Friday, January 12, 2018

Friday's Mad Mad World!

Greetings precious children of the Most High!  Here we are again at the end of another week, and here is another batch of only some of the prophetic news happenings around the world.

Of note
  • Facebook seems to be growing in power and hence dictating to people what they can and cannot say. Beware of these powerful, rich companies like FB, Google, Twitter.... restricting your rights and trying to silence people of Faith. 
  • Is the earth groaning or what? FREEZING temps and lots of volcanoes and earthquakes!
Buckle up, 2018 seems like it's going to be a crazy year. Buckle up and keep looking up!


A new generation of Satanists on the rise
Burning Man announces new centerpiece - temple of the Greek Goddess 

Sodom and Gomorrah

4 reasons to worry about transgender activism
Washington State allows third gender option on birth certificates. Insanity
Transgender movement targets kids with drag club for children 
Planned Parenthood now offering sex changes

Wars and Rumors of Wars

By 2040 Muslims will outnumber Jews in the US
Do not criticize Islam or else
US jets intercept Russian fighters near Baltics
CDC briefing to be about preparation for nuclear war
US Deploys 3 B-2 Stealth bombers to Guam in message to N. Korea

Big Brother/Global Government

Russia and China gold standard means the end of US dollar dominance
New push for EU superstate 
Facebook Recognition AI will use your biometrics against you 
Is AI the mark of the beast?


Gideons can no longer offer Free Bibles at Kansas Elementary School
Facebook shut down pastor's page for hate speech 
Former teacher has certificates suspended for speaking out against homosexuality on FB 
Chinese Christians under extreme pressure 
Chinese authorities set to detonate bombs to destroy churches

The earth is groaning!

Freak Snow storm in the Sahara Desert!
Snow Armageddon in Spain and Italy
2017 the most Costly disaster year on record
Wind chill at Mt. Washington -90 degrees. BRRR
Killer flu epidemic
Strong quakes hit San Francisco and Mt. St. Helens and more expected
Iran hit with yet another quake. This one a 5.1
Indiana flu deaths triple in one week
Severe flu brings medicine shortages, packed ERs, and rising death toll in CA 
CA earthquake rattled 9.8 million people
Outbreaks of Hepatitus at 6 Detroit restaurants 
7.8 Earthquake strikes Honduras
Earth's volcanoes are waking up! 
California flooding death toll near 17, 100 homes destroyed 
100's of boiled rats fall from the sky in Australian heat wave


Ancient Biblical Jerusalem remained hidden until this recent find
Students face fine for waving Israeli flag at Pro-palestinian rally

Good News!

400 year old Bible survived War, Fire, and even being used as Toilet Paper!
Sick of Facebook trying to silence Christians? Join Social Cross, Similar to FB but for Believers!  I joined!

Have a blessed and joyful weekend!


  1. Thank you, again for keeping us updated on world events and Christians ate being effected by the events.
    We can always count on you for the truth.

    1. Thanks Evelyn... I just pass on info I find from reliable sources. Blessings!

  2. Dear MaryLu, The list keeps getting longer and more bizarre each week. I had not heard of the snow storm in the Saharrah Desert! But then I haven't heard of half of what you have listed for us! It just keeps getting worse. We have a choice on what we see, read and believe-- but our young impressional children are being led to believe in the falsehood of eviliness . Who gave them -- the new generation of sodom and Gomorrah - the right to corrupt our young children's mind with filth. Please excuse my outrage-- our pure children - oh God keep them safe and pure. I believe you are right--the year 2018 is going to be a year of years. Not only should we look up-- but read God's word, pray , keep His word memorized and close to our heart. Be open with God's word to those who don't know Him and be the salt and the light to those around you!, I pray for the missing people in California and to be with all that have lost their homes. I pray that the eyes of the hearts of those around us will once again seek you Jesus. I pray that those who call you Savior-- will be that light for those who need you.
    I pray God for all those everywhere who call you Father-- will be kept from harm and persecution in their country and this I pray in your Name above all Names, Jesus Christ!

    1. Elsie, like you, I become enraged at what they are doing to our precious young. Indoctrinating them into immorality. It's scary. I agree with all your admonitions and add my Amen to them!

  3. With respect to the archeological finds in Jerusalem, I suspect that the Ark of the Covenant will be produced and that this may be the catalyst for starting Temple services and sacrifices again. I have a friend who introduced me to the Book of 2nd Baruch aka "The Apocalypse of Baruch" wherein the Temple treasures and Ark were concealed until the End Time just before or at Daniel's 70th Week. It's an interesting read for sure. My head was spinning. Thanks for the update. We are so close!

    1. Thanks, Look Up! Finding the Ark would certainly cause a lot of excitement. I could see it leading to the temple being rebuilt!