Friday, April 20, 2018

Friday's Mad Mad World!

Dearest Brothers and Sisters in Christ, what a crazy week!
Lots of rumblings of war, missiles fired, chemical weapons, saber rattling between the US and Russia, cyber attacks, drones, oh my!

Other things of note:
  • The Earth is also rumbling and quaking and volcanoes are spitting
  • Antibiotic resistant diseases rising
  • Human like robots
  • Christian persecution everywhere
  • High Tech companies spying on you!

And in the middle of it all, Israel celebrates their 70th birthday with street celebrations, parties, fireworks etc!   Yes, 70 years ... Hmm... something about that number... oh yes, the Scripture defines it as the length of our lives or in other words, a generation!

The days of our lives are seventy years; And if by reason of strength they are eighty years, Psalm 90:10

Wars and Rumors of Wars

Explosions at largest military base in Syria
Mystery booms across US sparks fears of secret underground WW3 preparations
US warns it is "locked and loaded" if Assad uses chemical weapons again
Scientist reveal terrifying nuclear bomb simulation
Russia claims Syrian air defenses shot down 71 out of the 103 missiles 
Putin calls Syrian air strikes an act of aggression and warns of consequences
Israeli military on high alert amid Iran threats
Russian navy threatens US war ship near Syria with torpedo
Trump deploys largest naval strike force to middle east in 15 years
Nikki Haley blasts Russia and Syria on chemical attacks
Russian and Iran prepare multi-level response for US attack on Syria
4000 US troops launch massive drill on Syrian border
British tourists on red alert to flee Cyprus amid rumors of WW3 
Russian warships laden with tanks and armored patrol boats sail toward Middle East
Putin warns there will be global Chaos is US strikes again
US's minimal response on Assad shows the effect of Russian deterrence  
Future of warfare - rise of drones 
N. Korea teams up with Syria. 
Russian cyber attacks hit the US
ISIS threatens to bomb New York subway

Big Gov/High Tech/Mark of Beast

Spy cameras could soon know what we're thinking and feeling by scanning our bodies
Trump accused of starting war to distract from scandals. Really? 
Cashless society just around the corner 
A quarter of Millennials have never heard of the Holocaust  
Be prepared to be genetically modified 
Social Media beings used to collect Biometrics 
CA rejects border duties for troops 
Realistic robot indistinguishable from humans 
Police ordered to prep for riots if Trump fires Mueller  
Text book indoctrination of students coming to a school near you (actually it's already here in various forms)

Sodom and Gomorrah

Canada Environmental Impact studies must include Gender Identity 
Senator: Approve of Same sex marriage or don't serve your country


Senior Iranian Commander sets date for Israel's destruction
Israel braces for Iranian counter strike

Signs in the Sky

Earth has near miss with asteroid
Strange object found orbiting the sun


Teen ruthlessly bullied on YouTube because she loves Jesus too much 
Ex-NFL Cheerleader persecuted for saying she saved herself for marriage
Vietnam court sentences Christian pastor to 15 years in prison
George Washington's new class on "Christian privilege"  
Senators grill Pompeo on Christian views during hearing 
Chick-Fil-A under attack again for Christian values 
Beware, Christian, you may soon be labeled as having a mental disorder
China issues decree that all Christians must register with government

Earth Groans! Famines, Pestilences, Storms, Earthquakes, oh my!

CDC investigates E-coli outbreak in 7 states
More than 89 quakes strike Old Faithful in Wyoming in 24 hours 
Antibiotic-resistant strain of Gonorrhea  
Oklahoma wild fires have consumed 246,000 acres
14 Earthquakes strike Canada and nobody knows what is causing them
Multiple earthquakes beneath volcanoes around the world 
Super Gonorrhea spreading fast
NYC mice are carrying antibiotic resistant germs
Mysterious gathering of over 14,000 sharks off Northeast coast
Nebraska struck with 6 rare earthquakes in less than a week
Mysterious flesh-eating bug spreading in Australia


Atheist appointed head chaplain of hospital in UK
Why your kids can spend over 600 hours in church and get nothing out of it 
Pope says good atheists go to heaven

Good news!

Online sex trafficking takes a huge hit with new Trump legislation 

Don't despair!!  Don't give in to fear. Help is on the way!


  1. Thank you, dear Sister! I always look forward to your posts. Sending blessings your way!!