Friday, May 4, 2018

Friday's Mad Mad World

Dear Precious Watchers and Warriors!  Here's the latest and greatest! And I must say it's been one crazy week. I don't even know how to highlight anything. You browse below and be the judge. It seems like things are getting worse in every category. By the way if a recent bill passes our California senate, it will make selling the Bible here in CA illegal because of its LGBTQ "hate" speech. Nor can anyone battling LBGTQ tendencies receive any sort of counseling at all, especially not Biblically related. Sounds more and more like my book, When Angels Cry!

Volcanoes are rumbling, earthquakes are quaking, war in the Middle East is inevitable, and Christian persecution is higher than ever. But don't worry. God is in control and He's coming soon! 

Bible champion Chuck Missler dies at 83 (I love this man and his teachings!)  Many prophecies have been spoken which say that many Spiritual leaders will die before the rapture.


Photo of praying students sparks hateful outrage
Satanic temple to launch new lawsuit against Biblical monument 
Will preaching the Word soon be illegal? 
39 Nigerian Christians massacred, houses burned 
Alabama teacher forced to change her shirt that says "Just Pray"
Christian college student was singing "Jesus loves me" before she was shot dead
15 dead when Gunman storm a church in Africa 
New bill banning Biblical View on Sexual Identity forces conference to shut down 
Canadian Christian School shut down for teaching Bible verses

Wars and Rumors of Wars

Iranian naval commander threatens to sink US ships if Trump pulls out of Iran Deal 
Middle East braces for a tense May
China solidifies military for a new push against Taiwan
Russia to move air defenses to Syria 
Military targets in Syria struck by unidentified aircraft 
One of the worst wars ever seen in the Middle East is in the making 
Arab world on the brink of new wave of Revolutions 
Iranian backed cells pose grave threat to US homeland

Signs in the Sky

Earth will be hit by an asteroid with 100% certainty experts warn
NASA says 5 close flybys by asteroids took place last Monday

Earth groaning

Vanuatu tells 11,000 residents to get out as volcano erupts 
5.2 Earthquake strikes Iran - 3rd quake in a month
LA rattled by another quake
Toxic, vomit-inducing caterpillars invade London 
3.1 Earthquake north of Morristown, Tenn 
Yellowstone Geyser erupts for 3rd time in 6 weeks 
Hawaii volcano could erupt after 250 earthquakes in 24 hours 
Tick and Mosquito borne infections on the rise in the US 
Thousands of dead fish turn up in Baltimore harbor

Tech/Global Gov/Mark of Beast/Loss of Freedom

Pig brain kept alive outside body in man's attempt to be immortal
School in Mass. bans kids from calling friends their best friend 
FB censorship is not a hoax. Diamond and Silk testify in Congress 
800,000 people fleeing NY and CA because of taxes 
Creation of Designer Babies 
Turkey demands the EU to criminalize any criticism of Islam 
China is mining data directly from worker's brains 
Bill Gates backs plan to surveil the entire planet from space
65% of 8th graders not proficient in reading 
Facebook Bug shows company's plans for flagging "hate" speech 
Facebook begins to rank news organizations
Ancestry testing collection massive DNA database

Sodom and Gomorrah -- Evil/Satanism

Transgender inmate sues to practice witchcraft at NC prison
Outraged parents demand school halt pornographic educational videos 
University of Texas to treat Masculinity as a mental disease 
Florida middle schools face LBGT coercion and manipulation
Maine Democrats refuse to criminalize female genital mutilation
North Texas team planned ISIS inspired mall shooting 
Boy Scouts forced to drop the word "Boy" from their title 
Occult Sculpture goes up in Rockefeller Center


Khamenei urges all Muslims to unite against Israel 
Anti-semitism rises to new levels in Canada 
Secretary of Defense wars of coming war between Iran and Israel 
80,000 Iranian ground troops could launch invasion of Israel 
Israel ready to bomb Iran if necessary
Netanyahu reveals that Iran's nuclear deal is filled with lies
Iranians killed in recent Israeli strike on military site
Yay! US joins forces with Israel against Iran


80% of Americans say they believe in God. But which God? 
Well-known pastor is hiring scantily-clad performers to worship service 
Vatican bolsters inter-faith dialogue 
Church unity is more important than being theologically correct 
Hundreds flock to cathedral for Beyonce mass with Scripture readings 
Episcopal Church removes terms "Man, Wife, Husband, Woman and Procreation" from marriage ceremony

Good news

Kim Jong Un and Moon Jae sign peace deal to end Korean war! 

How to be saved

I am coming soon. Hold on to what you have, so that no one will take away your crown.

Revelation 3:11 





  1. Scary, yet not surprising. Have a blessed weekend, my friend.

  2. You have very aptly titled these Friday posts- Mad, Mad World.
    So sad to me that the world has come as far as it has, yet learned nothing.
    I do pray that bill in California,does not pass. I really don't see how it could but let's not dismiss all the insanity we've already witnessed and the scriptural prophesies.
    Lord, help us and come to our aid as we battle these forces of evil. I know the good news is that you will be the victor and all who believe and trust in you will be victors in your name.