors of denominational churches pervert the Scriptures and lead people to hell

Big Brother/Civil Unrest/Violence/Insanity

High school marching band walks off field during national anthem! What are we teaching our kids?
Air Force service members accused of painting Satanic graffiti on a SC church
Teacher labeled a racist for asking students to speak English 
Christian university drops "Crusaders" moniker to be less offensive 
Obama's name to replace Jefferson Davis on Mississippi school. 
56 MILLION abortions performed each year worldwide 
Olympic athletes getting chipped

Wars and Rumors of Wars

FBI warns a terrorist attack by drones is only a matter of time
Terrorist bomb in Somalia kills more than 300 
US and South Korea start war drills against N. Korea 
Defcon warning system raised to 4 amid threats from N.Korea 
Evacuation drills commence in South Korea
Iraq is on the verge of a civil war
Giant blazes in Spain and Portugal blamed on terrorists
North Korea's doomsday scenario for the US - EMP
Ezekiel 38 War coming to pass
N. Korea warns "unimaginable strike" if US continues war drills in South Korea 
ISIS capital in Syria falls! 
Returning ISIS jihadists pose great threat to US and Europe

Sodom and Gomorrah

Air Force punishes Colonel who refuses to affirm Gay marriage
CA is the first state to legalize non-binary gender on documents  huh?
Transgender activist reports printer company to police for not printing his business cards


Four pastors who deny fundamentals of the Christian Faith
Public school made kids pretend to be Muslim
One third of Evangelicals say a belief in God is not necessary to be moral


Rockets launched at Israel from Egypt
Syria warns of repercussions following Israeli air strike 
Archaeologists uncover massive find under Jerusalem wall 
Iran's military vows to join Syria against Israel 
The rise of the Gog-Magog coalition


Pastor and family detained in China for preaching the Gospel
American Christians have stopped reading their Bibles
Vandals want to crucify those who stand for Biblical marriage 
Judges side with atheists offended at seeing the cross at a memorial park
Dozens of Christians killed in Nigeria, including women and children 
US Supreme court finds the ten commandments display in New Mexico unconstitutional 
Christian persecution hits an all-time high worldwide!


Smoke from N. California fires travels down to Mexico
Over 50 dead as California wild fires still burn
Plague outbreak in Madagascar leaves 57 dead and hundreds infected 
Giant crack in the earth opens up in Thailand, damaging homes
3.7 Earthquake strikes Arkansas!
Ophelia slams the Britain and Ireland, turning the sun red and the sky yellow 
Yemen's cholera outbreak worst in history
Horrific flooding in Vietnam, 54 dead
CA drill prepares millions for a 7.0 or higher earthquake 
La Palma island.. magma is moving!
Strong earthquake shakes Tonga
Typhoon Lan threatens Okinawa and Japan

Good news!

Gun-packing Grandma thwarts kidnapper
CA governor shoots down anti-faith law!


  1. It's very informative, yet can be depressing at times. I'd love to see some beauty in the mix...share your aquarium, book news or just your thoughts. Don't completely do away with this information, because it is beneficial. Hope I've helped. Hugs! ❤

  2. I've always enjoyed these.

  3. I appreciate these posts so much! I read them first thing every Friday.

  4. I recommend that you focus on your books and then once every two or three weeks post something that you can hyper-focus on and scrutinize. Something that really grinds your gears.

  5. I find them informative and although they are sometimes overwhelming I am not fearful or depressed because we are watching prophecy fulfilled and this should give us hope of Christ returning soon. Plus I can follow the links and read for myself

  6. I look forward to them every Friday. You post stories that I have not read about. I do appreciate the work you do to pull this all together.

  7. It's interesting and unfortunately disheartening to read all of this news, but I appreciate you taking the time to post the items. I must admit here lately, I've been skimming the bad and scrolling to the good news. Not that the 'bad news' isn't important or relevant and I do thank you for mentioning it in a Christian perspective, but it just seems there is so much bad news EVERYWHERE, and the media derives pleasure in shocking us with graphic detail and refuse to be unbiased.

    Since it does take up so much of your time, maybe you could just post on one or two items that you feel led to share. I always enjoy an update on your reef aquarium, as well as family/grandbaby updates and random thoughts or book news.

    Whatever you decide I'll be checking your blog daily. Thank you for asking our input and hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  8. I agree with Amy M. All of the information you share is interesting but can be overwhelming at times.I too appreciate so much all of your effort to inform and reveal information we would not hear otherwise. But since you do spend a lot of time on it perhaps a little less would still be extremely helpful to keep us all alert and watching for the Lord's return. I am looking forward to your next books and will be continuing to read your blogs. Your gift of writing blesses me so much! Thank you for all you do.

  9. I enjoy hearing reports that the news seems to ignore in their political agenda rampages. Keep it up :)

  10. I look forward to this post each week. It is a strange place we are in when we see the reality of what God has told will happen before He returns actually unfolding before our eyes. It excites me, soon eternity, and scares me, as there are so many doomed for hell. I have been spurred to be more vocal to those who will listen about what I believe. thank you

  11. It is literally what I look forward to every week! Please do not discontinue.

  12. Yes....this is valuable. Keep it up!

  13. Everyone, I appreciate very much your input. Thank you all for your comments. I will wait a week and tabulate the responses and then pray about it and see where the Lord leads me.

  14. These are sometimes very hard to read and yet very necessary. I like them. Keep them coming.

  15. We read it every week. If it's not wearing you out, MaryLu, keep it up. Yes, so much of what's going on around us is depressing and discouraging, but being ignorant isn't the answer. Sadly, most news outlets don't share much about these issues. So very much to pray about.

  16. I agree with the commenter, Amy M. Maybe one or two items that really strike you and mix it up with book news and other news you want to share. I will still follow your blog whatever you end up doing :)

  17. I always enjoy your take on things. I just usually don't comment on it. Don't wear yourself out on it, but follow the Holy Spirit's prompting.