Friday, August 10, 2018

The Reckless Release day Celebration!

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Hi everyone, I'm very excited to announce that the next addition to my Legacy of the King's Pirates series, The Reckless, is finally here!  Although this is volume 6, you don't have to read the first 5 books to enjoy this one. However if you do enjoy this one, you might want to go back and check out the others. The Redemption is the first book in the series and the Ebook is only 99 cents!

 In honor of this momentous occasion, I'm giving away three signed paperbacks!

The Reckless
She wanted to live forever young
He wanted to preach the Gospel to the poor

Together they face mutinies, deserted islands, battles, and villains as they sail on a tsunami of adventure throughout the Caribbean in search of the Fountain of Youth!

Captain Reena Charlisse Hyde always gets what she wants. She wanted to be the best female pirate on the Caribbean and she is. She wants to find the mythical Fountain of Youth and she knows the location of the map. And now after searching across the Caribbean for the man she intends to marry, she has found him. There are only two problems. He doesn't want to be found, and he's on board a Royal Navy frigate—the last place a pirate should venture.

Frederick Carlton thought he was finally safe from the woman who held his heart. But her attempt to rescue him labels him a deserter from the Royal Navy. He’s turned his life over to God and plans on being a preacher, but every moment he spends with Reena drives him deeper into a past he longs to forget.

Mutinies, deserted islands, treasure maps, battles, traitors, and villains send the couple sailing on a tsunami of adventure throughout the Caribbean in search of the Fountain of Youth. Frederick longs to escape the lure of the woman he loves. Reena longs for Frederick to love her again. But in the end, they will both have to choose between eternal youth or the lives of everyone they love.

The Hero
Frederick Carlton

Frederick is the son of Captain Kent Carlton, an infamous and once-evil pirate who plagued the Caribbean. Born out of a violent act and illegitimacy, Frederick battles self-worth and the ability to do anything good with his life. Pirate blood flows strong in his veins, and he spent several years adhering its call with his lady love, Reena Hyde, by his side. Together they raided ships, acquired treasure, battled enemies, and loved each other immensely. But God's call on Frederick's life to preach the Gospel finally overcame the lure of sin, and Frederick left the life of a pirate, rededicated his life to God, and ran as far away from Reena as he could.

The Heroine
Reena Charlisse Hyde

Captain Reena Charlisse Hyde will never give up on finding her one true love, Freddy. Even when the stubborn man has been hiding from her for over a year in the Caribbean. In truth, she intends to marry him, and she knows, despite his current disposition, he feels the same way. How could he not after the years of love and adventure they'd spend together pirating the seas!  As soon as she found him and they were together again, he'd give up his fool notion to become a preacher! Bah! What fun is there in a life of poverty and servitude? She'd seen her parents suffer all their lives under the strict hand of God. Nay, Freddy would see reason. Especially since she knew exactly where they could find the one and only map to the Fountain of Youth! Then they could sail these seas from one adventure to another, loving each other forever!


"Wow! What an exciting ride!... Once again author MaryLu Tyndall delivers a swashbuckling tale with plenty of intrigue and a heart-warming romance to boot!
~ Michelle Griep, award winning author of The Captured Bride and The Innkeeper's Daughter

Fountain of Youth Map. This map is split into 4 parts and hidden in various places across the Caribbean, which Reena and Freddy must find!

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Thank you all so much! Have a wonderfully piratety weekend!


  1. I am already signed up for the newsletter. I cannot wait to read this! I love Swashbuckler books!!! Thanks!

  2. I signed up for your newsletter years ago and happily receive them. I'm am SUPER excited about "The Reckless" since Frederick's parents story in "The Restitution" was my favorite in the Legacy of the King's Pirates series. Thank you for the opportunity to win a signed copy and look forward to sailing with Frederick and Reena. :-)

  3. I love the Legacy of the King's Pirate series! I can't wait to read this one ^_^.

  4. Such a huge fan!! Love the Legacy if the KingsK Pirates series!! Already on your mailing list:)

  5. You know that I'm already signed up for your newsletter MaryLu lol. I absolutely adore your books ❤️. I email you everytime I read one of your books to let you know what I think. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned this book in the past 4 or 5 emails because I've been looking forward to it for so long. How could I not when it involves Fred and Reena ��. Would love to add an autographed copy to my book 3 collection (they're always my favorite ��). Thanks for the opportunity and good luck everyone ��!

