Friday, August 17, 2018

Friday's Mad Mad World!

Happy Mad Friday Saints! Here's the latest and greatest end time news. Beware, it isn't pretty!

Things that stood out to me
  • Volcanoes, Earthquakes, and Fires, oh my!
  • The Middle East is on the brink of war. (Can anyone say Gog-Magog?)
  • Socialism, seriously?
  • A skull shaped asteroid is heading our way! Huh?
  • China is going after Christians big time
  • First Transgender nominee for Governor, and she hates Christians. Go figure
  • Drag Queens, Gays in Children's movies, and why not let our kids share a bathroom? 

Get on your knees and pray. This world is fast slipping into the devil's hands. His time to rule is fast approaching and it isn't going to be pretty. Put your trust in Jesus and cling to Him so that you will be found worthy to escape the things coming on this earth. 


Wars and Rumors of Wars

China fires 6 warning shots to US Navy in South China Sea
Hamas is taking the middle east to the brink of war 
Extremists Islamic compound in New Mexico training kids for school shootings 
Turkey allies with Global Jihad movement
Mystery Russian satellite behavior raises alarm in the US
Hezbollah Chief claims they are stronger than ever and ready for war with Israel

Earth groaning!

California super volcano found with 240 cubic miles of Magma swirling underneath
India struck with worst floods in over 100 years 
Smoke from California wildfires reaches New York 
Sink holes and cracks riddle Hawaii as Volcanic activity decreases 
More than 100 new wildfires are blazing in the US
Strongest ever earthquake strikes Alaska
Glacier National park wildfires force evacuations
Earthquakes continue after strongest one ever in Alaska
Several dozen dead after violent storm causes bridge to collapse in Italy 
Several violent tornadoes race through China
British columbia declares state of emergency as more than 600 fires rage
6.6 Earthquake shakes Aleutian islands
Tick epidemic of Rocky Mountain Fever
Measles outbreak in the US

Global Gov/Tech/Mark of the Best

MIT computer predicts end of the world by 2040
FBI warns ATM machines could be mass-attacked in a cyber attack soon
Google tracks your movements whether you like it or not 
Antifa, Democratic Socialists and the New World Order 
The real reason for the Left's double standard on hate speech

Signs in the Sky

UFO hunger Max Spiers mysterious death last year could have been murder
Skull-shaped asteroid makes a return this fall


Sheriff's office told to remove "For God and Country" patches from uniforms
China bans baptism and removes Last Supper Art in latest crackdown against Christians 
Pastor in Iran sentenced to 10 years for reading the Bible 
Decision draws near on CA's Sexual orientation bill, the one that could ban the Bible 
School district stops teacher-led after school Christian club after atheist complaint 
Chinese intense persecution of Christians ignored by the West 
Iran sentences every member of a church to prison 
China tears down posters of Jesus and bans kids from going to church 
First transgender nominee for governor thinks Christians are a threat 
Colorado baker in trouble again. This time for not making a transgender themed cake


Belgium authorized euthanasia in 9 and 11 year olds

Sodom and Gomorrah

Jack Whitehall to play Disney's first gay character in new movie, The Jungle Cruise (Beware of the evils of Disney. I'm serious)
Drag Queen story hours expose preschoolers to gender insanity
Kansas City School district says boys and girls will be require to use same bathroom


Florida church tries to boost attendance with insane giveaway ( A hummer!)
South Carolina is closing many of its churches
Christian professor says Jesus would agree with abortion 
Christian author give free "mom hugs" during LBGTQ parade 
Canada's largest private Christian university drops ban on same-sex relationships


4 major Biblical prophecies playing out in Israel right now 
Member of Extreme Islamist Organization urges all Islam to join forces against Israel

 Good news!

Nurse wins 2 year fight for her job for telling someone about Jesus 
Alabama putting God back in the schools with Ten Commandments displays! 
Record number of troops get saved in Missouri in a great move of God

Have a Blessed Weekend!


  1. Yep, Google is definitely tracking us. Every time I go somewhere, Google pops up with a question about the place I go to.
    As usual, your post is great and informative. Sharing! Hugs my friend.

    1. Yup. That happens to me too. It even knows my routine and where I'm heading on any particular day. Ugh! Big Brother!