Friday, August 31, 2018

Friday's Mad Mad World!

Greetings beloved children of God!  Another week has passed and we are still here! Drat!  But God is on the throne and I believe Jesus has risen from His seat and is standing at the door ready to get the signal from His Father to come get us! 

The usual mayhem and madness is occurring all over the world.

  • Quakes and shakes!
  • Ebola and whooping cough? Wow
  • Russia and China war games 
  • Continued imprisonment of Christians in China and Iran
  • 2300 Pedophile arrests in this country. Amazing. 

Check out the good news too! God is on the move!


Earth Groaning

Ebola outbreak now at 105 cases in Uganda
Dangerous flooding in Hawaii as Hurricane Lane hits
7.1 Quake strikes border between Brazil and Bolivia 
6.2 Quake hits Iran and Iraq 
Papua New Guinea villagers flee erupting Volcano 
Mass fish kill hits Indonesia's largest lake 
Whooping  cough is making a comeback
Hurricane season coming to life in the Atlantic
4.4 Quake shakes up Southern CA
Very strong and shallow 7.1 quake hits off  coast of New Caldonia 
6.2 Quake strikes Indonesia

Wars and Rumors of Wars

Chinese military joining Russia for nuclear war games
EMP attack would leave 574 deaths and cost$35 billion in just ONE day 
Did Iranian commander just hint that sleeper cells in US are ready to strike? 
Iran says it has full control of the Gulf. US Navy does not belong there 
Turkey's Erdogan to Meet with Russian and Iran as US ties weaken.  (Gog-Magog alliance is happening before our eyes!)
US strike kills Islamic State commander in Afghanistan 
South African war looms as white farmers are willing to die rather than give up their land 
Pentagon: Chinese military using powerful beams to control the weather
China shoring up its navy in the Pacific 
US defense Secretary puts Iran on notice for continued mischief in the region 
Russian to hold largest war games in 4 years 
Damascus air defenses placed on high alert in fear of US attack 

Global Gov/Big Brother/Mark of the Beast

Georgia school wants to replace US pledge with allegiance to "Global Society"
Mastercard joins the crackdown on conservative media 
Watch Freemasons boast over their complete control of society 
Rabbi warns that inplanted microchips could be used to control population


Another step closer to rebuilding the temple 

Turkey's Erdogan vows to bring "peace and safety" to Syria and Iraq
EU continues to back hate-education against Israel

Sodom and Gomorrah

Anti-discrimination laws force women's shelters to open up to transgender men
STDs on the rise in America, hitting new record


Christians in China helpless as Government writes Communist Core values on church and bans children 
Atheist group tries to purge the military of all Christian voices
Iran sentences 4 Christians to 45 years for believing in Jesus


2 killed in mass shooting in Jacksonville 
More than 2300 pedophilia arrests in US after 3 month hunt

Good news!

Thousands choose Jesus in Bogota crusade! 
Minister healed of terminal cancer reveals 3 things that might be blocking your miracle 
Hardcore atheist receives visitation from Jesus on his deathbed 
Egyptian teen inspired to believe in Jesus after his father was brutally martyred 

Remember that no matter what your struggles are, you are loved exceedingly and your King is coming soon!