Friday, April 13, 2018

Friday's Mad Mad World!

Greetings Holy Watchers!  Prepare yourself for a very active week prophetically. Things are getting crazy. The world seems on the brink of either some major disaster or war itself. Not to mention the utter and complete corruption of governments everywhere, even here in the US. (Which I never thought I'd see). The Deep State (Global elites) are more entrenched in our government than we could ever have expected. Bye, bye, Miss American Pie.

Things that struck me
  • War in the Middle East seems imminent. (Read Ezekiel 39)  There is more saber rattling among the super powers than I can ever remember in my lifetime
  • Earthquakes continue to shake the ring of fire
  • Yellowstone volcano is about to blow
  • Christians and conservatives are being more and more silenced by those in power of high tech companies

Wars and Rumors of Wars

Are we witnessing the footprints of WW3?
Trump threatens China with $100 billion more in tariffs due to unfair trade practices
Russia warns US to stop all military action on N. Korean peninsula 
Trump drops his push for immediate withdrawal of troops from Syria
China warns that Trump will learn a painful lesson soon 
China launches massive navy drills in China Sea with 40 Warships 
China will not hesitate with major response to new tariffs 
Airstrike on Syria. At least 12 dead 
Iran claims the Syrian gas attack was fabricated to excuse military action
4000 National Guard troops sent to US-Mexico border
Russia says Syrian gas attack is fake news
Japan activates first marines since WW2 
Trump threatens Assad over Chemical attack 
US Ambassador to UN: US will respond to Syrian attack 
Iran warns of war if Trump scraps Iran deal 
Russia warns of grave consequences if US takes action against Syria 
Syrian missile strike within hours. Eastern Mediterranean on alert 
Russia jams US drones in Syria 
US destroyer harassed by Russian warplanes off Syrian coast 
Top Iranian official says they will respond to Israeli air base attack 
Syria moves military jets in response to Trump's threats 
UK sends submarines toward Syria for possible strike
Russia moves 11 navy ships out of Syrian port
Russian TV mocks upcoming war with US: Orders citizens to store food and water 
Saudi air defense forces intercept rocket over Riyadh 
Russia warns it will shoot down any US missiles 
US-led coalition warplanes seen flying over Iraqi border


Hot new drug called the "Spirit molecule" causes people to encounter demons 
Government seizes online sex marketplace 
Satanists say video games help them practice their religion

Gog-Magog / Israel

Leaders of Turkey, Iran, and Russia hold meeting  (3 of the countries in Ezekiel 38)
1000 participate in Priestly Blessing at Western Wall
HAMAS vows millions of martyrs and pays cash for injuries and death in border clashes 
The Deep prophetic meaning of Israel's 70th Birthday 
Israel blamed for missile strike on Syria 
Israel threatens to topple Assad if Iran attacks

Earth groaning - famines, pestilences, earthquakes, storms

World stock markets on the brink of collapse
5.3 Earthquake shakes Southern California
Earthquake that rattled LA was most powerful in years
CDC warns of new anti-antibiotic bacteria spreading across America 
Dow plunges 550 points as fears rattle Wall Street 
Scientists predict entire US will be covered in Ash after Yellowstone erupts 
Outbreak of severe bleeding by synthetic weed spreads 
Series of quakes shake California and Alaska!

Signs in the Sky

Mystery trumpet sounds in the sky in Hawaii baffle citizens 
Solar storm could strike earth this week

Sodom and Gomorrah

Transgender bathrooms to be forced on 4-H kids in America's heartland 
CA considering a bill that would make it illegal to get counseling for same-sex attraction 
Boston Marathon runners can compete as any gender they identify with 
CA bill introduced making it illegal for Christians to counsel LBGT patients 
The end of girls' sports? Transgender males take over

High Tech/Global Gov/Mark of the Beast

Scientists fear killer robots could destroy humanity 
Government acknowledges rogue devices may be spying on you 
Feds seek technology that can write info on the human brain
Facebook condemns pro-Trump Diamond and Silk as "Unsafe to the Community" 
FBI raids office of Trump's lawyer 
Robots replace soldiers in first exercise of its kind 
Will Christian speech be allowed in the new Facebook world? 
Facebook hearings could lead to Governmental control of the internet 
Trump Presidency under siege
Fingerprints and eye scans now required to buy food in India 


80% of Iraqi Christians have disappeared 
Chinese government bans online sale of Bibles 
Atheists throw a fit over Bible included in POW display 
China tears down crosses


Pope has not refuted his denial of hell

Good news!

Man convicted in double homicide is now sharing his faith with inmates
College professor says he saw portals to heaven and hell during his near-death experience

Don't despair, Help is on the way!!!


  1. When all this becomes overwhelming and we are tempted to tremble in fear ... we are comforted by the uplifting words in Luke 12:32 "Do not be afraid, little flock, for your Father has been pleased to give you the kingdom." This doesn't mean we should relax and not prepare for what is to come. As Luke continues to tell us, "Be dressed ready for service and keep your lamps burning, like men waiting for their master to return from a wedding banquet, so that WHEN HE COMES AND KNOCKS THEY CAN IMMEDIATELY OPEN THE DOOR FOR HIM." Luke 12: 35-36 These words were written for such a time as this! We have never been closer to our Lords return than we are today. Thank you, MaryLu for striving so hard to keep us awake and encouraging us to be ready!!

    1. I couldn't have said it better, Pat! Blessings to you and yours!

  2. Thank you for always keeping us abreast of what is going on in these days so near to our Lord's return.
    I am glad that I can find you on your website, if I can't find you on Facebook.
    A pastor I follow was taken off Facebook for a few days because He dared speak the truth about that LBGT group. What a shame that we have come to this point.
    I just saw where another pastor spoke out against our being silenced for offending. He asked the question what about the offense toward us and God?
    I posted that video.
    I, too, never thought I'd see the day that my great country would become so backwards and vicious.
    But I hold to the confidence that our Father will have the last word and my home will be with Him.
    Yes, keep the lamps burning and our eyes upward for His glorious return.

    1. Yes.. I will always be here unless Blogger begins to discriminate! Then I will keep putting out books until Amazon does. By then the Lord will be here anyway. :-) All the social media sites are really starting to clamp down on Christians and conservatives. Like you, I never thought I'd see this in the USA. Bless you, Evelyn!