Friday, December 8, 2017

Friday's Mad Mad World!

Greetings, Watchmen for the return of the King!  Here's the latest news. Actually this is only a sampling of the prophetic happenings going on in the world today.  Glance over it. Watch. Pray. And be strong in the Lord and in His Might.  Remember we are only passing through this world. This is not our home. We are only God's ambassadors here for the time being.

The thing that struck me:
Trump declared Jerusalem as the capital of Israel!!  WOW this is hugely prophetic. Every since Israel became a country, not a single president has dared to do this. Even though we all know that Jerusalem IS the capital of Israel. It's been the capital of Israel for thousands of years!  This is huge, folks. Keep your eye on Israel. It is where everything started and where everything will end. It is where our Lord was born and where He will soon return. Exciting times!


Israel makes second strike near Damascus
Israel bombs Iranian base in Syria 
Hamas says Trump has opened the gates of hell  
Palestinians say that recognition of Jerusalem is akin to declaration of war 
Arab world prepares response to Trump declaring Jerusalem as the capital of Israel


The Red Cross orders branches to remove crosses  (Hmm. Isn't it called the Red Cross?)
Man shot dead with Bible in his hand preaching the Gospel to his killer
Entire Christian families arrested in Eritrea for praying 
While we await a ruling on gay cakes, India Christians are being shot to death 
Scouts told to stop praying before meals 
Atheist billboard campaign calls church "fake news" 
Mom says her teen was bullied for her faith before she committed suicide

Evil/Immorality/Culture/Civil unrest

Number of kids in Foster care rises for 4th consecutive year


Born again Christians in decline: only a minority believe they must share the Gospel

Signs in the Sky

World's longest lasting rainbow appears in sky over Taiwan 
Double sonic boom heard over area 51
Super blood moon in January

Wars and Rumors of Wars

Peninsula on brink of WW3. N. Korea furious at US drills
N. Korea says US threats make war unavoidable
US Troops put on high alert after Trump embassy announcement
Erdogan calls for emergency summit meeting on Jerusalem
War with N. Korea could cause massive loss of life
Netanyahu: We must act against Iran now! 
Russian orthodox warns of end times apocalypse 
US B-1 Bombers fly over Korea in joint exercise 
Islamic plot to assassinate British PM failed 
Russia and China building space weapons to target US sattelites 
Attack sirens blare across Hawaii--first time since cold war

High Tech/Big Bro/Mark of the Beast/Gov Corruption

China calls for tighter control of the internet
58 Democrats vote to impeach Trump 
Google's supercomputer creates its own AI child

Sodom and Gomorrah

Scouting organization in the UK will allow boys to shower with girls
Your child can access pornography on Netflix 
University drops "freshman" label because it's offensive


CA wildfires destroy thousands of homes
US faces nightmare flu season 
Bali's menacing volcano rumbles, Scientists watch 
San Diego opens giant tent to handle Hepatitis outbreak 
Over 100 Earthquakes struck our planet just last week!

Good news!

1.7 million rally for Christ in crusade
Cross stands firm amongst raging flames all around 
NFL player stays on field to pray for opponent after hard loss 
Trump proclaims that Jesus is the reason for the season!

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