Friday, May 18, 2018

Friday's Mad Mad World!

Greetings Precious and Beloved Watchers of the Most High.  It's truly been a crazy week. With the historic move of the US embassy to Jerusalem, Israel went on High Alert, and the rest of the Middle East not only issued threats and condemnation but some stormed the Israeli border while others called for a summit to discuss how to wipe Israel off the map.

ISRAEL is God's Clock. He is not done with them yet and the more things head toward war, the closer we are to leaving. God will spend the last 7 years of this present age dealing with His beloved Israel. And things won't be pretty.

Anyway, things that stood out

  • The Jerusalem Embassy move
  • The Hawaiian Volcano! My goodness, have you ever seen anything like it? And with Yellowstone bubbling and our ground shaking here in CA, I wouldn't be surprised if  something major didn't happen. 
  • Beware of Disney. They have a plan to indoctrinate your children. 
  • Christian voices are being silenced
I don't recognize my world anymore. How about you? What you see below is only a fraction of the events similar to this that are happening all around. Yet most people have their heads in  the sand. That's how Rome placated the masses while they took over and stole their freedoms. They kept them full of alcohol and entertained in the arenas. We are closer than ever to seeing our Prince! Be comforted by that thought.


Global Gov/Big Government/Loss of Freedom/High Tech

Facebook blocks 70 million from conservative content
European Countries set to abolish EU and start a European Super State 
Why CNN hires deep state spies 
Multitudes accepting chips implanted under their skin 
Feds plan on taking ownership of your Baby's DNA
Cash purchases over $10,000 illegal in Australia

Political correct Insanity

Expert says Babies should give consent to diaper changes 

Love grows cold

7 Dead in Austrailia's worst mass shooting in 22 years

Sodom and Gomorrah

23 Major league baseball teams to promote homosexuality at LBGT pride nights 
Disney is selling gay-themed Mickey Mouse ears (Folks, Disney is not the Disney we once knew)
Cases of STDs reach all time high in CA
Gender ideology and public schools!

Earth groaning

More earthquakes and eruptions at Yellowstone
29 people die from lightning strikes withing 24 hours in Bangladesh 
Java volcano erupts in Indonesia, shutting down airport 
Ancient HTLV-1 Virus off the charts in Australia 
4.0 Earthquake in Oklahoma? 
Hawaii volcano causes concern of eruptions along West Coast 
Giant Crack over 400 meters, appears in Mexico 
World's tallest geyser erupts for third time in 6 weeks in Yellowstone 
Officials warn largest Hawaiian eruption is imminent 
Hawaii volcano is in a chain of 169 volcanoes and 50 are ready to blow 
3 inches of Hail drops in Colorado hailstorm 
India dust storm: 61 Dead in 4 states 
Ring of Fire alert after Philippines earthquake: CA has been warned 
Ebola outbreak in the Congo 
Hawaiian volcano spews ash 30,000 feet in the air 

Wars and Rumors of Wars

Iran likely to launch cyberattacks on Western businesses
Trump warns Iran of severe consequences if they continue their Nuclear program
Israel strikes Iranian targets in Syria as Tensions mount
Iranian cleric warns that Tel Aviv and Haifa will be brought down in ruins 
Iran urges global resistance against Israel and US
Yemen fires missiles at Saudi facility
Al-Queda leader calls for Jihad 
Turkey calls for all Islamic nations to unite against Israel--calls summit 
US intelligence reports that Russia's new hypersonic weapon will be ready in 2 years 
Iran group offers $100,000 to bomb US embassy in Jerusalem


US to dedicate Embassy in Jerusalem on Israel's 70th anniversary
Rabbi warns that war with Iran is about to get Biblical 
Israel feels pride but senses peril as US embassy moves to Jerusalem
Arab league to meet over embassy move
Tens of thousands protest pm GAZA border. Over 50 killed 
Israel faces diplomatic fallout after deaths in Gaza 
Tensions rise between Turkey and Israel after embassy move


10 reason why millennials are backing away from God and Christianity
Megachurch pastor tells people to unhitch their faith from the Old Testament 
The Pope's continued heresy 
What the Anglican Church is now saying about Same Sex marriage

Signs in the Sky

Asteroid narrowly missed earth on Tuesday


School district punished for persecuting LBGT students by forcing them to read the Bible
11 dead after suicide bombers attack churches in Indonesia 
Mike Huckabee: California in massive attack on Christianity 
College orders student to remove Jesus from graduation speech
Slow genocide: 7000 displaced Christians in Myanmar 
Christian social worker fired for views on same sex marriage 

Good News!

Family of former Korean prisoner praises God for his safe return
Pastor says security camera captured an angel 

And it shall be that everyone who calls upon the name of the Lord, invoking, adoring, and worshiping the Lord Jesus shall be saved  Acts 2:21


  1. I truly am at odds, thinking or wondering, are these perilous times or glorious times?
    Perilous in that God is being rejected by so many, especially those in a position to lead.
    Perilous in that the voices of the ungodly seem to be getting louder, while Christians are being silenced. Even Social Media is trying to tell us how we should think and who we should listen to.
    Yes, these are perilous times but also glorious times.
    It does my heart good to see more and more young people raise their voices in praise and prayer to God.
    Glorious times in knowing that the day is coming soon when the Father will tell Jesus to bring His children home.
    I pray to keep my lamp burning and my eyes on Heaven.
    God will have the final say and what a glorious day of rejoicing that will be.
    Keep us informed, MaryLu, for the day is coming when we will be held accountable for all the atrocities.

    1. I will do my best, Evelyn! These are indeed perilous times, but also exciting. I can't wait to go home. Many many will be saved during the tribulation. That is encouraging!

  2. Wow! There are no other words...just WOW!
    Thank you for the time and energy you spend each week ML to bring us a summation of the travesties and solemnities going on right now in our unrecognizable world!! Blessings in the name of Yeshua!

    1. You're most welcome, Bess! Blessings back to you!