Friday, February 16, 2018

Friday's Mad Mad World!

Greetings, Precious children and warriors of the Most High. Yes, that's what you are, whether you feel like you are or not. Why? Because the fact that you are here reading this means you are one of the few believers actually watching for our Lord's return and are excited about it!  Which means you are probably a prayer warrior and in love with Jesus! 
Here's the latest and greatest of our sad world's condition. Don't let it alarm you!

Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might.  Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand. Ephesians 6

Things that stood out to me
  • Persecution against Christians is rising fast
  • The Gog-Magog coming war in the Middle East will soon be upon us
  • The Apostasy of our modern church is astounding
  • The horrific and senseless shooting in South Florida. (My family lives only miles from this school and my nephew knows one of the victims. My sister in law tells me the entire community is beyond distraught, horrified, and grieving. I grew up in this area and it has really hit me hard. This issue goes much deeper than gun control... this is spiritual issue in a war that we cannot see.. a war that is ramping up in the spirit realm. Please pray!)
And as I mentioned on Facebook, I keep hearing from officials and newscasters and police that they are praying for the families and victims. (Which is, of course, wonderful)  But didn't we take prayer out of school? Why is it acceptable to pray for them now, after the fact? Perhaps if we had kept prayer in school, we wouldn't have to pray for these victims at all because there wouldn't be any.

Israel - Gog/Magog coming war

Trump tells Putin, now is the time for peace between Palestinians and Israel
Damascus warns Israel of "more surprises" in Syria  (check out what happens to Damascus in Isaiah 17)
Russia, Turkey and Iran discuss meeting on Syria (the players listed in Ezekiel 38)
Israel preparing for major war in the middle east
Four hours of conflict: Iran, Israel, Syria
Russia warns Israel to show restraint with Iran. War imminent 
Israeli jet downed by anti-aircraft fire after bombing an Iranian missile site in Syria 
Israel fears chemical weapons spilling over from Assad regime 
Israeli prime minister Netanyahu faces possible indictments 
Israel is fighting a 5-front war

Sodom and Gomorrah

Walgreens announces new transgender bathroom policy

Big Brother/Tech/Global Gov

A.I will be billions times smarter than humans and we need to merge with it
New wave of crackdowns on toxic posts on Facebook 
Scientists grow human eggs to full maturity outside the womb 
Amazon moves into healthcare industry
Climate change activists go after large families
Death of Democracy in Europe. Rise of Islam
The Fake news crusade to protect you from free speech

Wars and Rumors of Wars

Army conducts drills with robots that shoot 
China threatens to take action if India sends troops to stricken Maldives

Earth groans! Earthquakes, Pestilences, Famines, Storms

Largest hailstone recorded lands in Argentina during massive storm
Flu is causing 1 in 10 American deaths and its climbing.
Scientist warn of an unusually cold sun
Record snow hits Japan, Kills 7 and traps 1400  
Increasing snowfall in the Sahara desert! 
Yellowstone volcano under strain as experts find magma chamber under pressure

Signs in the Sky

NASA discovers more than 1000 life-ending asteroids close to Earth
NASA to investigate 10,000 year old rock that shows paintings of UFOs

Evil Immorality violence

UN seeks to redefine "life" to justify deaths of the innocent (the unborn and disabled)
Pagan rituals of the Olympic celebrations
17 Dead and several injured in Florida High School shooting  
3 injured in school shooting in Maryland



Churches who affirm LBGTQ add rainbow glitter to Ash Wednesday
Megachurch pastor under fire for his 250K car 
Video on the Apostate church. Please watch if you have time.


Scripture signs removed from High School Choir room following complaint
Women on "The View" warn Mike Pence's faith is a dangerous mental illness 
Pastor faces death threats for offering to help a teen  struggling with homosexuality 
9 churches burned to the ground in Nigeria
Teacher fired for saying "God loves you"
LBGTQ protestors shut down invited talk at college by Christian radio host and author
Christian evangelism faces new challenges as anti-conversion laws spread
Teacher fired for Biblical views loses her Discrimination lawsuit
16,000 Christians dead in Nigeria in less than 3 years 
Ken Ham event at Oklahoma university cancelled due to LBGT complaint but they are sponsoring a Drag Queen and safe-sex carnival 
You might be considered a terrorist if this new bill passes

Good News!

Angels watched over mother who wandered in the woods after a near-fatal car wreck 
Trump at National Prayer breakfast: America needs faith in God to be a great nation
Have NASA Scientists discovered Heaven 6 Quadrillion miles away? 
Bermuda reverses decision on legalizing same-sex marriage 
Demons laughed at this man when he spoke Scripture outloud  (I know, doesn't sound like good news, but read it, it is!)

Have a very blessed weekend and don't forget to keep looking up!


  1. Very good read here today. It worries me how much power this small group (LBGT) is gaining and how far our government is going to appease them, yet our government seems to be doing less for the majority.
    It also concerns me that parents aren't staying on top of their children's interests and allowing them to do as they please. Parents are trying to be their child's friend, not the responsible parent to a gift so precious as a child. Without proper guidance, how are children supposed to become responsible and respectful? They won't.
    Yes, it is a crying shame that we are instructed to pray for these victims after such a horrific incident but prayer is not allowed in schools. That is way backwards.
    I believe that removing prayer from school from was the beginning of this downward spiral that is so evident today.
    And for those women to call our Vice President mentally ill for his faith and crack jokes about it is, in my opinion, reprehensible. They owe him an apology but I doubt that will ever happen.
    I am happy for the many folks who have stood up to tell her how wrong she is. Yes, God is alive, well and working. That is indeed good news.
    Thanks for being willing to put all this information out here for us.

  2. Friday is my favorite day because of you post. Thank you for your hard work putting it together. That was an awesome article about the lady from here in Birmingham. Truly a miracle.

    1. You're welcome, Patricia! Thank you for coming by. :-)

  3. Amen! Thank you MaryLu Tyndall for this inspiring, yes it is inspiring despite the troubling news it has, Jesus IS returning!!