Friday, May 11, 2018

Friday's Mad Mad World!

Greetings Priests and Kings of the Most High! It's been quite a week!  The major things that have caught my eye are the Volcano in Hawaii (which experts say is only beginning) and the start of war between Israel and Iran, prophesied long ago in Scripture!

I love you all and pray you have a blessed weekend!

In God, whose word I praise; In God I have put my trust; I shall not fear. What can mere man do to me? Psalm 56:4

Wars and Rumors of Wars

Israel and Iran on path to war! 
Russian warns of Axis of Resistance if Iran deal collapses 
Iran planning on launching barrage of missiles at Israel 
Turkey says it will retaliate if US halts weapons sales 
Netanyahu: Better now than latter to confront Iranian threat 
Iran military base in Syria attacked 
Israel prepares missile defense systems and opens bomb shelters after US pulls out of Iran deal
Trump pulls out of Iran deal. Middle East on High Alert
Iranian forces fire 20 rockets at Israel


Israel fears explosion of violence when US opens embassy in Jerusalem 
Hezbollah/Iran now control Lebanon. Multi-front war imminent 
Archaeologists find artifacts linking to King David

Earth groaning (Earthquakes, storms, pestilences, famines, volcanoes)

India rain and dust storm kill at least 120
Major earthquakes and volcanic eruptions destroy homes on Hawaii 
Over a dozen sinkholes open in Florida 
Explosion felt at Cleveland volcano in Alaska. Threat level increased 
Hawaii braces for a long upheaval as Volcano Kilauea continues erupting
6.1 Quake smashes Philippines  
Six-story deep sink hole opens up in New Zealand 
Pakistan experiences hottest day ever. 122.4 F 
Hawaii's Kilauea volcano emits toxic gases 
Yellow Fever threatens South Florida after Zika scare 
Rare 4.5 Earthquake strikes off coast of New Orleans 
5 Shallow earthquakes felt in CA over 18 hour span 
New Ebola outbreak kills 17 in Congo 
Earthquake storm hits El Salvador, damaging 200 homes
4.5 Earthquake strikes near Cabazon CA
300 Earthquakes rock Spain's Canary Islands, Volcanic eruption feared
US agency: Hawaii's Kilauea volcano could see explosive eruptions! 
New volcanic fissures force more evacuations on Hawaii 
6.2 Earthquake hits Afghanistan
Tens of thousands of fish wash up on popular beach

Signs in the Sky

Mysterious booms continue to rattle UK and US and no one knows why
Search for Aliens heats up
NASA announces discovery of 1,284 possible alien planets

Sodom and Gomorrah

Mandatory LBGTQ lessons for school children approved by Illinois senate
Inmates allowed to choose their own gender. 

Global Gov/Technology/Mark of the Beast

Human cloning fears as Lab in Europe create life from nothing
Mark of the Beast forerunner starting in India
 French President Macron wants to establish 10-nation coalition 
Bill Gates backs plan to live stream earth with big brother sattelites 
Facial recognition software will end your privacy


Board votes to shut down Alberta Christian school for teaching Bible verses condemning homosexuality
Boston public schools refuse CBN questions on LBGTQ funds because they are a Christian network 
Pentecostal pastor beheaded after revival ignites among tribal people 
Another conservative voice silenced on You Tube 
Disney cancels massive Christian Music Festival after 30 years 
Christians in Canada fight back over not being allowed to adopt children 
Pastor arrested for preaching in movie theater after "Avengers" 
Southern Poverty Law Center declares war on Christian Conservatives


The deadly Gospel of "Nice" 
Modern Christianity has one FATAL flaw
Prominent pastor teaches gospel of Inclusion and says hell doesn't exist 

Good news!

N. Korea says it will open its doors to Christianity.  
President Trump signs EO protecting Religious liberty and the National Day of Prayer 
Iowa Governor signs bill to ban ALL abortions if Baby's heart is heard! Yay 
Trump was right to pull out of Iran deal 
In final paper before his death, Atheist Steven Hawkins strengthened the case for God

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