Friday, March 23, 2018

Friday's Mad Mad World!

Greetings precious Bride of Christ!  The latest mind-boggling news is listed below. And believe me, I doubt I find anywhere near all of it. There's probably tons more stories out there that can be added to this and that will prove, beyond a doubt, that we are living in the end of the end times.

There's also a ton of horrid things happening behind the scenes that the public doesn't know about and which I won't go into because the things I've heard can't be proved. At least not yet. This world is evil, and it is just like the days of Noah and Lot. If you don't know Jesus, it's time to make that decision. If you don't, you may be cast into the tribulation, which believe me, from the descriptions in Revelation, will not be pleasant.  If you aren't yet saved, choose to be one of the redeemed. Time is short

Have a great weekend, everyone! And don't forget to keep your oil lamps filled!

Sodom and Gomorrah

Scientists claim Transgender is linked to genes
Children feel disturbed after stumbling over online porn 
You won't believe what the LBGT agenda has done to Little Women 
Parents banned from questioning Gender identity changes at Virginia school district meeting


Church in South Wales forced to remove "Jesus" from Easter signs
Atheist activist group wants stop pastor from holding Bible Studies at lunchtime at school 
24 Newly saved Christians injured in mob attack in Vietnam 
New study by Scientists attempts to link religious belief with brain damage 
Oprah mocks God and Jesus on Late Show
Saying God Bless you to someone sneezing is now considered a micro-agression
Nigerian Christians today... next it's Europe's. 
Virgin Mary beheaded outside church in Long Island 
San Diego school district defends decision to discriminate in favor of Muslim students
Christian college drops Christian mascot so as not to offend Muslims 
Turkey indicts pastor. Sharing the Gospel is terrorism

Signs in the sky

NASA draws plans for spaceship to blow up doomsday asteroid
Fireball explodes over Texas and Oklahoma. Sonic boom heard


Turkey hints at forming 5 million strong alliance against Israel
Palestinians prepare to double down as Israel approaches 70th anniversary 
Sanhedrin invites Arabs to join 3rd temple project 
Trump's mideast peace plan almost finished 
Reviving Biblical Wedding Customs in preparation for the 3rd Temple
Arab leaders pressure Abbas to accept Trump peace deal

Global Gov/Mark of the Beast/One world religion

Facebook facing lawsuits for censorship of Christians
Saudi Crown Prince commits to interfaith tolerance 
France heading toward total submission to Islam and loss of free speech

Wars and Rumors of Wars

Turkey promotes an Islamized Europe through demographic jihad
China is building a fleet of giant drones for the sea
North Korea nuclear reactors show signs of activity
Russia nuclear subs quietly reached US coast and left undetected
US blames Russia for cyber attacks on utility grids 
Russia says it will attack US if we strike Syria again 
Putin tests Satan 2 nuke, able to wipe Britain off the map 
China prepared for bloody battle to regain rightful place in the world 
More than 350,000 killed in Syrian war thus far


Congregants in a London church horrified at Storm Trooper crucifixion among the stations of the cross


Multiple explosions rock Austin
7 arrested in park in San Antonio partaking in grotesque satanic ritual 
Vogue: Celebrating witches and wild women
Wizard summer camp coming to Beaumont
9 year old boy shoots sister dead over video game fight

Earth Groans - Earthquakes/famines/pestilence, etc..

Drought kills more than 700,000 animals in Mongolia
Earthquake string strikes ring of fire with CA hit multiple times
Steamboat geyser starts to blow beneath Yellowstone volcano
Grapefruit sized hail strikes Alabama

Good news

Jim Caviezel believes he's called to play Biblical roles to show Hollywood Christ
Discovery of 3600 year old burial site in a city named in Revelation stuns archeologists 



  1. I can't say I am not amazed at some of these reports, because some of them simply stun me. At the same time, I know we've been headed on a downward spiral for decades.
    No matter how scientist and so-called specialists in some field try to spin it, our God is in control and has the final say. Our job, as Christians, is to follow Jesus and stand strong in our faith, while praying we can live so as to draw more into the fold as we go.
    I must say that the LBGT (I guess I got that right) group needs to back off and our government needs to take a stand to stop this mind twisting infiltrating our schools and society. Yes, they have a right to their beliefs but I don't think that includes brainwashing our children for their benefit.
    In my opinion, they have taken their stance too far.
    I'm not sure what I think of their rewriting our Classics for their agenda but that is a total disrespect to the original stories and it inflames me. I get so tired of hearing all these unfounded supositions on the so-called secret lives of some of the people we have admired for their contributions.
    For some reason, there isn't enough written about them, so someone has to imagine that is because they were homosexual. Ridiculous.
    Up until a few years ago, you didn't hear much about this group of people and now It's everywhere and courts are swamped with lawsuits because they feel insulted. What a shame.
    And churches doing away with age old symbols so as not to offend someone is the worst kind of political correctness around.
    Yes, we best stay vigilant, keep our oil lamps burning and looking up for the day of Christ Jesus is fast approaching.

    1. Agree completely, Evelyn. This may surprise some, but I was in my mid-20's before I learned about homosexuals. At first I thought the person telling me was lying to me. It just didn't make sense. Now, 30 years later, we've got them all over our news, media, movies, TV shows.. and they add now trans to that and other people who claim they identify as a certain race, gender, or even animal. Huh? They hate Christians because our Bible says this is all an abomination to their Creator and God. So, they attack and attack. And now they infiltrate our schools, teaching our kids these atrocities. We are truly near the end. And just in case there are any LGBTQ people reading this, we Christians do NOT hate you. We love you. We want you to see that you are possessed by demons who are using you for their own vile agenda and who will gladly drag you to hell at the end of your life. We want you to know how much God loves you and that He died to set you free and that He longs for you to come to Him and get to know Him and then spend eternity with Him when you die. We love you enough to tell you the truth.