Friday, September 14, 2018

Friday's Mad Mad World!

Greetings End times Warriors!!! We are another week closer to seeing our Prince!  I can't wait!
Please pray for those in the path of Florence today and throughout the weekend.

There's a sense gnawing in my gut at how close we are to going home. I've never felt this way before. Many Christians will tell me that things aren't bad enough yet... that things must get a lot worse before the Lord comes. However, I think evil is hiding at the moment. It lurks in the dark shadows. It hides its true nature in a cloak of light, and when the Bride is gone... when the salt and light have left the earth, it will come out in full force. Thank God, He promises to rescue us before this happens!

Of note this week
  • Hurricanes! Volcanoes, Pestilences, and earthquakes.   
  • President Assad of Syria threatens to use chemical weapons yet again.
  • Comets in the sky
  • Intense persecution. Please consider helping our brothers and sisters in Nigeria and China


Earth Groaning!

Ebola Outbreak in Congo spreads
6.1 Earthquake hits the Philippines 
Florence is strengthening and heading toward US 
Rare event: The Atlantic and Pacific churn up storms at the same time!
Toxic red tide algae moves north to Tampa, killing hundreds of thousands of fish
6.5 Quake strikes Solomon Islands 
Deadly volcano in Guatemala spreads huge pyroclastic  avalanche 
Rare Monkeypox spreads through the UK 
Tropical storm Helene forms near West Africa 
North and South Carolina declare States of Emergency as Florence approaches 
Florence could produce storm surge of 15-20 feet 
Parts of South Africa blanketed in Snow
Hurricane Olivia approaching Hawaii
6.9 Quake rocks New Zealand 
The Atlantic ocean looks terrifying right now 
4th super typhoon of 2018 headed toward Philippines 
1.5 Million evacuated from Carolinas as Florence advances 
CDC tells public to prepare for nasty flu season 
Isaac and Helene join Florence as hurricanes in the Atlantic 
Super Typhoon on collision course with Hong Kong 
Florence generating 85 foot waves as it approaches Carolina 
Unprecedented rainfall hits Beirut, causing worse flooding in years 
5.2 Quake hits Turkey
New Zealand bracing for 8.0 earthquake and subsequent tsunami to hit Australia

Wars and Rumors of Wars

Pentagon briefs trump on military options in case of chemical attack in Syria
US marines launch live-fire air assault into Syrian desert as warning to Russia 
Syria's Assad approves gas attack in Idlib, despite severe warnings 
Iran's actions in Lebanon increase chances of war with Israel 
Russia launches largest ever war games with China 
Germany could join a military alliance with US, UK, and France if Syria tries another chemical attack 
Battered in the mid-east, ISIS spreads tentacles world wide

Signs in the Sky

Dozens of mysterious radio bursts from outer space detected
A bright green comet will grace our skies in Sept


Student sues college for not allowing her to tell people that God is Love
Indian Christians refuse to deny Christ despite intense persecution by Hindus 
England's largest Muslim group wants Franlin Graham banned from preaching there
Ex-Muslin arrested for sharing his testimony at the Mall of America 
Chinese close churches, burn Bibles, and force Christians to denounce faith 
Franklin Graham says Christians in Nigeria are being brutally slaughtered 
Students ordered to spray paint over the name of Christ 

Global Gov/Mark of Beast/High Tech

Head of British Science Association says AI is more dangerous than terrorism
On the path to totalitarianism: Erasing images and rewriting history
USA Today warns "You will get microchipped" 
Tech elite have an escape plan with bunkers in New Zealand! What do they know that we don't?
New York's WiFi Hotspots enable surveillance grid
Do game apps for kids collect their data?

Evil / Sodom and Gomorrah

The US is embracing Satanism at an alarming rate
Sephora is selling starter witch kits 
81% of Family show comedies contain highly sexual dialogue  
Masculinity, makeup, and flower boys


First red heifer (used in temple) in 2000 years fulfills Biblical Prophecy

Good News!

Tennessee Tent Revival continues: Over 700 Saved

Have a wonderful weekend!