Friday, May 25, 2018

Friday's Mad Mad World!

Greetings exceedingly loved children of God!  Here's the latest and greatest! Well, maybe not the greatest. Remember, this is only a smidgen of the important news out there.. and only as much as this one busy author can assemble. But it should give you a good idea of where we are prophetically. And that is CLOSE to the end!  There are many other things I have heard of from reliable sources that I have no proof for.. and that if I told you, you'd think I was crazy... aliens, nephilim, the Illuminati, fema camps.. multiple moons, planet nibiru, etc..   So I keep my mouth shut..  But believe me, things are heating up! 

By the way, I won't be posing this for the next 2 or 3 Fridays. I'm going out east to visit my Mom and I'm determined to relax and do no work. I will resume my reporting in June.  In the meantime, keep in prayer, keep close to the Lord, and don't allow the enemy to discourage you. We are almost home. And what a party it will be!

Earth Groaning

Explosive increase in Ebola cases 
Hawaii's volcano's new explosion prompts fears 
Kilauea volcano causes state's highest warning ever
34 people and 600 animals dead after flash floods hit Afghanistan
Earth's magnetic field is drifting westward and nobody knows why
5 dead, 500,000 without power as storm engulfs US northeast 
Volcano's 2-story wall of lava blocks escape routes 
Four new sinkholes open up at the Villages in Florida
Sinkhole is growing on WhiteHouse lawn
Evacuations ordered in Indonesia as Merapi volcano explodes 
Arizona prepares for max exodus of Californians after the big earthquake strikes

Sodom and Gomorrah

Maryland becomes the 11th state to ban therapy for minor sex conversion  
LGBT activists use corporate economic pressure to go after religious liberty
School board in Virginia considering teaching children there is no biological sex
Four ways porn is destroying America's children
Boy Scouts require that condoms be made available to all participants 
Transgender book included in Oregon's statewide reading contest

 Global Gov/Mark of the Beast/loss of Freedoms

3000 people in Sweden have inserted microchips under their skin 
Twitter ramps up censorship of "hate" facts
Millions of US families can't afford the basics
A cashless society is now possible
California Public High school yearbook has lavish two-page Islam presentation entitled Allah Akbar
West Virginia 7th graders told to swear allegiance to Allah 
Robots now capable of growing human organs 
Macron wants to build French-led New World Order 
California dream has become a nightmare


Texas school shooter kills 10, spares kids he likes
Scientists bring a severed brain back to life 
Irish voters could repeal pro-life amendment 

Wars and rumors of Wars

EMP commission reports that even the smallest EMP attack on our grid would cause year long blackouts and massive deaths 
Multiple explosions heard at Syrian base near Hama 
Russians new weapon can create 300 foot tsunami and destroy any coastal city


Jared Kushner drafting final Middle East Peace Plan  
Kuwait demands a UN force to protect Gaza from Israel  Huh?
Rare Jewish coins found in Temple Mount excavation 
Preparing for the third temple. First fruits ceremony reenacted

Signs in the Sky

Alien asteroid is first permanent resident from outside our solar system
Mysterious booms and house-rattling sounds in PA under investigation


For many American Christians, Jesus is NOT the only way to heaven
Pope Francis tells Gay man "God made you like this, and loves you like this." 
LBGTQ community cheers the Pope for his above comment 
Beyonce's family buys a church bringing Goddess worship to a whole new level 
Reverend Graham slams Episcopal church for caving to Gay agenda


Cross removed from Michigan Hillside following complaint 
A great purge against Christians underway in China 
Christian therapist fired over Biblical marriage beliefs
Illinois high school prevents valedictorian from mentioning Jesus in speech 
Christians in Nepal suspect Hindu extremists in recent attacks on churches 
The Simpsons mock Christianity, calling it a Dopey religion 

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