Friday, March 16, 2018

Friday's Mad Mad World!

Greetings Kings and Priests of the Most High!  Are you ready for another batch of jaw-dropping news items that will surely convince you we are near the end of time? 

What struck me this week?
Persecution is on the rise, even here in America. It starts out slow like a broken facet drip, drip, drip.. Then the flow increases very slowly so you hardly notice...a little here, a little there, a comment on the news here, one there. Someone being sued for not making a cake, someone being fired because of their beliefs....Social media tech giants are censoring people's content in the name of Hate-speech. And of course Christian and conservative comments are hate speech. It may not affect you now, but I guarantee it will. Once we lose our freedom of speech, it's all over,, folks. Once they have control of ALL forms of news, it's all over.   We need to pay attention to this. This is how Hitler gained so much control and popularity. He controlled the media and what people could say.

Another thing that I sense is a calm before the storm. I don't know about you, but I feel like the world is a powder keg about to be lit. I could be wrong. It's just a feeling I get deep within. Not to scare you but just to keep you watchful.

Big Brother/Global Gov/Tech

China introducing social credit score based on how loyal you are to the State
China's communist president can now rule for life
Toronto's businesses go cashless
JP Morgan warning : Stocks headed toward 40% crash
You Tube quietly relies on far left group to help police content 
Pentagon moving classified data to Amazon cloud 
Fake video could make you question everything you see 
Smart devices can be hacked to spy on their users 
Journalist exposes how social media is systematically silencing conservative voices 
Are we allowing Islam to influence our children at school?


Kindergartners in Gaza indoctrinated to hate and kill Jews
Mid-east braces for war 
Netanyahu warns: Darkness is descending on our region
Muslim nations urged to attack Israel

Violence/Evil/Love grows cold/Culture

Series of package bombs rattle Texas residents'
Only half the children in the US are being raised by their married parents
America is neither safe nor free anymore
Demon possessed home in Indiana makes major headlines  
Mother's Day cards go gender neutral in UK


How powerful tech companies snuff out and censor your Christian voice
Rwanda: 6 pastors arrested. 700 churches shut down
The worst purge of conservative voices in the history of the internet 
Condo in Florida bans Senior Citizen Bible Study and Music
Judge warns that 100s of cross statues across the US are at risk
Disney's "A Wrinkle in Time" cuts Bible quotes, erases Jesus and Christian figures from history
Canadian Foster parents lose kids over Easter Bunny
Former "stealth" jihadist exposes the forces working to dismantle our faith 
Muslim mob beats Christians with clubs at Pakistani church
College student kicked out of class for telling teacher there are only 2 genders
Pro-lifers are labeled as Terrorists
Saying "Merry Christmas" is a form of Christian Aggression 
New Law in China keeping Missionaries from sharing the Gospel 
School district bans chaplain from praying at football games

Signs in the Sky

Footage of mysterious object flying above the ocean stuns military


Megachurch pastor says belief that Jesus is the only way to Heaven is "insanity"
Scientologists open their own TV channel 
Keep your eyes on the Pope.  Very scary stuff.

Wars and Rumors of Wars

Trump to meet Kim Jong Un in surprise meeting 
Russia spy ship spotted of Georgia coast 
Air Force Chief: Space wars coming in a matter of years 
US and Israel train for joint response in multi-war front 
US prepared to act on Syria if UN council won't 
Russia launches most deadly unstoppable nuke 
Russia warns that US plans to attack Damascus will prompt a military response 
Is Turkey preparing to lead 57 Muslin nations against Israel? 
US monitoring a possible N. Korean military base in Syria
Russia issues new threat to UK as war threatens the world

Earth Groans

Papua New Guinea hit by another 6.8 earthquake
Scientists warn millions would die in Yellowstone eruption
Scientists warn of mysterious new disease X that could wipe out millions
Outbreak of syphilis and HIV in Milwaukee  
Volcanologists warn that the world is not prepared for the next great eruption
16 dead and 140 injured after lightning hits church in Rwanda
Yellowstone mutant virus can withstand extreme heat 
Travelers who went to Memphis, Detroit, and Newark get measles 

Good news

Mississippi enforces 15 week abortion ban!
Wonderful testimony from limbless evangelist!
The miraculous move of God is exploding in areas devastated by genocide  

Time to get right with God!!

Have a very wonderfully blessed weekend!


  1. Hi, ML:

    Good stuff to watch as always. I have to comment on the Pope, and it's so apparent to me that he works tirelessly to unify all of the world's religions into one ecumenical behemoth in the form of a pure expression of the Babylonian 666. This 666 power will be handed to the Antichrist himself with his 10 Kings. For interesting reading, you may research Babylonian magic squares which produce some very freaky summations of 666. These were amulets worn by Babylonian priests in order to afford some protection from their vicious, demonic "gods." 666 represents the power of Apollyon, the Destroyer. When Babylon fell to the Medes, the Medes put up with the priests for a time, yet they ended up migrating to Pergamos, Greece. Not making this up.

  2. Look up, I tend to agree with you about the Pope. He fits the role of False Prophet very well. I guess time will tell. And I'm sure you're right about the Babylonian magic squares and their 666 power. All false religions originated in Babylon... the same gods migrated to different nations and merely changed their names. Same old demons playing their tricks on people. And people keep falling for it. Sad