  6. I've loved this series from the first book forward, and I absolutely love the character designs. You always surprise me with captivating covers! As for your newsletter, I've been getting it for a few years now, and it is a part of my morning devotional process! As always, you're a huge inspiration - I always look forward to your tales! :) <3

  7. My sister and I can't wait to get this book. I've read the first two and currently reading #3.
    I so love your books. Wonderful, gripping stories with scriptures mixed in. Can't beat that with a stick.
    I'm also glad I got my sister hooked on your books because we swap books and if I miss one, she probably has it.
    I signed for your newsletter, although I believe I signed up already.

  8. I love this series! Can't wait to read the newest book!!!

  9. Already subscribe. Love this series and can’t wait to read this book, both Reena and Frederick sound like exciting characters!

  10. I should already be signed up for the newsletter. This book is awesome so far. I would love to win a signed copy

  11. I’m already signed up! I’ve read every book in the series so far and love them. The story sounds great!

  12. Congratulations, Capt'n MaryLu on your newest release! I already receive your newsletter!

  13. Yay!!! So excited! I've signed up!

  14. I am already signed up....though I already have a copy of the book... I am enjoying it, and say let the best comments win!

  15. Congratulations on the new release!!! I can't wait to read this one. Having read the rest of the series, this could only add to saga!
    I am a subscriber! And a super fan!

  16. I'm already signed up for your newsletter. I would love to dive into this series; thank you for the giveaway!

  17. What a wonderful idea for a book. Love the map in four pieces. I already get your newsletter. Thank you for the opportunity.

  18. Love the excitement in your books. Signed up for your newsletter.

  19. Happy Release Day! Looking forward to this latest adventure! I’ve been signed up for some time now. ;-) Thanks for the giveaway!

  20. I'm already signed up for your newsletter and have been looking forward to this book. Have loved this series from the start!

  21. I signed up for the newsletter just now. Love your books. Since I was a child I have loved books about pirates and to read them as a Christian novel is awesome.

  22. Thank you, everyone!! I wish I could respond individually, but I have your names entered in the contest. God Bless you!

  23. I receive your newsletter and love it!
    I've read all the books in this series and so looking forward to reading The Reckless!
    What an intriguing storyline; Reena raised by parents of faith and rebels against that faith while the man she loves has forsaken his sin-filled life and her for faith in and surrender to God. Sounds as though God is surrounding her with a message to return to faith in Him!
    I'm quite interested to read what choices on Reena's road (or shall I write ship) present to her as she sails and what she chooses.
    Ultimately we are all presented with intersections of choices on our life road:toward Him or away.

  24. Sounds like another fun pirate tale! I can’t wait to read how Reena will overcome her desire to be rich to be with Kent or how Kent will act as preacher! I receive your blog newsletter and love to hear how God is working in your life and across the world!

  25. Already subscribed.
    The Reckless sounds great! Love the cover. Congratulations and thanks for the chance.

  26. I'm already signed up for your newsletter, Mary Lu! Thanks for the chance to win The Reckless :-)

  27. I’m am such a huge fan!!! I have everyone of your books and I buy each new one that comes out on ebooks and hardbacks. You are my favorite author! You never dissapoint with the adventures and God thrilling moments I experience when I read one of your books. I hate waiting for new ones to come out because I read them in less than a day and then have to wait months for the next one. Lol but every time it seems to be worth the wait. Thanks for making me fall in love with reading again. And also for teaching us about God’s ever ending love. ~YOUR BIGGEST FAN
    (Prayers for new ideas and books)
    ~Katherine Wallbrown

    1. Katherine, I simply had to respond to your enthusiastic comment. Thank you so much! You brightened my day! Blessings to you and yours! And thanks for the prayers! I need them!