Friday, January 19, 2018

Friday's Mad Mad World!

Greetings, exceedingly precious children of the Most High! Here we are again at the end of another week. Egad, do things seem to be spiraling faster and faster out of control?

Of special note:
  • Bitcoin. I don't quite understand it but it's a new tech way of buying and selling things without banks. (Remind you of the mark of the beast?)
  • More censorship from monster companies. Are we losing our freedom of speech?
  • Major Flu outbreak across the US !
  • Apostasy among those who call themselves Christians. 


Big Brother/Tech/Mark of the Beast

Top Tech firms creating robots with a billion times the brain power of humans
Conservatives battle Tech giants over censorship 
Amazon plans to put a camera and microphone in every bedroom 
How and Why the Media is deliberately deceiving you 
Preparing the way for the Mark of the Beast: Bitcoin and Bible Prophecy 
12 people given citations for sharing food with the homeless in CA

Earth groaning! (Earthquakes, storms, volcanoes, pestilences, famines)

Isaiah prophecy fulfilled as more snow falls in the Sahara desert
California faces a flu epidemic like they've never seen before
New Flu Strains coming. 
Children banned from hospitals as deadly flu spreads 
Eye-bleeding fever strikes 2nd country 
Alabama declares state of emergency over flu epidemic
Two shallow earthquakes strike Vancouver Island within minutes
12,000 flee as lava oozes from Philippine volcano 
7.3 Earthquake strikes outside Peru 
Deadly cold weather shatters records in US South - 10 dead


Israel about to strike weapons depot in Damascus


Wars and Rumors of Wars

Pentagon suggests countering Cyber attacks with nuclear arms
Pope warns we are at the limit of a nuclear war 
Palestinians celebrate murder 
Russia carries out massive military drill

Signs in the Sky

Asteroid the size of a 7-story building to buzz earth next week
Geomagnetic storm to hit US this Saturday 
Michigan residents experience an earthquake causing meteor strike 


Man endures 13 years of extreme torture because he would not deny Jesus
Woman who gave testimony on how to resist same sex attraction is receiving death threats 
Pastor in India dragged, beaten, and threatened with death for not renouncing Jesus
New Law in Bolivia criminalizes evangelism for up to 12 years in prison
Chinese Christians must choose to worship the State or Jesus 
Media continues to ignore worldwide Christian persecution 
Facebook blocks funding for major pro-life movie 
Christians from Egypt, India, and Vietnam detail the persecution they face 
Sheriff's office in Louisiana removes FB posts with Scriptures in them after complaint

Violence increases/Love grows cold

15 injured in violent knife attack at Russian school
Food riots rip through Venezuela 
Planned Parenthood releases report. It murdered 321,384 innocent babies in 2017. 

Sodom and Gomorrah

Man undergoes 167 Gender transformation surgeries but peace still eludes him
Should you be able to select your own child's sex
Are skirts the next men's fashion trend?
Convicted army private, Bradly Manning, who used to be a man, makes a run for the senate (you can't make this stuff up)
British GIRLS school bans teachers from calling students girls.  huh?
School agrees to pay 800,000to student born female when she was denied access to boy's bathroom. 
Kids at a middle school in Missouri are asked on a survey about their gender identity


Prominent Texas church embraces homosexuality
Popular charismatic website promotes heresy and New Age 
Your kids can spend 600 hours in church and not get much out of it 
"Destiny readings" Australian Christian group uses New Age practices
Thousands are converting to Jediism 
Why is it difficult to tell a Christian from a Non-Christian

Good news!

President Trump declares religious freedom day! 
Science confirms the Bible: Sexual sin is against your own body

 If you've come across this article and you wonder why I've listed everything above under the different categories, it's because the Bible prophesied thousands of years ago that these events would happen AND they would happen right before the return of Jesus.

Don't know Jesus? Want to be adopted into the Kingdom of the Most High?

Have a great weekend!


  1. Link to article about charismatic website and heresy doesn't work. Send me to a Compassion child plea. Did you hear about Canadian Prime Min. Trudeau's new arm twisting? He won't allow anyone to receive govt funding for summer workers unless the org attests they are pro-abortion! This has brought all faiths together, talking about what they can do about the outrageous blackmail. Wow, it just keeps getting worse. Good thing we have HOPE, an assurance not a faint wish.

    1. Wow.. I knew Trudeau was super-liberal.. just didn't realize he had the power to deny gov funding based on religious belief. How sad our world is becoming... but yes, we know how the story ends and it's a great ending!

  2. Absolutely atrocious. This is a scary world we live in.
    I've often wondered how one can call themselves a pastor, yet they blatantly disregard the word of God. No wonder many people find it difficult to find a soul cleansing church home.
    Yes, God is our only hope and our true foundation.
    We are not long for this earth as we know it. The day of reckoning is fast approaching and only those who know Jesus will find peace.
    The signs are very visible.
    Thank you, MaryLu, for always speaking the truth.

    1. Thanks for coming by, Evelyn! I'm feeling more and more like an alien on this earth.

  3. My heart became very heavy reading all of these horrible things. Like Evelyn said, we are not of this world and I long for Jesus in my true home. Lord please come quickly!!

    1. I'm sorry if the news depressed you. When I get that feeling, I remember that God is on the throne and He's coming soon to set all things right. Blessings!