Friday, January 5, 2018

Friday's Mad Mad World!

Greetings Warrior Princes and Princesses of the Most High!  We are one week closer to seeing our Lord. 2017 was a hugely prophetic year and 2018 promises to be even more so. Jesus said that when things started to happen they would happen quickly and with more intensity. (Like labor pains of a pregnant woman)

What stood out to me? Earthquakes, mainly because I'm feeling a lot of them here in California. I was here for the big quake in 1989 and I remember it well, but since then we really haven't felt much of anything until recently. Now we are getting lots of tremors. If the big one hits and I get swept into the ocean, don't worry about me. I'll see you all in heaven!  

Earth Groaning - Earthquakes/Storms/Pestilence/Famines

Spain hit by 3 Earthquakes within hours
Sub-freezing temps hit northeastern US
Niagara falls frozen while frozen sharks sweep up on Cape Cod Beach
Flu widespread in 36 states 
Hospitals put on alert after worst flu strain in 50 years sweeps across Britain 
Geologists predict 2018 will be the year of monster quakes 
Scientists warn the earth could plunge into a mini-ice age (Goodbye Global Warming!)
1 dead, 65,000 without power in France after storm
Mt. St. Helens is rumbling again with 40 earthquakes since New Years Day
Life threatening storm Ava to hit Madagascar

Wars and Rumors of Wars

N. Korea says it will continue to prepare for nuclear attacks
South Korea seizes 2nd ship illegally bringing oil to North Korea 
US gives Israel go-ahead to take out powerful Iranian general
US withholds millions of aid to Pakistan
Trump threatens to cut off aid to Palestinian authority.  
Turkey's descent into Islamic dictatorship 
World War 3 Tweet 
Kim Jung Un will lauch largest ICBM on N. Korea's 70th anniversary

Distress of Nations

Iran unraveling with internal protests


Swedish church pushes for neutral gender references to Jesus
Many Protestants now believe like Catholics 
Free masonry ceremony in Baptist church 
Mennonnite church leaves denomination over position on Homosexuality
Progressive Christianity is as much a threat to your kids as atheism


New Years Eve church shooting kills at least 14 
Facebook shuts down "Warriors for Christ" for pro-family message

Big Brother/Tech/Mark of the Beast/OneWorldOrder

Facebook makes wrong censorship call almost half the time
Canada obsessed with Islamophobia 
French President announces law against fake news

Signs in the Sky

Super Blood Moon will rise at the end of January 
Very bright slow moving fireball seen across UK by hundreds
How the signs in the sky confirm Scriptures End Times roadmap

Culture of Immorality and Evil

California goes to Pot
A new plan in England to make it easier than ever to end your marriage 
Planned parenthood plans new "My body, my choice" license plates 
UNESCO produces Lion idol, the consort of the goddess of adultry


Top ten insane actions of the UN against Israel in 2017

 Good News!

Archaeologists find 2700 year old governor's seal of Jerusalem
32,000 Millennials are ascending on Atlanta and DC to worship Jesus 
Something else is happening in Iran and it's good news! 

Have a Great Weekend! And stay warm!

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  1. Thank you so much for the updates.
    Yes, I have seen and/ or heard many of these, even though I am not a news watcher.
    As I have said before, we are indeed living in a society gone crazy and God, our Father will have the last word.
    Praise be to him for his faithful, who keep us grounded in his word.