Friday, November 17, 2017

Friday's Mad Mad World!

Dear precious watchers, here's the ever-increasing signs pointing to our Lord's return. Do not allow them to bring you into fear, but my hope is, they will encourage you to stand strong, keep the faith, run the race, and finish well. And don't forget to look up!

What struck me about this week?  
  • The Black Plague. 
  • Drag Queens teaching pre-schoolers about transgenders
  • Lots of weird fireballs in the sky (Luke 21:11) 
  • Alaska preparing for nuclear attack
  • Iran setting up permanent military base right next to Israel (Ezekiel 38) 



7.3 Quake kills over 500 in Iran/Iraq
Legionnaire's disease outbreak at Disneyland 
Gonorrhea explosion in Australia
Black Death still rising 
San Andreas fault hit by earthquake swarm.. fears for the big one mount 
5.8 Quake strikes Guam 
Swarm of 10 Earthquakes strike near San Andreas in CA 
Huge storm strikes Turkey, extensive damage, 25 injured 
New Black Plague strain can kill in 3 hours 
5.4 Earthquake strikes South Korea

Big Brother/Tech/Mark of the Beast/One World Government

New Congressional bill allows government to track you everywhere
Lawmaker says Home Schooling is child abuse 
Will the Millennial Generation drive us to Socialism?  (Most don't even know what it truly is)
Former Facebook president says Facebook is dangerous for our kids brains
Rise in teen suicide could be due to social media 
US Scientists try first gene-editing in humans 
Invasive new education tech targets children


Gunman shoots up CA school, kills 4


Christian teacher suspended for calling a girl the wrong gender
China demands all signs pertaining to Jesus be removed everywhere 
Gradeschool terminates "illegal" lunchtime Bible Study 
9 Christians shot to death, execution style
School district orders coach to stop bowing head in prayer
Christian couple denied adoption in Canada due to their faith

Sodom and Gomorrah

Clothing store transforms dressing rooms into gender neutral
Oklahoma woman marries her biological mother 
Drag Queens drafted into nursery schools (Yes, Nursery schools) to teach kids about sexual diversity
Australia votes in favor of Same-sex marriage
Scottish adults and kids allowed to change gender to neither male nor female


Church of England allows boys to wear princess tiaras, high heels, or tutus 
Ex-witch warns that witches and satanists have infiltrated the church 
Christian school teacher charged with 140 counts of sexual abuse 
Egyptian and Hindu gods appearing on Washington Mall

Wars and Rumors of Wars

North Korea to launch cyber attacks on the UK
Tension mounts in Lebanon as Saudi Arabia escalates power struggle with Iran 
US and South Korea begin war games off coast 
N. Korea missile could unleash radioactive cloud over Pacific 
Netanyahu vows Israel will act alone against Iran if it has to 
World on the breaking point: Global war map shows tensions everywhere 
Alaska prepares for N. Korean Nuclear attack 
N. Korea mapping specific plan for EMP attack


Some Polish citizens demand expulsion of Jews
The big Palestinian lie
Iran building permanent military base in Syria, too close to Israel
Islamic scholars gather to discuss destroying Israel

Signs in the Sky

China races to make first contact with Aliens  using massive dish
NASA to test new space lasers 
Newly discovered planet could support life 
Four bright fireballs over US, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and France within 10 hours
Radioactive cloud wafts over Europe
Amazing map of all UFO sightings in America.  
Mystery booms increasing in intensity in US 
Huge meteor above skies in Phoenix 

Good news

Science proves Biblical account of Jesus's resurrection
Family's home burns to the ground. Only their Bible survives unscathed! 
Jesus brings ex-muslim a blanket in prison 

 God bless you all and your families!! 

Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might.  Ephesians 6:10


  1. Yes, we live in a sinful society with few leaders standing for Christ, even churches turning to appease man and not God.
    Reminds me of a sign I once saw that said we are afraid of offending everyone but God. That has become so very true.
    We must stand for Jesus and reject the evils of this world, no matter who might object.
    We will all stand before Him in judgment.
    Every knee will bow and every tongue will confess Jesus is Lord of Lords and King of Kings. Thete is no other. God be with us.

    1. Amen, Evelyn! It's going to get harder and harder for those of us who truly follow Jesus. We will have to make a hard choice, stand with the world or with God. If we stand with God, we will be persecuted, possibly lose our homes, our businesses and maybe even tossed in jail. We must be ready for this and have already made up our mind which way we will go. Yes, indeed, EVERY knee shall bow.. even those who are so hateful and despise Jesus in this life.