Friday, June 15, 2018

Friday's Mad Mad World!

Welcome back, precious sons and daughters of the Lord!  Here we go again. Another week of incredible news that will both make you cringe and get excited to be out of here soon!  Believe me, I'd rather just relay cute, happy stories about angels and puppies, but that wouldn't do you any good. It's important for us to know what's going on, and we won't hear it on the news.

What struck me this week? Everything. Volcanoes, Persecution, Perversion, Apostasy (Most Christians think Porn is okay) and the rise of the Global Government.
Praise God for the success of President Trump in peace negotiations with North Korea. I think it's wonderful and hope it works out for good. However, not to be a Debbie Downer, but it brought to mind this Scripture in 1 Thessalonians 5

For you yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so comes as a thief in the night.  For when they say, “Peace and safety!” then sudden destruction comes upon them, as labor pains upon a pregnant woman. And they shall not escape.


UK Hospital bans beside Bibles
Death penalty mandatory for all who blaspheme Islam in  Mauritania
Christian CrossFit spokesperson fired for saying celebrating Gay Pride is a sin 
Churches bombed and burned in latest ethnic cleansing in Burma 
Nigerian pastor's life threatened for leading a Muslim to the Lord 
Christians told to shut down church in Pakistan 
Christians face harsh consequences for marrying under an Islamic Regime
Spain's new Prime minister seeks to integrate Muslims and remove Catholicism from schools
Arizona court rules against Christian Business 
China cracks down on Korean missionaries 
City stops church from holding worship services in their own coffee house

The Earth Groans and Moans

4.5 Earthquake rattles Oklahoma
Measles outbreak in Romania kills dozens of children 
2nd Volcano erupts in Guatemala 
US evacuates citizens from China consulate after outbreak of mysterious illness 
Lava from Kilauea volcano has destroyed over 600 homes 
Earthquake swarm detected under volcano in Chile 
Hawaii hit by more than 12,000 earthquakes in past 30 days!
Strange sounds coming from the sky in Florida
Ozarks shaken by massive boom from possible meteor explosion 
Baseball sized hail breaks windows in Texas 
Hundreds of birds fall dead from the skies over Russia 
Death toll rises to 62 in Guatemalan volcano eruption  
Earth's Crust is in turmoil! 
Freak weather in UK - snow, twisters, fireballs, and lightning
Yellowstone geyser erupts for the 8th time in 3 months
Catastrophic overflow of lava rivers sparks fears
River sink hole created a whirlpool that dragged a man to his death
Hawaiian crater almost doubles in size as eruption continues 
Flash floods strike Mexico, leaving some areas under 13 feet of water
Cat 4 hurricane headed toward Mexico
A yellow alert has been issued for two major volcanoes in North America 
First case of plague since 1992 confirmed in Idaho 
Brain-eating amoeba found in Louisiana water 
Tennis-ball sized hail damages homes near Colorado Springs 
Earthquake swarm detected under Colombian volcano

Sodom and Gomorrah

Child born to transgender man is first baby without a legal mother
Parents fight 6th Grade Sex Ed policy 
Church sued for not hosting LGBT Event 
Franklin Graham says San Francisco is a "little picture of hell"  (I can vouch for that)
Teacher fighting for his job after refusing to call students by transgender names
They are coming for your children. (video)
Christians need to repent for their Anti-LBGT stance
Teacher forced to resign for not following new transgender policies
Amazon has a secret lab working on cancer and other ventures 
California is the first state to legalize non-binary gender on documents 
Maine allows for a third gender on state documents
Ontario passed a law allowing Gov to seize children from parents who don't allow gender transition 
UK to ban sex question on census to avoid offending gays and trans 
Pregnant male models steal the show at London Fashion show
California University website says it's okay for kids to engage in sexual play and watch porn
Fort Wayne's VA hospital replaces military flag with LBGT flag


Suicides now 10th leading cause of death in the US
1 in 5 young deaths linked to opioids in US 
Catholic hospitals forced to preform abortions in Ireland

Signs in the Sky

Mysterious object spotted over Whidbey island, Washington

Global Government/Deception

Germany can legally spy on it's citizens
One organization is the Media gatekeeper for determining hate speech
DHS plans to compile a list of all influential bloggers, journalists, and social influencers 
Government and Social media companies sensor anyone questioning "Official narrative"  
NASA to make major announcement about life on Mars 
Hollywood actress declares we are teaching children lies 
China installs chips in windshields to track people's cars


Record number of Christians think pornography is acceptable
UMC Minnesota Conference removes "Father" from Apostle's Creed 
Does Jesus require a $54 million dollar jet? 
Jesus is no longer the only way for many American Christians 
Transgender Jesus play performed in Brazil 
The end of European Christianity 
Episcopal church removes terms, Husband and wife, to be more gay friendly

Wars and Rumors of Wars

China hacked a Navy contractor and obtained a huge amount of sensitive data on submarine warfare
Taiwan conducting war games as tensions with China increase
Putin warns that WW3 will be the end of civilization
Hezbollah threatens Israel : The day of great war is coming !
Turkey president anticipates war between cross and crescent 

Good News

Whitney Houston performed "Jesus Loves Me" to huge crowd the night before she died
Christian baker wins Supreme Court case not to bake Gay Wedding Cake 
Pastor released from N. Korean labor camp says he shared the Gospel with Korean official
Appeals Court rejects Atheists attempt to remove "In God we Trust" from currency 
How an angel rescued her from getting mugged in a dark alley

Have a blessed weekend!!  Love you all!


  1. Thanks for the updates, my friend. It feels really close! Come, Lord, come!