Friday, August 24, 2018

Friday's Mad Mad World!

Greetings Warriors of the Most High!  Ready to climb that stairway? Me too!  It's been another crazy week here on planet earth. But don't despair, our Prince is coming to take us out of here before the worst hits!

Your dead will live; Their dead bodies will rise. You who lie in the dust, awake and shout for joy!
For your dew is a dew of celestial light, heavenly, supernatural,
And the earth will give birth to the spirits of the dead.
Come, my people, enter your chambers and shut your doors behind you;
Hide for a little while
Until the Lord’s wrath is past..  Isaiah 26:19-20

What struck me this week
  • Did we have a sale on Earthquakes?
  • Persecution rising over the world. Is it coming to America?
  • Facebook, the new monitor of free speech
  • The Gog-Magog war is aligning its chess pieces
  • Lots of revivals happening too!  Like I've always said.. .the darker it gets, the brighter the truth shines!


Earth groaning!

5.2 Quake strikes Italy: fears of volcanic eruption
California's largest fire keeps growing! 
6.0 Quake hits Costa Rica 
Very deep 6.7 Quake strikes beneath Indonesia 
7.9 Quake strikes near Fiji    (Seeing a pattern here yet? )
Hundreds killed in India's largest flood since 1920s
179 Dead Seals reported along Maine's coast since July 1st
Typhoon Rumbia wreaks havoc over central and eastern China
4.8 Quake strikes Turkey
Indonesia island struck by 6.9 Quake
Ring of Fire lights up 53 Earthquakes in 24 hour period.  (Folks, this is getting real!)
One foot of hail falls in Colorado, while in Australia, Mt Buller received nearly a foot of snow overnight
Widespread flash flooding in Nebraska
Major damage after 2 tornadoes rip through New Zealand  
Bali hit by 10 5.0 quakes in 24 hours 
7.3 Quake strikes Venezuela  
Measles cases skyrocket in Europe, killing dozens 
Major hurricane heading for Hawaii 
Yellowstone's greatest threat isn't the volcano... it's a 7.0 earthquake 
69 Earthquakes in 48 hours around the ring of fire. Fears of Big One hitting California.  Gulp
Ebola outbreak in Africa rises to 55 dead
6.3 Quake rocks Oregon
144 Earthquakes shake the earth in the last 7 days!

Wars and Rumors of Wars

Pentagon: Chinese bombers likely training for strikes against US 
Russian strategic bombers deploy near Alaska 
Iran unveils new short-range ballistic missile 
Russian military on alert for massive war games -- largest since the 80's


Military atheist group wants to imprison Air Force Commander for his Christian faith
Rwanda closes more than 8000 churches 
Nepal implements anti-conversion law 
Pastor faces eviction for hosting home Bible Study in Virginia 
Indian pastor and son beaten mercilessly after leaving prayer meeting 
Bible replaced by Book of Faith at Air Force base 
Undercover police raid a Christian service in China, beat and imprison Christians 
Iran sentences 12 Christians to a year in prison for attending house church
US Army Major General accused of "Aggressive Anti-Religious hostility" in case with Same-sex couple.

Global Gov/ Tech

Company embeds chips in hundreds of employees and they love it
Facebook bans activist Mommy
Facebook implements "Trust ratings" for users, but it won't tell you your score 
Facebook social score is 1 step away from Chinese citizen value score


Pro-Gay church plans to open brewery and give proceeds to Planned parenthood
Nuns are coming forward to accuse priests and bishops of sexual assault
4 in 10 Evangelical churches say their church teaches Prosperity Gospel


Will Endtimes Gog-Magog war happen in our lifetime?
Next round of violence with Hamas just a matter of time. 
UN Chief proposes military force to protect Palestinians from Israel. Huh? Shouldn't it be the other way around?
Iran to plot strategy with Russia and Turkey against Israel  (Read Ezekiel 38!)

Signs in the Sky

Bright fireball reported over Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama and North Carolina
Asteroid bigger than pyramids to skim earth next week

Sodom and Gomorrah

An open pedophile is running for Congress.
Germany allows 3rd gender option on Birth certificates

Pure Evil

The Satanic temple holds rally in the Arkansas State Capitol to oppose the Ten Commandments! 

Good News

Incredible miracles mark explosive revival in small Georgia church!
Former muslim woman encounters God through life-changing dream 
Bible verses to shut down your fear of death for good!
10,000 surrender to Jesus in South California rally!!  Yay God! 
5 Must-see Christian movies coming out this fall 
Powerful testimonies as revival comes to Texas 
How praying in tongues could unlock the breakthrough you seek

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  1. As always, great post! By the way, I am LOVING The Reckless! I keep getting, ugh! But, it's SO good! Hugs, my friend.

    1. Yay! So glad you like it! You are my litmus test since you're a pirate yourself! Hugs!