Saturday, August 11, 2018

Friday's (Saturday's) Mad Mad World!

Greetings Warrior Bride of Christ. The above is how I picture myself dashing toward Jesus when I first see Him. You too?  (Even if you're a guy, that's okay)  I believe this picture will come true sooner than we think!  Hence, I don't list all these signs to depress you, but to get you excited about the coming of our King. And also to pray for the Lost and spread the Gospel in any way the Lord leads. Time is short!

Have a Blessed Weekend and don't forget to look up and keep your thoughts on heaven!


Earth Groaning

Bali rocked by 7.0 earthquake, deaths reported 
Parasitic illness that struck McDonalds and made 160 sick is now spreading 
22 volcanoes actively erupting with 42 with ongoing eruptions! 
Mysterious algae bloom whirlpool in the Baltic sea is as large as Manhattan
Record breaking heat in Europe.. over 116 in Spain! 
Toxic red tide in Florida killing wildlife
143 MPH fire tornado rips through California 
Huge wall of dust rolls through town in Arizona
Virginia's College Lake Dam is in imminent danger of failing and flooding city in minutes 
Lyme disease now found in all 50 states of the US 
Extensive damage caused by Tornado in Massachusetts 
California fires are the 5th largest in State's history 
7.0 Quake rocks Indonesia! 
Indonesian quake leaves at least 98 dead
Hurricane Hector on the way to Hawaii 
Ebola is back! 33 dead in the Congo 
Six of the most destructive wildfires have struck CA in the past 10 months.  Think God is trying to get our attention?
Four tropical storms swarm the Pacific
Softball sized hail strikes Colorado Springs, injuring 8 and causing tons of damage 
A month's worth of rain falls in one day in Toronto 
European vegetable sector in biggest crisis since 1978
What's going on? Seagulls dropping from the sky, 1000's of dead fish, and  whales stranded
Earth changes accelerate: Tornadoes, Heat Waves, Massive Firenados 
259 dead in Indonesia earthquake
153 Earthquakes in Yellowstone in July
6.2 Aftershock strikes Indonesia

Signs in the Sky

Mysterious fireball streaks over US base in Greenland
Hundreds record a long lasting bright fireball over Australia 
Another long lasting fireball spotted over Siberia 
Air Force remains silent as huge meteor hits near a US military base
Massive glowing rogue planet found drifting in space
Mysterious radio signals from space have Scientists baffled


Trump Mid-east peace plan preparing to roll out.


Atheist group sues West Virginia for reciting Lord's prayer at meetings 
Crosses removed from Scottish chapels so as not to offend non-believers. huh?
Pastor Greg Laurie forced to remove billboards featuring the Bible 
Gov. of New York calls for investigation of Clerk who refused to issue a same sex marriage license  
The Growing intolerance toward God and Christianity 
Pennsylvania family told they can't hold Bible Study on their own property

Wars and Rumors of Wars

Netanyahu threatens Iran with all out war if they block waterway off Yemen 
Citizens nervous when military helicopters buzz over Pittsburgh for days
Iran is knocking on Israel's door as Assad retakes border
China tests 4,563 mph hypersonic aircraft that can fire unstoppable nukes 
China and US trade wars heighten  
Syrian army is growing beyond pre civil-war size 
Russian submarine activity largest since Cold War
Israel and Hamas on the verge of war since 150 rockets rain down on Israel  overnight


Suicide game called Momo targets teens through social media


Co-Founder of largest Christian Music festival charged with child sex abuse
5 things churches do today instead of preaching the Word
California church to build Brewery and drink beer during services

Sodom and Gomorrah

Thousands march in Jerusalem Gay Pride parade
Scotland schools to instruct 5 year olds that their gender is what they choose 
Anne of Rainbow Gables: How the LBGTQ agenda has destroyed a children's classic

Global Gov/High Tech/AI/Mark of the Beast

Americans spend most of their waking hours staring at a computer screen or TV
American power grid and economic systems at great risk  
UK developing technology that is like an all seeing eye, spying on citizens' every move 
Robot manipulates humans to bend to its will and feel sorry for it
Facebook, Apple, and You tube remove pages and podcasts from Alex Jones for hate speech 

Good news!

Angel shaped cloud seen in the sky!
11 Hollywood stars living for Christ through their actions
Anne Graham Lotz shares powerful end times prophecy 
Christians launch prayer counter attack against Satanic idol 

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