Friday, September 7, 2018

Friday's Mad Mad World!

Greetings precious saints!  We are soon entering the holy days of Jewish feasts/appointments, which span from this Sunday - late October. I say late October because the Jewish calendar is off a month (too long to explain here)  I will post about these fall feast days on Monday. Why are they important? Because God said they were and because all 4 of the Spring feasts have already been fulfilled by Jesus when He came the first time.  Nevertheless, this is a High Watch time for the Bride of Christ. Read my next Monday post and you'll know why.  I only say this to encourage you, because after you scan the news below, you're going to need it!  Cling to Jesus, never let go. And soon He'll come snatch you out of this evil world for the wedding of all weddings!

What struck me this week
  • Lots of stuff going on in the sky.. .sounds, comets, UFO sightings, solar flares.
  • Pedophilia is going to be legal in France. This is only the beginning. 
  • The Ezekiel 38 war is almost upon us.
  • Earthquakes continue and more storms rise up
  • Google, FB, Twitter, etc are spying on us, gathering information for the NSA.


Wars and rumors of Wars

Iran moves missiles to Iraq in warning to enemies
US warns Russian and Syria not to use chem. weapons again while Russia adds warships near Syria
Russia deploys fleet while claiming US is getting ready to strike 
US Gov is updating their nuclear disaster plans and they are terrifying 
Massive missile attack reported at Damascus  
Israel threatens attack on Iran assets hidden in Iraq 
Israel has made 200 strikes in Syria in 18 months 
Ambassador Haley:  All eyes are on Russia, Assad, and Iran 
Trump draws red line to Assad and Russia in Syria. Don't make a grave mistake! 
Russia moves a fleet of warships near Syria
Another summit! Turkey, Iran, and Russia to hold 2nd summit on Sept 7th. (These are the major players in the Gog-Magog prophecy Ezekiel 38)
Royal Navy Warship confronted by Chinese in South China Sea

Earth groaning

Greece hit by 2 strong quakes
Super Typhoon Jebi heading toward Japan
2000 fish cooked to death in CA extreme heat wave 
Plague of flying bugs cover roads in Russian Town 
Mad cow disease found in Florida Cow
Tropical storm Gordon to strike Florida and US coast
Gordon dropping heavy rainfall on Florida and heading toward Miss.
Hurricane Gordon smashes into the US
Disaster drills held across Japan preparing for massive earthquake 
Health officials in Seattle worried about outbreak of HIV epidemic 
Scientists warn earth is set for a big freeze as Sun goes blank for most of 2018
Japan braces for strong typhoon
Typhoon Jebi strikes Japan, leaves millions without power and 9 dead.
Hurricane Florence strengthens in the Atlantic
Nuke power plant on emergency power as huge earthquake rocks Japan! 
Drought conditions worsen across US in August 
32 missing, 11 dead, after 6.7 quake strikes Japan 
Japan rocked by back to back earthquakes 
147 passengers evacuated from plane in France after fears of Cholera outbreak
Florence upgraded to category 4 hurricane 
7.8 Quake hits Fiji


Prophetic wine for new temple
Red Heifer born in Israel! Many believe is a sign of Messiah's return

Signs in the Sky

Large fireballs rattling windows and mysterious booms around the world
Strange floating lights puzzle California locals
Weird trumpet sounds heard in Malaysia, US, and Germany in August 
Mysterious square spacecraft hovered in NC skies, scaring citizens 
Comet hurtles toward earth during Feast of Trumpets  (I'll be posting about this feast on Monday)
In the next 7 days, a large solar storm will hit the earth and a comet will make the closest approach in 72 years

Global Gov/Mark of the Beast/Tech

Major US restaurant chain adopts biometrics for employees
AI to bring back human life with real replicas in shocking new 3D technology 
Mainstream media boldly declares you will be micro-chipped 
Thousands of stores plan facial recognition
Google's true origin partly lies in NSA and CIA research grants for mass surveillance


Devil worshiping church burns Bibles and uses menstrual blood in ceremonies in the heart of Bible Belt
Judge decrees atheists allowed to say prayers at Pennsylvania legislative meetings 
North American first Sex Doll brothel opens up in Toronto 
Oprah's Magazine showcases #ShowYourAbortion movement 
Military hardware company overloaded with orders for bullet-proof backpacks for new school year. (What have we come to here in America?)
Momo suicide video game causes 2 teens in Columbia to take their lives

Sodom and Gomorrah

81 year old man has surgery to become a woman. Oldest trans surgery in Britain
U.S. now has 2.3 million cases of "S"yphilis as in "S"odom and "G"onorrhea as in "G"omorrah. An all-time record, in 2017, exceeds 2016 by 200,000 cases.
Exosexuals at an all time high, spreading like wildfire. These guys and gals are having sex with trees and plants and stuff like that
Pedophilia to become legal in France.  Yup. You read that right.



Boston may ban Christian flag from city flag pole 
NetFlix under fire for its show "Insatiable" for mocking Christians and sexualizing Jesus 
Call to end religious broadcasting in Belgium


Church goers leaving church to embrace pagan rituals
Pastor who curses regularly during sermons doesn't care what others think

End times

Francis Chan (one of my favorite preachers) warns about end times! 
Greg Laurie: What every last days believer needs to know 
The super rich tech giants of silicon valley have a doomsday plan of escape (Even they know the end is near!)

Good News

California law maker drops Anti-Biblical law! 
Chick-Fil-A workers rally around woman to pray for her cancer to be healed

Have a blessed weekend as we wait for the appearance of our Lord, Jesus Christ!


  1. Ev'n so, Come quickly, Lord Jesus!! Deliver us from evil.

  2. Amen! I feel like a foreigner on this planet! I don't even recognize my own country anymore. Come, Lord Jesus!