Friday, January 26, 2018

Friday's Mad Mad World!

Greetings, Royal Warriors of the Most High!  Has it already been another week? Time seems to be dashing by, doesn't it? Here's the latest batch of crazy news. I pray God's blessing on each and every one of you, and that you will feel peace and great joy, knowing He's coming for you soon!

Of note
  • The earth is trembling, folks. Oh my! I've felt several quakes here in CA in the past few months
  • Turkey and it's dictator Erdogan are up to something, and it ain't good. Have you ever noticed how much he looks like Hitler?
  • A Rare Super Blue Blood Moon to appear on January 31st (not seen for 150 years) 


Christians thrown in jail for being in an "evil cult" in China
Video report: Christian persecution surges
Where is the most dangerous place to live for Christians?
Atheists target Ben Carson for holding Bible Studies at the White House 
"Will and Grace" show blasphemes apostles as Gay Best Friends
Texas school district wages war on Teenage Christian cheerleaders

The Earth Groans

7.9 Quake strikes south of Alaska, sparks fears 
Heavy dust storm envelops Middle East, turning sky red
34,000 evacuated around Mt. Mayon in the Philippines as it continues to erupt
6.5 Quake strikes off Mexico coast 
Flu-related deaths on the rise 
Earthquake swarm along the coast of Australia 
More earthquakes strike along the Ring of Fire
6.2 quake strikes Japan
Man warns of the BIG ONE hitting US West Coast in March. (Yikes, that's me!)
Fears rise for another eruption from Mt. St. Helens 
Flu virus mutates, causing fear of global pandemic 
Alaskan earthquake sparks fears for countries along ring of fire 
Japan volcano erupts after 35 years of calm, killing at least 1 

Wars and Rumors of Wars

Turkish army advances into Syria
Two explosions rock mall in Florida 
Iran threatens US Navy ships amid massive war drills
CIA says Trump may consider preemptive strike on N. Korea
Turkish invasion of Syria could cause war with Russia 
Russian spy ship spotted off North Carolina coast

Signs in the Sky

Rare Super Blue Blood Moon Eclipse on Jan 31st
Michigan Meteors were seen by a Pastor in a dream a month before they happened 
Massive object, hundreds of miles long, spotted on NASA feed before being cut


Franklin Graham says Darkness is spreadin
What the Satanic temple is up to now 
Kentucky School shooting. 2 Dead 

Sodom and Gomorrah

Sex robots to procreate


Pence says embassy will move to Jerusalem by end of 2019
Trump's Peace Plan for Israel won't work 
EU promises to back Abbas's demand for Jerusalem

Tech/Mark of the Beast/Global Government

Amazon is one step closer to having us all chipped
Congress pushing for national biometric id 
Possible Market crash in 2018? 
Self-driving cars could leave one-third of population jobless


Vatican hires LBGTQ activist company to create and run internet news platform
The Atheist minister and the congregation who support her 
Kenneth Copeland acquires new jet and seeks offerings to help maintain it 
The percentage of Teenagers who identify as Atheist is double that of the general population

Good news!

Iranian Muslim encounters Jesus, leads 1500 Muslims to Christ!
Shroud of Turin: Evidence of Jesus's resurrection! 
Bill to support "In God we Trust" in schools gains ground
Last remaining remnants of Dead Sea Scrolls translated

 Behold, I am coming quickly! Hold fast what you have, that no one may take your crown.

Revelation 3:11 


  1. Terrifying, yet comforting. Renewed my Drivers License the other day and the girl told me I was good for 8 years. I told her if the good Lord let's this world ladt that long.
    Sometimes I believe Christians are gaining ground, then I see something else against God's commandments that our justices are backing.
    Someone asked me in a comment a few days ago, 'what has God got to do with it'. Scary, when someone asks that.

    1. You're so right! What did the girl at the DVM say? LOL. Yes, there is light growing beside the darkness... well until we are taken out of here. "What has God got to do with it?" Everything!