Friday, December 29, 2017

Friday's Mad Mad World

Greetings priests and kings of the Most High! While we celebrated the birth of Jesus, the world continued on it's death spiral. However, remember we are NOT of this world. Our citizenship is in Heaven and soon, just like ambassadors called home before war breaks out, we will be called home. Never fear! Mighty angels watch over you and your family. 

Things that stood out to me:
  • Lots of earth groaning   (Romans 8:22)
  • Lots of weird UFO sightings and people claiming to be kidnapped by aliens
  • Liberal Big-Brother in the form of Twitter and Facebook silencing all alternate opinions 
  • We are heading toward war
  • Jerusalem is causing lots of problems on the world stage (Prophesied in the Bible)


The Earth is groaning and moaning!

Earliest Ice on Han River in South Korea in 71 years
Coldest Summer in Australia in 100 years
Typhoon hits Philippines 26 dead 23 missing 
Mysterious blog of hot rock building up under America's Northeast 
Thousands of dead fish without eyes washed up on Italian beach 
Earthquakes in Alabama and Vermont hit the New Madrid Fault 
Two earthquakes shake San Jose, CA! (That's me! I felt the 2nd one)

Sodom and Gomorrah

Palm Springs becomes first city in US where city council is ALL bi-sexual, gay, or trans
New rule forces Canadian employers to affirm liberal views on abortion and LBGTQ issues
New children's book portrays santa as gay and married to a man


Love grows cold

SUV plows into crowd in Australia 

Signs in the Sky

Ex-Navy pilot describes weird encounter with UFO
Demonic deception in the form of UFO's


Wisconsin priest tells congregation he's gay and he gets a standing ovation 
Swarthmore College offers a course in "Queering the Bible"


Hundreds of Muslims attack churches in Egypt
HOA asks Pennsylvania family to remove Christmas display of Jesus
Actor Stephen Baldwin says Hollywood rejects him for any parts because of his belief in Jesus 
Church in China faces eviction after much persecution

Wars and Rumors of Wars

N. Korean defector says they are ready to send nuclear-armed bombers into every city
Israel warns Hamas of upcoming attacks
China must prepare for imminent war with N. Korea
Atlanta airport blackout response tell terrorists we aren't prepared 
Could the US survive an EMP attack? 
Defense Secretary warns storm clouds are gathering over N. Korea 
Secret service holds first ever drill on WhiteHouse property 
UN Security council imposes tougher sanctions on N. Korea 
Christmas terror plot foiled in San Francisco
Top Marine general warns "War is coming"
ISIS threatens holiday attacks in Europe 
Trump must take action before Kim Jung Un unleases nuclear hell on America 
North Korean defector had anthrax antibodies in his blood

Big Brother/Tech/Mark of the Beast/NewWorldOrder

Twitter releases new Hate-speech guidelines 
Central banks might replace Bitcoin with fedcoin (can you say mark of the beast?)
Man wants to help people genetically modify themselves

Israel/Jerusalem is a cup of trembling for the nations (Zechariah 12:3)

US Vetos UN resolution to reverse Trump's Jerusalem proclamation 
Syrian army and Hezbollah advance closer to Israel border 
List of nations that came against Jerusalem at the UN vote

Good news

New discovery in Antarctica confirms Biblical Flood story 
Chick-fil-a feeds thousands during airport blackout 
Tenn McDonalds honors true meaning of Christmas with nativity display 
Judge rules that CA baker does NOT have to bake cakes for gay weddings! 
No matter what you think of Trump, he has put Jesus and prayer back in the White House

Have a wonderful New Years Weekend!!  And don't forget to look up just in case!

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