Friday, February 23, 2018

Friday's Mad Mad World!

Greetings, precious warriors of the Most High!  Sorry to report another week of crazy, insane, and evil news items that were all predicted in the Bible and some by Jesus Himself thousands of years ago. We really live in exciting times!. Think about it. Christians for thousands of years have been looking for the signs that we see today. Yes, some have falsely predicted when the Lord would come, but I guarantee they didn't have the incredible convergence of signs that are currently happening. In particular, Israel being back in their land. You see after Jesus comes for His church, God turns His attention back to His people, Israel, for one final period of 7 years.  The time of Jacob's trouble. Jeremiah 30:7. 

Anyway of note this week:

  • Billy Graham's death. I wish I could have witnessed the party they threw in Heaven for Billy when he arrived!  What a great man he was. There have been many prophecies over the years which  have said that the rapture will happen close to the time of Billy Graham's death. 
  • Tensions rising between Israel and Iran and Syria!
  • Christian persecution seems to be getting worse and worse
  • Lots of earthquakes and Yellowstone is threatening to erupt


Netanyahu states he WILL act against Iran, not just her allies in the region as Iran increases its presence in the middle east
Israeli troops kill 2 in Gaza after a blast wounds soldiers 
Petition to raise Israeli flag on Temple Mount signed by Israeli minister 
With new peace plan in the works, President Trump plans to pressure Israel 
Hezbollah threatens Israel 
Israeli airforce strikes 6 targets in Gaza after border attack 
Hezbollah could fire 500,000 rockets at Israel 
Lebanon threatens all out war against Israel! 
Israel and Iran face off in Munich over the fate of the Middle East 
Iran's war intensifies with Israel

Signs in the Sky

FAA tapes prove UFO incident that sent F-16's scrambling

Wars and Rumors of Wars

American Flag torn down and replaced by ISIS flag in Utah High School as warning War is coming
Iran unveils new ballistic missiles 
Russia tests new anti-missile system amid NATO tensions 
Admiral warns US must prepare for possibility of war with China 
Iran threatens to flatten Tel Aviv if Israel strikes 
US Navy sends ships to Black Sea  to desensitive Russia
Russia deploys new generation fighter to Syria which is a problem for our F-22
Hundreds killed as war with Syria grows more complex


Mom in North Carolina jailed for baptizing her 2 year old daughter 
Women on "The View" think it's a mental illness if Jesus talks to you. I know I posted this last week but it still astounds me. By their definition, I'm definitely mentally deranged.
Hundreds of Millions (Yes millions) of Christians are facing persecution across the world
Teacher receives 3 year suspension for calling homosexuality a sin on facebook 
Kentucky school district "alters evidence" of discrimination against Christian club 
Atheist force school to remove musical Bible quotes
The most severe crackdown on churches in China in decades
Atheist group demands removal of courthouse Scripture mural 
Apple Updates to Iphone removes Easter from Calendar

High Tech/Big Brother/Global Gov

Artificial intelligence and the Coming Global Government
Scientists create sheep-human hybrids 
Human beings on the brink of achieving immortality by 2050. (We are already immortal, silly Scientists!)

The Earth groans!  Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Famines, Pestilences

Officials warn intense flu season will continue 
Earthquake swarm under a volcano on the Canary islands
A month's worth of rain in an hour flooded Rio de Janiero
Earthquake cluster strikes Pacific rim of fire 
Britain hit by earthquake as people report violent shaking in homes
7.2 Earthquake strikes Mexico City
Wild and unusual weather coming to the USA 
Worried Scientists log 200 grumbles at Yellowstone mega volcano 
Earthquake swam in Iceland continues 2000 quakes in 4 days 
2nd earthquake in 3 days shakes Mexico

Violence/Evil/Love grows cold

Nikolas Cruz says "Demons" told him how to kill students at the Florida high school
PA student charged in planning on shooting up a high school graduation

Sodom and Gomorrah

Children will be indoctrinated with this LBGTQ propaganda
Parents lose custody of daughter for opposing transgender medical treatments


Florida pastor arrested in prostitution sting
Pastor robs Sunday School teacher at church 

Good news!

Archaologists prove existence of the prophet Isaiah
25,000 people call ABC to complain about The View bashes Christianity

Time is running out. If you don't have a relationship with Jesus, then you are walking in darkness. There is a reality outside of this world that is more real than you can imagine. (Think the Matrix).  Jesus loves you and died for you so that you could be set free from the deceptions of this world and spend eternity in a place so wonderful, words cannot describe. If you want to know how to be saved. Click Here.


  1. I'm reminded of 2 Timothy 3:1-9, which outlines all the things happening in this world today.
    It is scary living on this planet but Christians can rejoice in the knowledge this is not our home, we are just passing through.
    Christ Jesus is simply waiting for word from the Father to take His children home. What a day of celebration that will be.

  2. Yes, indeed, What a wonderful day that will be. I am beyond excited. See you up there, Evelyn!