Friday, March 2, 2018

Friday's Mad Mad World!

Greetings, precious watchers!  I call you watchers because if you're reading this post and especially if you keep coming back, then you are among the 1% of Christians who are actually actively watching and hoping for Jesus to return soon. And by doing so, you are obeying both the Lord's command and the command of nearly every one of the Apostles.

Things that stood out to me this week
Things are heating up in Israel and Russia is making threats
Floods, earthquakes, storms, and weird stuff

But the main thing is that there is a bill being considered in Delaware and other states whereby if a student "identifies" as a different gender or race, the school will encourage their transition and quite possibly NOT tell the parents. I listened to a principal of one of the schools last night on the news, and he said that if they deemed that the parents would not agree and would cause the student stress, then they would not tell them.  Mind you, they are the ones even putting these immoral ideas into children's heads.  This is elementary school.  Don't send your kids to public school. This is insanity!


Israel has successfully tested it's Arrow-3 Missile defense System
US to move embassy to Jerusalem on Israel's 70th Independence day! (Talk about prophetic implications)
USA gives Lion of Judah statue to Israel
US troops and IDF prepare for drill to simulate massive missile attack on Israel (Think Gog-Magog)
South Africa to cut all ties with Israel 
Hamas and Fatah unite against Trump peace plan
Palestinian indoctrination has raised a generation of hate 

Earth Groans - Earthquakes/floods/pestilence/famines/etc..

Widespread flooding strikes US Midwest and south
The world's largest lakes are drying up 
7.5 Earthquake strikes Papua, New Guinea 
Rome blanketed by snow, record low temps
Thousands of fish die in Argentina
River in Lebanon turns red
16 earthquakes rattle San Francisco Bay area after 60 earthquakes hit Danville last week
Doctors say superbugs set to kill more people than cancer 
Nor'easter to become a bomb cyclone

Tech/Global Government/Mark of the Beast

Fake Facebook Profile entraps Pro-lifers
Creepy World Government summit targets America and Freedom 
Infowars You tube channel is about to be banned 
Communism and Socialism gaining ground in America


The fight against Eugenic abortion (killing babies with defects)
California could be first state to require college campuses to provide abortion pill

Sodom and Gomorrah

Delaware schools push to allow kids to choose own race and gender without parental knowledge
Lesbian couple sue Trump when they are rejected as foster parents for refugee kids
Purdue University tells students to stop using sexist "man" words

Wars and Rumors of Wars

North Korea ready for both dialogue and war
Israel and Iran on a collision course over Syria
Russian deploys advanced stealth jets in Syria with a warning to Israel
US, Russia, and China battle for hypersonic dominance  
Satellite images reveal new Iranian military bases near Damascus 
UN links North Korea to Syria's chemical weapons program.
Russia develops unstoppable nuclear missile

Signs in the Sky

US and Israeli astronomers may have found mysterious dark matter
Bright fireball lights up the skies over Chili 


Church holds "renaming" ceremony for transgender pastor


School district told pastor to remove cross from sanctuary 
Why don't we care about the slaughter of Nigerian Christians? 
Hindu Nationalists attack Christians and burn Bibles 
70 year old man in Ontario arrested for pro-life speech 
Harvard puts Christian group on probation after they removed their lesbian leader 
In God we Trust removed from classroom after Atheist parent's complaint 
Police attack Christians in Congo who speak out against their government 
South Carolina church vandalized by satanic messages and derogatory comments about Billy Graham

Good News!

Florida Deputy who prayed over shooting survivor!
Revival broke out at Olympics 
Billy Graham's final prayer for the world on his 99th birthday
Proof of Prophet Isaiah unearthed!
Hollywood defends prayer as Chris Pratt is criticized for praying 

Don't despair! The Lord is on His way. Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Just spent the day and night going through a very very bad Northeaster Storm. Living on the seacoast of the Atlantic Ocean I have gone through many storms and hurricanes and blizzards that intensify from the energy of the mighty waters of the North Atlantic. My town by the sea has been hit with floods from the ocean, tree's toppled down like bowling pins, wires dangling , and in some streets poles toppled down with electric wires draping over streets. Waves angrily crashing over streets and the fury of the salt water blasting over the roofs of some homes. My son and daughter in law are prisoners in their home. A huge tree came down taking all the wires with it. They have no power. No heat. No phone and were told by the police and firemen not to try and leave. The wires are whipping around on the wet ground and there is the danger of getting electrocuted. I did get through on their cell phone. They only have a few bars so they are ok. Thank you God! But they had 3 more huge trees go down . They were told that our small town looks like a war Zone. Which brings me to your wise words. You always encourage me to think beyond myself. To read God's word and to see the meat in each word and phrase . To search my heart and desire to walk closer to God. We have heard a lot of great things lately about -- Do you know God loves you--and Do You Know Jesus? And the end times-- someone said to me-- " oh that's like 20 years away". I wonder how she could know that-- when God's words says no man shall know. Watch for the signs. They are all around us. All around the world with weather, earthquakes, dangerous Flue's, hatred of Christians, acceptance of evil, no regard for life . I don't have to go on, because of your faithfulness you make us aware.
    So it comes to this-- our world is being destroyed- by evilness and I for one am not waiting till the mountains level-- I am making sure that I am as solid in love with my God and Savior and each breath I take is full of love and it is God who gives me that breath and desire to say Yes I am a child of God and when the mountains level and it is His Hand that will take mine to safety and I know this without a doubt!