Friday, November 10, 2017

Friday's Mad Mad World!

Happy Friday, Warriors and Watchers of the Most High!  No matter what is happening in the world, those of us who know our eternity is secure can be filled with peace and joy. The storms may rage around us, but our foundation is on the Rock, Jesus Himself, and He will never move, be shaken, crack, fall down or be destroyed.  Just a little while longer, and our hopes will be realized, our faith will be rewarded as we hear that trumpet sound and the call that will bring us home! 

Be encouraged, keep watching, and for those who have lost loved ones recently, I assure you, they await you at those heavenly gates, huge smiles on their faces, searching through the crowd for a glimpse of your arrival!

Evil culture/immorality/violence

Secret Service arrest man near White House targeting white cops
Homeless epidemic on the West Coast of the US 
Teenage girls turn to prostitution to avoid starvation in Venezuela  
27 dead 30 wounded in deadliest church shooting in American history
Two shot, 1 dead outside church in Fresno, CA
New Phone App gives kids as young as 12 access to Birth control
Quija board making a comeback this Christmas
CA NAACP seeks to remove Star Spangled Banner as National Anthem

Sodom and Gomorrah

Paris opens its first ever naked restaurant (ugh. I just lost my appetite)
Womb transplants allows men to have babies
School helped 11 year old girl transition to boy and hid it from parents 
Germany: You must legally recognize third gender at birth
Virginia elects first openly transgender to State legislature

Big Brother/Tech

New poll reveals many millennials would prefer to live in a socialist country.  (This is just pure ignorance on their part. They have no idea the loss of freedoms they would experience)
China on the verge of a cashless society
ISIS hacks 800 school websites across the US


Sexually transmitted case of ZIKA found in Florida
Black plague epidemic at crisis point in Madagascar  
Giant hail, unseasonable snow and horrific winds strike Australia
Mumps makes a comeback, even if you're vaccinated 
Typhoon hits Vietnam: 69 dead 100,000 homes under water 
5.1 Earthquake strikes Guatemala 
6.9 Earthquake strikes ring of fire
Yellowstone super volcano struck by yet another earthquake
Iceland volcano hit by 53 quakes. Experts warn eruption is imminent 
Plague: Worst outbreak in 50 years. Could go global 
Tropical storm Rina forms in Atlantic. 17th storm this year 
6.6 quake strikes Papua New Guinea
Volcanic activity heating up Antartica

Wars and Rumors of Wars

Is Saudi Arabia headed for war with Iran?
US to stage drill with three carriers during Trump's visit to Asia
US warships, bombers and 80,000 troops ready to confront N. Korea 
N. Korea to launch biggest ever missile while Trump is in Asia 
Saudi Arabia blockades Yemen which may be considered act of war by Iran 
Israel ready to enter Syria to protect town of Druze from ISIS 
Saudi Arabia intercepts ballistic missile shot over capital 
Attack warning sirens to begin in Hawaii next month 
Iran-North Korea axis of evil the biggest threat to the US 
18 million could starve to death as Kim uses funds for nuclear weapons 
Saudi Arabia and Iran move closer to war 
Russia to test new weapon that could defeat US defense systems 
Next warfront: Israel vs Hezbollah


Pastor Rick Warren on whether Homosexuality is a sin.  (He says all the right words but keeps his language compromising and soft. My question is.. does this really help anyone, especially gays?)


Hindus savagely beat pastor after he converts 5 families to Christianity
Atheist immigrant sues US Government to remove "So help me God" from citizenship oath
Chinese government demands pastor turn over church income 
Christians pelted with rocks and 4 churches forced to close in Egypt 
Police in India halt worship in 10 churches 
The 50 countries where you can't be a Christian 
Why is there so much hatred against Christians in America today?

Good news

They lost 9 members of their family in the Texas shooting and they still glorify God (This story touched me deeply)
Pastor of Sutherland church delivered one of his most powerful sermons the week before the mass shooting
Ministry launches campaign to win 150 million souls for Christ!
5 year old survives being shot 5 times in Texas massacre


  1. Grateful for the reminder of how lost loved ones are waiting for us in Heaven. Since I graduated from college in 2013, I have lost three friends....two to a car accident, one just this past week to suicide. I look forward to the next step God has for us.

    1. Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry! It's so hard to lose those we love. :-( It's almost unbearable... but Thank God we have hope and know we will see them all again! What a grand reunion that will be. Lifting up a prayer for you!

  2. Thank you MaryLu. I think each time that life around our world cannot get any worse. But each week I read the list and cannot believe that -yes-it does get worse. All of it is terrible. Yet as bad as it is and going to be-- my heart goes out to the youth and what they are being taught. They are being brain-washed and we don't even know it. Oh God protect them. I almost choked on my coffee when I read -- a naked restaurant . We are sooo much more wicked and disturbed than Sodom and Gomorrah
    . What to do? We had better get on our knee's and pray-- not once but many many times. Pick up His word and read -- and pray- - not only for our World , our Country,our President and Goverment ,our school board and teachers to stand up for the truth to be taught to our next generation. We are a world that needs the Mercy and love of our Lord and Savior. Pray for those who do not know Jesus Christ. May our Salt be Salty and our Light be Bright.

    1. I agree! When I start looking up the weekly news, I nearly faint from shock at what's happening around the world.. and even here in America. I think about how different the world was just 50 years ago.. and you're right! It's so scary for the children. How can they survive this culture? They are being brainwashed and don't even know it. Your solution is right on! Pray, read the Word and stand up for truth, mercy, grace, love and goodness.. and fight against evil wherever we find it!