Monday, March 5, 2018

Why are those who take the Mark of the Beast unredeemable?

“If anyone worships the beast and his image, and receives his mark on his forehead or on his hand,  he himself shall also drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out full strength into the cup of His indignation. He shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels and in the presence of the Lamb."  Revelation 15:9-10

Have you ever asked yourself why people who take the Mark of the Beast are forever dammed? I've been thinking about this lately. What if someone who didn't know the Lord or End Times prophecy took the Mark out of ignorance simply because he wanted to feed his family? Then what if that person later heard the Gospel and wanted to change his mind? Throughout Scripture God gives His people Multiple chances to return to Him. In fact, I believe He gives us chances right up unto our last breath.  So, why is this Mark so damming?  (This may be one of the weirdest posts I've written, so bare with me. It's rather long, too, sorry. I hope you find my theory interesting!)

In the Bible, are there any people or people groups whom God declares irredeemable?

Yes, there are 2, actually.

1. Mark 3:29  Jesus is speaking. "but whoever blasphemes against the Holy Spirit will never be forgiven; they are guilty of an eternal sin.”

Blasphemy - to revile, slander, dishonor, malign, profane sacred things

This is one of those tricky verses. At first glance, it would seem that if we say or think anything dishonoring against the Holy Spirit, we are eternally dammed. This is NOT the case. Why? Because that contradicts the entire rest of the Bible. There's a reason that Jesus chose the Holy Spirit here and not Himself or Father God. That's because it is the Holy Spirit who draws people to God. No one can turn from their sin and commit to God except through the power of the Holy Spirit. Yet, if someone continually throughout their entire life rejects the Holy Spirit's work in their hearts, then when they die, they are eternally dammed.

2. Hebrews 6:4-6
"For it is impossible for those who were once enlightened, and have tasted the heavenly gift, and have become partakers of the Holy Spirit, and have tasted the good word of God and the powers of the age to come, if they fall away, to renew them again to repentance, since they crucify again for themselves the Son of God, and put Him to an open shame."

I'm not interested in what commentaries say about this verse. It's quite plain. I could write an entire post on this, but I'll try to be brief here. I looked up the following words in Greek

Enlightened means more than just knowing the truth, they have experienced it, as in sharing the light of God
Tasted the heavenly gift - experienced a gift that originated in heaven. Could be salvation or one or more of the gifts of the Spirit
Partakers of the Holy Spirit - obviously this person is saved. This could also mean he was baptized in the Holy Spirit
Tasted the good word of God - the meaning of "word" here is rhema in the Greek, which is not the written Word, but the spoken Word. In other words, this person has heard directly from the Lord. They have conversations with God
Powers of the age to come. - Powers here means miracles or mighty works of God. This person has either performed miracles in Jesus' name or he has seen them  or taken part in them

Wouldn't you say this person is definitely saved? Hard to argue with that. Not just saved, but this seems to be a person who has reached a very close walk with God. He or she hears from God and partakes in miracles.  Then if this person rejects Jesus and walks away, the Bible is clear here that it is impossible for them to be saved again. Please don't misunderstand me, I don't believe this refers to carnal Christians or prodigals, but someone who has been super close to the Lord and then defiantly denied Him both in word and deed.  
But let's move on. There's actually another type of being that cannot be saved, the Fallen Angels who rebelled with Satan. We never see a single place in the Bible that says they have an opportunity as we do to receive Jesus and be saved. In fact, they are much like the person described in Hebrews 6 above. They knew God. They were in heaven. They experienced God and all His power. Yet they turned away from Him.

In the book of Enoch, (which I believe is very Scriptural. Jesus Himself quoted from Enoch, so that's good enough for me) there's a great story about these fallen angels and how they appealed to God for forgiveness, but God denied them.  Perhaps I'll do a post on this later.


 Now it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born to them,  that the sons of God saw the daughters of men, that they were beautiful; and they took wives for themselves of all whom they chose......There were giants on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of men and they bore children to them. Those were the mighty men who were of old, men of renown.  Genesis 6:1-4

Some pastors and commentators will tell you the phrase "sons of God" refers to the descendants of Seth and not angels.  I have done my homework on that and it is my opinion that "sons of God" here refers to the fallen angels. Job mentions sons of God often in reference to angels and also Enoch contains the story of the fallen angels procreating with human women. If you don't believe this, you probably won't believe the rest of what I have to say. But if you think it's a possibility, read on!

In fact, I believe this mixing of the races of angels and human was the MAIN reason God sent the flood. Before Jesus arrived, Satan's main goal was to pollute the bloodline of Jesus so the Messiah could never be born. Breeding of fallen angels and man was one way to achieve this. Once someone has fallen angel DNA in them, they are irredeemable. These ancient Nephilim were the giants the Israelites were ordered to exterminate in the land of Canaan as they entered the promised land.

