Friday, December 15, 2017

Friday's Mad Mad World!

Greetings, beloved of the Most High.  Here's the latest end times news that you probably haven't heard about on most news stations.  What stood out to me this week.

  • Rise of tensions in the middle east following Trump's announcement and the rise of militant Islam in Europe
  • Lots of saber rattling going on which indicates war may very well break out soon
  • General Apostasy of the church and the world. 

But never fear. Yes, Satan is on the rampage, but we know why. He loses in the end and his time is short. If you are a child of God, you are protected by His angels. Hang in there. We are almost home!

High Tech/Mark of the Beast/Big Brother

Why humans would happily worship a robot messiah


N. Korea rocked by earthquakes amid fears of more nuclear tests
Scientists hear mysterious hum from deep within the earth 
CA Wildfires larger than NY and Boston combined - 1000 structures destroyed 
Another massive quake rocks Iran


Pope declares Virgin Mary was without sin
More Americans turning to witchcraft as religion declines 
Largest Christian Music fest founder charged with child molestation 
Pope Francis: "Satan's been misunderstood. Let's give him a chance."
Most Americans believe birth of Jesus was a myth 
Ancient pagan gods being honored in the US and around the world

Sodom and Gomorrah

Transgenders can enlist in military come January 1st
School helps teen transition without telling parents 
Gay Nativity scene features baby Jesus with two Josephs 
Shocked parents in the UK demanding schools stop asking kids if they "feel" like a different gender

Rise of the Muslim Caliphate

European court to decide if Sharia law should override a nation's civil law.
Muslim majority in Europe in 30 years 

Wars and Rumors of Wars

US warns Saudi Arabia on recent Mideast actions
ISIS threatens New York Time's Square 
US military drills over D.C. 
US, Japan, and South Korea hold missile tracking drills 
New York Terror attack 
Russia sharply expanding nuclear facilities
Russia and China aggressively expanding nuclear arsenal
Jihad is festering in America
N. Korea set to launch another missile this Sunday 
Kim Jong Un claims he can control the weather


Christians being persecuted in more ways than ever
Police seize Bibles during China church raid


Turkey's Erdogan seeks to lead Muslim alliance against Israel
Tensions high over Jerusalem: Gaza Rockets, airstrikes
Iran declares Trump's declaration hastens Israel's destruction 
US, Israel and Saudi Arabia working on new peace deal  
Netanyahu cites Bible to justify Jerusalem as the capital 
Abbas says US is no longer welcome in the peace process 
Muslims set to declare East Jerusalem the capital of Palestine

Signs in the Sky / Great Deception

Half of humanity believes in Aliens 
Interstellar comet entering our solar system could be of alien tech 
Geminid Meteor shower

Good news!

Christianity growing in Iran despite persecution

Have a great weekend, everyone!  Don't let the season stress you out. Just relax and remember to pour out your love on all those around you!


  1. Yes, we live in troubled times but our Father will have the last word.
    Praise God that Satan will always loose in the end.