Monday, July 30, 2018

Jesus or the Rapture? Which would you choose?

If you follow me, you know that I talk often about the upcoming, soon, rapture. Why? Because this is an interest the Lord has put on my heart since I first got saved. In a sense, I believe He's placed me as a watchman on the wall, though I hesitate to take on that title. However for the past 25 years, I've cautiously and carefully been watching for all the prophesies and signs to be fulfilled.  And can I dare say that I've not seen so many of them being fulfilled all at once? We are close, very close to being rescued out of here. But that's not what this post is about.

Recently, I heard a question posed by a pastor online, and it stopped me and made me really think what my answer would be. For those of us desperately longing for Jesus to return and get us out of here, what is it exactly we are longing for?  Some may say

  • This world is so bad, I just want to get out of here
  • I don't want my kids raised here
  • I can't wait to see heaven! 
  • I'm excited to see my family and friends who have gone before me
  • I want to see Jesus! 
  • I want my new glorified body that won't get sick, old, or die! 
  • I'm tired of being sick
  • I'm tired of the battle here, all the problems and struggles and heartache

Those are ALL very good reasons.  But let's ask ourselves, what is our main motivation for wanting to be raptured? Is it for the wealth, comfort, happiness and joy of Heaven? The freedom from sin, pain, diseases and heartache?

Or do we just want to be with Jesus?

Imagine if you are engaged to be married. Let's say you own property in every country, tons of villas and vacation homes. You are very wealthy and can provide your new spouse with everything he or she could possibly want. You can make their lives happy, comfortable and easy. They tell you they love you and can't live without you... that it's you they want. Then, let's say, you lost everything and you ended up poor and living in a shack. And your fiance no longer wants to be with you. They break off the engagement and go away sad.  What were they truly after? Maybe they loved you a little, but their real goal was the easy life, the wealth, the comforts.

Now, let's say Jesus comes in the rapture to get you, but He gives you a choice.

  1. Go to a world that is much worse than this one. But He'll be coming with you and be physically by your side every step of the way. 
  2. Or go to Heaven with all its benefits, but He won't be there. 

I actually had to stop and think on that one. I had to make sure my heart was in the right place. Is Jesus my first love? Is it Him that I desire most of all? Or is it just that I long for the struggle to end and can't wait for all the pleasures of heaven?

Amazingly, the excitement and longing for the rapture itself can become a god and take the place of Jesus if we aren't careful.

So, I leave you with this question.

Would you choose Jesus in a shack in an evil world or would you choose heaven without Him?


  1. Jesus, every time. If He is right there with me, especially physically, I don't care how bad it is. Heaven would have no attraction without Him, no light, no love.

  2. I am going with the shack :)

  3. It would be Jesus that I would want! He is my main and only reason for enduring what is going on here on earth at this moment and in the moments to come. Why would I want to go to Heaven if it did not include him?? It makes no sense. Jesus comforts me. The glories of Heaven do not.

  4. Question, though, why wouldn't He be in Heaven too?

  5. I would definitely have to say Jesus because it is Jesus who is with me always and gets me through the battles here.
    I have to admit, though, that I really don't want to continue with the struggles but I do not want to be anywhere that Jesus is not.
    That is a tough question.

  6. Powerful Post Marylu! May I share this? Jesus, my choice always!

  7. I have walked with Jesus for many years and I have walked way ahead of Him from time to time—and I wou;d choose Jesus in a shack—- as life without Jesus is no life for me. I could bring His memory but there is no better life than having Jesus Christ within and surrounding you at all times!!!!!

  8. This is deep. I would always choose Jesus. He is with us always even through hard aches. If we continue to focus on Jesus and wanting to be with him, then heaven and the freedom of pain and sickness etc, will come with the reward of our patience. As the words says, Here is the patience of the saints. Jesus can be our healer, our warrior, our problem-solver, and everything else here on earth while we go through. So Yes I choose Jesus and the shack and wait patiently for my reward in Heaven.