Friday, August 3, 2018

Friday's Mad Mad World!

Greetings precious children of the Most High! Another week has passed and we have more craziness than ever. But what do we expect? Jesus foretold all of this!

Things of note
We had the largest and longest blood moon this past week that could be viewed over Israel.
Volcanoes in the solar system?
More transgender craziness
The Earth is groaning, people. I've never seen the likes of it
Fake news everywhere and free speech shadow banned
Christians being heavily persecuted in other countries. Why aren't our churches talking about this?
Even Israel believes their Messiah is coming soon!

Signs in the Sky

Mars makes closest approach to Earth in 15 years
Weird volcanoes are erupting across the solar system

Sodom and Gomorrah

Judge orders Wisconsin to pay for gender transition surgeries
Judge orders school district to treat the girl who identifies as a boy like any other boy in the restroom
Canadian man becomes a woman to save money on his car insurance


Messiah Mania hits fevered pitch in Israel (Most will believe anti-christ is their messiah)

Wars and Rumors of Wars

Small bomb explodes outside US embassy in Beijing
Iranian General warns Trump: War will destroy everything you own
Syria, Iraq and Turkey may soon enter war for water 
North Korea still working on missiles

Earth groaning

83 people killed in forest fires in Greece
Pieces of the mantle found to be rising under North and South ends of Cascadia fault
Massive deadly fires continue to burn in Redding, CA
No explanation for day turning to darkness for 3 hours in Russia 
Vanuatu imposes state of emergency as volcano continues to erupt
4.2 quake shakes up Northern Israel
Two firefighters die in California fires
6.4 quake in Indonesia leaves 14 dead
Contagious super bug pink eye spreading around Houston
Strong shallow earthquake hits Indonesia: 14 dead and thousands of homes damaged 
537 Dead in Monsoon rains this year 
3.7 Quake felt across Bay Area, CA 
Worst Red Tide in over a decade leaves thousands of dead animals on FLA beaches 
Deadly hailstorm strikes Mexico, injuring dozens, killing one 
2nd Earthquake swarm in a week hits off Oregon coast 
Experts warn how a pandemic could easily wipe out 900 million people 
West Nile virus sweeps through Europe 
8 dead, 880 buildings destroyed and 37,000 evacuated during California fires 
Myanmar floods kill 5, displace 100,000 
A massive hole, deemed the gate to hell, opens up in Russian field 

Big Brother/Global Gov/Tech

Do we want the government deciding what is fake news?
Facebook bans Alex Jones' Infowars account for  30 days


Why some Christians buy into the LBGTQ philosophy 
Universalism and One World Messiah spreading through Christian church 
Megachurch pastor says Christians can support Gay Marriage and not be heretical


Christians in Iran seized in homes and a pastor is violently imprisoned 
California appeals court rules that prayers at School Board meetings violate law 
Rwanda shuts down 8000 churches 
Christians being removed to create Christian-free village in India

Good news

Pastor held for 2 years to be released from Turkish prison
Tennessee Tent revival going strong for 4 months! 
Rapid growth of Christianity in Africa! 

May the Lord bless you and protect you and may you stay securely in His love!

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