Friday, June 22, 2018

Friday's Mad Mad World!

Happy Crazy Friday, sons and daughters of the Most High!  Here we go again!  Honestly, I thought there might be a chance we'd be out of here by now, but summer is upon us, and the Lord has not yet shouted for us to join him above.  Though I'm disappointed, I know that means there are still souls to save, so we must march on like any good soldier. Still I know we are close. 

Things that struck me
  • Volcanoes!  Have you ever seen so many volcanoes going off? Never. It's amazing. Also earthquakes. The Bible is true! Jesus said that would happen.
  • Canada seems to be on a rampage against the Bible and Christians. We are next
  • Can you be an LBGTQ and be a Christian?  4 out of 10 LBGTQs say yes. 
  • Fake news. I don't remember a time in my life when most people didn't trust the news or media.


Earth Groaning!

Fernandina volcano erupts, lava flow reaching the ocean, Galapagos
Nigeria plunged into darkness by power grid meltdown
A strong eruption took place from Sakurajima's Minamidake crater volcano
100 tons of dead herring wash up on Russian shore
New strain of bird flu kills over a third who come in contact
Mysterious explosions in past 2 months rattle Pennsylvania residents
Baseball sized hail in Canada
Worries rising over a horrible hurricane season
Earthquake swarm in Iceland 
Deadly storms continue in India, killing and injury many 
Hawaiian volcano in its 7th week of eruptions 
Powerful earthquake kills 4, injures hundreds in Japan 
Loud unknown sounds frighten people in Chile 
Floods in India affect over half a million people 
Lava from Kilauea is now hotter and more fluid 
Record breaking monsoon rains strike Myanmar 
The world's driest place covered in lakes after cyclone hits 
454 earthquakes strike Kilauea summit in 24 hours
Earthquake swarm under volcano in Chile raises alert 
New Zealand volcano ready to erupt!

Global Gov/Mark of the Beast/Tech

AI machine can predict your next moves 
Merkel urges Europe to unite into a New World Order
CA bans state-funded travel to Oklahoma because of its politics 
Mega-church forced to remove "America is a Christian nation" billboards 
Fake news and privacy concerns cause people to ditch social media accounts


Canadian Supreme Court rules against the Bible 
When you get death wishes for sharing the truth of the Bible in love 
City bans congregation from holding worship services in their own place of business
Philadelphia bans Catholic agency from placing foster kids with Christian Families 
Canadian Supreme Court says Christian Law school can be denied accreditation for position on homosexuality  

Wars and Rumors of War

Global Peace Index continues to decline 
Israel experiences worst rocket attack in years 
Turkey's Erdogan's Holy War Obsession


UN Condemns Israeli force against Palestinians
Kushner meets with Jordan's Adbullah about the Israel-Palestinian peace plan

Signs in the Sky

US stepping up Earth's protection from asteroids


Sodom and Gomorrah

Father's day confusion as trans-fathers want to be mothers
Gender wars: The end of Girls' sports
Canadian judge rules that having 2 Dads and 1 Mom is best for a child 
Facebook allows Planned Parenthood to target teens with sex ads 
Owners of the bar that launched LBGT movement call it a Gay church
Virginia school board determines that "sex can be assigned at birth" will be taught to students
Male librarian who identifies as female sues state of Alaska for not covering gender reassignment surgery
Elite girls school in New York now admitting transgenders


4 in 10 LBGT claim to be Christian


Ex-Evangelist says unborn babies are not more human than zombies

Good News!

Scientific evidence supports the legitimacy of Jesus's crucifixion

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  1. I could have swore I posted a comment here already. Hmmmm.....oh well. Once again, my friend, you have given me a lot to chew on. This world is spiraling out of control and people are riding it like a roller coaster. They are in for a rude awakening when the ride ends and they find themselves kneeling before God....staring at a huge fiery pit. Speaking of fiery pits, it's SO hot here. Sometimes, I truly wish I lived on the coast. Have a blessed weekend, my friend. Hugs!