Friday, February 2, 2018

Friday's Mad Mad World!

Greetings Precious children of the Most High!  Here we go again!  More crazy headlines you won't see on mainstream news. For instance, did you know that our Congress voted NO on banning abortions after 20 weeks?  I had to look it up to find out what happened. That's a baby who is 5 months old in the womb.  This is a picture of a 20 week old fetus

Are you serious? Who would not ban murdering this innocent child? I'm enraged.

Anyway, other things that stood out to me.

  • The earth is groaning and moaning, folks.  I've never seen the likes of it in my lifetime.
  • Also, thousands of Iranians and Indians coming to Christ! Check it out in the Good news section.   The light grows alongside the dark! 

The Earth groans!

California hit by Quake spike in 3 days!
Earthquake rocks Japan as Ring of fire on high alert
More than 50,000 deaths expected from this recent flu virus
Schools in 11 states close due to Flu
CDC: This flu season worse than 2009 Swine Flu pandemic
Two huge earthquakes strike in Atlantic
River of hail fills dams to overflowing in South Africa
Animals freeze solid after temps drop to -68 in Kazakhstan 
Paris floods: 1500 evacuated
More snow in the Sahara desert. 
First snow in 50 years leaves Morocco  paralyzed
Major Volcano cluster eruption imminent in Japan
Russian River turns blood red 
6.1 Earthquake strikes Afghanistan


Netanyahu warns Putin. Israel will stop Iranian expansion.
Rabbis claim that recent Lunar Eclipse that coincided with holiday Tu B'Shvat means end of Ismael's reign


US congress votes that it is all right to kill babies in the womb over 20 weeks old. 
We should all cross-breed with Apes

Wars and Rumors of Wars

Russian jet flies within 5 feet of US Navy plane
War is brewing between Israel and Lebanon 
Pentagon: Russia and China soon able to destroy US Sattelites
US Army chief warns of N. Korean missile launch within days.
Another failed US navy ballistic Missile intercept test. Yikes!
Trump says North Korea's reckless pursuit of nuclear weapons could soon threaten US

Big Brother/Mark of the Beast/Tech/Global Gov

Germany returns to a Stasi Police State as it puts huge censorship on social media
Ford developing AI-driven car to catch speeders 
Facebooks new campaign to combat "fake" news

Sodom and Gomorrah

Female student in Florida (who identifies as a male) sues to use men's locker room


Kids in US schools being taught that Muslims and Christians worship the same God

Signs in the Sky

Fireball brighter than the moon seen over southern Spain
Mysterious group of UFO's seen in 3 locations in US


Atheist group forces California school to cancel trip to Christian camp
4 dead after Islamist Terrorists set churches ablaze in Cameron 
Atheist group forces school in New Mexico to remove crosses 
Wife of Iranian Pentecostal leader sentenced to 5 years in prison for praying

Good News

Anne Graham Lotz event in India draws 500,000, multitude saved!
Millions within Iran watching Christian Satellite TV! 
Sequel to The Passion of Christ, coming this spring


  1. Dear MaryLu, sickness and busyness has kept me from posting lately and 2 of the". " Lets stop Elsie from commenting--- throw confusion and disrupt her thought." Well - I am grinding that slime bucket into the ground. Get thee behind me - the God of All surrounds me and I belong to Him". MaryLu , I can feel your passion of keeping us aware and I for one --am very thankful!
    It seems when you think you have heard everything - something else pops up. I have never understood killing that precious life with in. Even before I was a believer I was always for -no abortion -- having a still born from having twins , four miscarriages -- losing a baby is and was very hard . I did manage to have 5 children. I cannot fathom choosing to -get rid -of that precious gift of life. 20 weeks how horrible. Our world is being tossed and turned with unheard of dangerous weather in places that has never had snow. Freezing and trembling of the earth and fires and storms that are devouring our world. If things are unbelievable to those who know the outcome, what of the ones who don't know? Our family members and friends- what is it going to take to make them realize-- that we are living in a disastrous time--and please turn to God-- save yourself by seeking God. If you don't know how I will take you hand and help you -- If ever the world needs Jesus Christ it is now-- Come before it is too late!
    So again thank you for your obedience and getting out the word to us. When things go wrong in a place of employment- they always say--" Back to the Drawing Board-- ". that is what we all need to do -- Go back to our drawing board -- the Bible-God's Drawing Board. Blessings to you and yours. And yes I am still looking up!!!

    1. Elsie, I'm so sorry you've been ill. I'm lifting up a prayer for you now to be healed from head to toe! Yes and Amen regarding Abortion! And absolutely, let's get back to God's drawing board. It's the only solution to the mess we have created! Blessings!

  2. These frightening times in which we find ourselves. Scary, to be sure but we can't say we weren't forewarned.
    I've believed for many years that our God has had enough and knew the answer was not going to be pretty.
    When we were being told that pornography and homosexuality were simply another lifestyle, I knew we were headed down a dangerous path.
    Prayer was removed from our schools and students were punished for having a Bible in their possession.
    Now we are being told not to tell children they are male or female, to let them decide for themselves. Public figures are being hailed for their courage in changing their bodies from male to female and visa versi.
    Immorality is running rampant.
    I, too, have always opposed abortion. There are alternatives to murder.
    We sentence folks to either life in prison or death for killing someone, yet murdering a precious child in the womb is okay. Not only a violation of God's law but a double standard on murder.
    How can these politicians live with this decision?
    Yes, Elsie is right, it is time to return to the drawing board, to the only manual we have that can be trusted - God's word, the Bible.
    I pray for all in need of His grace, forgiveness and love.
    I thank you, MaryLu, for your tireless efforts to keep us informed.
    God is an ever presence in our times of struggles. That is a promise from Him.

    1. One interesting note is that if someone kills a woman carrying a child, they are charged with a double homicide. Why then, is it okay for a woman to go murder her own child? That never made sense to me.
      thanks for coming by and bringing me encouragement, Evelyn! Blessings!