Yet again there was war at Gath, where there was a man of great stature, who had six fingers on each hand and six toes on each foot, twenty-four in number; and he also was born to the giant. 2
Samuel 21:20

Do you ever wonder why God ordered the Israelites to completely wipe out not only the enemy soldiers, but their women, children, and animals?  It sounds cruel, doesn't it? I mean, why the babies and animals?  But what if this Nephilim DNA had infected even the animals?  God couldn't have the Jewish people infected with this DNA or Jesus would have never been able to come to earth.

We also know that these fallen angels are still among us. Why? Well, they are eternal beings, right? The flood didn't wipe them out, so where are they?  Many people think they are the demons the Bible talks about and that could be true. They are definitely rulers of these demons. Do you think for one minute they stopped trying to procreate with women? They gave up? I doubt it. They just went underground and are doing it in secret. Yes, I believe we still have Nephilim among us. They are just hiding. Or perhaps some are currently in our government. (That was a joke, but not really)

I'm going to wrap this up, I promise, though some of you may have already guessed where I'm going. Scientists are currently developing what they call a Biochip. This is a chip inserted into a person that has the ability to examine their DNA to determine if they have a propensity for certain diseases. However technology is advancing so fast, they predict that they will be able to actually alter DNA to help people not get sick in the first place. Sounds great, doesn't it?

Here's a few articles I found, but you can research them on your own. Just google "DNA biochip"
 What is the Biochip?
DNA and Biochips
DNA microchip technology

What if the Antichrist gets a hold of this and somehow puts Nephilim DNA on the chip?  If a person then takes the chip, they are inflected with Nephilim DNA and would then be irredeemable.

So, that's my theory! I think I've given you enough proof that it's a possibility. Otherwise, I can't figure out why taking the Mark of the Beast would be a capitol offense in God's eyes. I mean, many people throughout history have worshiped Satan and demons, but still repented and came to know the Lord

Why is this important? For a number of reasons. I felt compelled to write this post (Even though I think I may lose some followers)  for those left behind after the rapture OR if we find ourselves still here when the Mark of the Beast is instituted. We need to be warned why we should never ever ever take it! 

Thoughts? Did I lose you in here somewhere? LOL 


  1. I agree. I must admit, I had never really thought about it.... I am grateful you brought it up. Thank you for sharing.

  2. You didn't lose me....I was intrigued till the end. Thank you for shedding light about the verse regarding blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. In my teenage years I was terrified I may have inadvertently committed this sin and was fearful I was unredeemable. Realizing my fear of committing this sin was in fact proof that I hadn't. But to this day this ultimate sin still ‘scares-the-daylights-out-of-me’.

    Also, your breakdown of Hebrews 6:4-6 clarified a lot. I couldn't figure out how this verse could coincide with others stories in the Bible of those who were lost being found. Especially as I’m studying David’s life and his sin of adultery and murder, but still called a man after God’s own heart. Thankfully, he had a repentant heart unlike others who started out well and ended in defeat. I’ve read your other posts regarding Nephilim as was fascinated with your thoughts on them being fallen angels. And now tying them to your theory about possibly being linked to DNA biochip??? Frightening, but definitely something to think about.

    Knowing Jesus’ coming is closer and closer every day, I am clinging to the One who will “keep me from stumbling” (Jude 1:24) and praying for strength to resist all forms of evil. Thank you for your insight and thoughts. Whether or not you lose some followers…you won’t be losing me!

    1. Amy, like you, I used to freak out about blaspheming the Holy Spirit accidentally! What a relief to find out what it actually meant. Good point about David. Yes, so many of God's people, myself included, commit horrible sins, but David NEVER rejected God and walked away.
      Thanks for sticking with me, Amy! God Bless!

  3. Very interesting and enlightening. I've never heard of the book of Enoch and now want to read it.
    You've touched on the mark of the beast in a previous post, even the microchip. I've read articles stating that we all will receive a microchip, whether we want one or not. Now that's a scary thought.
    Lost me? Not a chance. There is too much truth in your posts for me to jump ship.
    Bless you for caring so much for others that you do all the research you do and post it for us.

    1. Enoch is a fascinating read. I encourage you to pick it up. I have not found anything in it that contradicts the Bible.. in fact, it only enhances it. Of course I don't hold it up with the same regard as the Bible.. but it's well worth the read. I have no idea whether the mark with be a chip or not... but it fascinates me that by taking whatever it is, that person is dammed to hell. That's why I did some digging and came up with this. Who knows if I'm right or not. God does! Blessings!

  4. I agree with you about blaspheming the Holy Spirit.

    As for the fallen angels... didn't God say at the beginning that everything reproduces 'after it's kind.' Humans have human children, animals have animal offspring.

    Jesus said, recorded in Matthew 22: 30 For in the resurrection neither do men marry nor are women given in marriage, but they are like angels in heaven [who do not marry nor produce children].

    Since it is not a 'salvation' issue, I am not going to 'fret' about it.

    1. Angels do not marry or produce children in heaven, no... but those who fell with Satan had the ability to take on human form, and therefore could procreate. The Bible also says that angels can appear in human form because we are told we might be entertaining one and not even know it. :-) I encourage you to read Enoch. It was part of the original Bible and is often quoted in Scripture. Blessings!

