Friday, April 6, 2018

Friday's Mad Mad World!

Greetings Warriors of the Most High!  If you're like me, you may not feel like a warrior most days, but if you are keeping yourself pure, staying away from the things of the world, being led by the Holy Spirit and making yourself ready for the Lord's return, then you've been enduring battle, believe me. And with the Lord's help, you will always be victorious!

Of note:
  • Russia and China are becoming very friendly allies in their fight against the West.
  • Censorship against conservatives and Christians on social media increasing
  • Things heating up in Israel as she approaches her 70th anniversary.



American boys: Casualties of an invisible War
News Stations across the US parroting same fed-to-them script (Bye bye unbiased Press)
13 year old boy suspended for drawing stick figures with knives and guns
New trend of "condom snorting" causes death 
Shooter dead, along with 3 others at YouTube shooting


Europeans jailed for Christian conservative views
Baptism service violently halted by Hindu mob 
NBC slammed for claims that Christianity is used to justify white supremacy 
Google snubbed Easter with no doddle for 18th year in a row 
Purge of Christian views on social media continues 
Christian student viciously attacked for promoting traditional marriage
ISIS claims responsibility for terrorist attack on Christian family
Anti-Christian crime increasing in Germany

Wars and Rumors of Wars

Danger ahead if US pulls out of Syria
North Korea getting ready for 7th nuclear test
Putin launches Satan 2 missile and brags about invulnerable arsenal 
Russian to expel 60 US diplomats 
Russia and China combine satellite systems into one gigantic global tracking system 
Ex-Putin general warns that UK and Russia are heading toward War 
China offers military help to Russia against US

Big Brother/Tech/Global Government

Is humanity being prepared for a massive deception event
You Tube is fighting God 
The dangerous attack on facts: When authorities put ideology ahead of evidence 
Trump to deploy US military to protect southern border

Sodom and Gomorrah

Candidate beats Christian candidate in election in Costa Rica because he promised gay marriage
Ohio sued for not allowing transgenders to correct their birth certificates


Palestinians march on Israel during Passover week 
15 killed and thousand injured in border protest with Israel 
Israeli stealth fighters fly over Iran 
Saudi Crown Prince says Israel has the right to exist.  
Erdogan calls Netanyahu a terrorist and butcher 
Barley harvest being prepared for third temple offering 
UNESCO to pass most extreme anti-Israel resolution yet

Earth groans

6.8 Earthquake strikes Ring of Fire
Firefighter loses both hands and feet from flu 
Scientists predict 2018 will be a bad year for killer hurricanes 
Antibiotic resistant bacteria detected in 27 states 
Life or death drill currently being enacted for Volcanic eruption at Yellowstone 
The African continent is splitting in 2!


51% of American Christians are unfamiliar with the term "The Great Commission" 
Pope admits that hell doesn't exist 
What crucial thing is missing from Christianity's presentation of Jesus? 

Good news!

3-D replica of the Shroud of Turin reveals what Jesus looked like. (On a personal note, after some research, I believe the shroud is authentic)

Have a BLESSED Weekend!  Stay strong and keep looking up!

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