  5. Well Said..I didn't think too much on why not to take the Mark just know from the word of God not to. My theory is ha people a lot of people already received the mark from how they live their lives. From out of a man's heart,forms thoughts which turns to actions. The mark of the beast starts way before that RFID chip is forced on the world. If people continue to deny the truth of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior for humanity for the sake of their own lust and sexual desirers; they will be given reprobate minds...maybe also irredeemable because they continued to deny the calling of the Holy Spirit. Time is at hand for the end of all things, Repent!

    1. So true! There comes a point where God leave them to their own devices. We are so close. The time is now to repent! Amen.

  6. Well... They have Crispr technology now and have been testing it on humans. The Covid 19 vaxxine is rumored to be a new technology that utilizes DNA/RNA that goes into the nucleus of your cells. You think I'm playing? Go look it up for yourself. There is a reason in Revelation 9 that men can't die and also a reason in Revelation 21:8 that God said the Fearful, UNBELIEVING will burn. Do not be afraid of a cold. Trust God. I cannot in good faith not tell you this vaxx is dangerous. Ask God for guidance. As for me and my house, we won't be taking it or anything else. You'll have to comply with whatever they want in order to participate in society. Maybe the vaxx is part of the mark, maybe not but it's going to be something like that as we have clearly been experiencing these last few months. Seek wisdom and discernment from the Holy Spirit!

    1. Hi Kim, I can't believe I wrote this post 2 years ago... but how relevant it is for today. I have been following the recent technology and I agree with you. They have developed and are developing quantum dot tech and chip technology that they are saying will be used with the Covid vaccine to mark someone as having been vaccinated while also scanning them for potential diseases to be caught early. Of course that sounds all nice until you realize your DNA has been changed and they can track you anywhere. I know they will promise eternal life with the Mark of the Beast.. just like Satan did with Eve in the Garden. Same old tricks. Different era. I don't believe the initial vaxx will be the Mark of the Beast, but it will definitely be a precursor! Thanks for dropping by , Kim!

    2. You are right on the nail.
      God has given mankind dominion over the Earth, and with it comes free choice. He is too much of a gentleman to intervene and break His own promise. But, I believe that when His creation is interfered with, He will not hesitate to jump in to rescue it.
      There has only been one instance of human DNA being changed, and that was when the Nephilim bred with humans. God fixed that with a massive worldwide flood. The second instance is upon us and God will deal with it in a similar way, but certainly not another flood.

      If a political prisoner who has decided to go on a hunger strike is force fed, this is tantamount to rape; and, by the same token, if anyone coerces you to take a vaccine against you will this is also rape. Refuse at all costs.

      Thanks for this enlightening article, Kim. It needs to go viral.

  7. This is the conclusion I came to years ago, I have not found a better interpretation, if I do I will go by the better interpretation.

  8. The chip is unnecessary to do this. All they need is a mrna vaccine that tells your body to produce what they want it to produce. Look how everyone was hyped up to fear and demand it? Looo,how they want to restrict your life, where you can go, or lock you up for not taking it. Its a status thing, i have had several people just go on and on about taking it like its a source of personal pride to get it.

    1. Me too. I have several friends and family bragging about getting it, like they've accomplished something noteworthy when all it will do is end up killing them. It's such a huge deception among a population that has not been taught to think for themselves, but instead to just follow the authority's rules. Yes, a chip is unncessary. I wrote this post 3 years ago long before we had Covid. thanks for dropping by!

  9. Hi there, your post makes an interesting read. In fact, I just asked the Holy Spirit to explain to me why taking the mark of the beast makes someone irredeemable and I was led here! I think we should first and foremost ask the Lord to give us His own definition of the word "mark"! What I gathered from some online dictionaries is that a "mark" could be a polluting influence, something introduced into the body that is radically different from its basic God-given constitution. I also want to call our attention to the Scripture in Mathew 24 where Jesus referred to the abomination that maketh desolate. In the New Testament, we are the temple of God. What would make God to depart from our body (His temple) permanently as He did the physical temple in Israel as recorded in Ezekiel chapter 10? What is the level of pollution that the blood of Jesus cannot cleanse? I believe that it has to be something that radically changes our DNA. I'm not 100% sure that the Covid-19 vaccine is the mark of the beast. I don't have a revelation from the Lord on this issue. I am not taking it at any cost because God is more important than my life. I can't afford to take chances that could mar my relationship with Him. Thanks for the interesting post once again.

    1. Thank you.. Interesting that I wrote this post long before Covid... I don't think the Vaccine is the Mark right now.. but I believe it will become the Mark of the Beast later on when the Antichrist is here. But you are correct! Anything that alters our DNA must be avoided. God wrote that code into our bodies and it makes us human. If we become anything but human, we cannot be saved. I'm not taking the V either! They can lock me up and do whatever they want, but the Lord Jesus comes first! Bless you!