Friday, September 21, 2018

Friday's Mad Mad World!

Happy Friday Watchers for the Lord!  This picture is gorgeous, but it doesn't do the Glorious City justice. It will be far more beautiful than any of us can imagine!  In light of that and our blessed hope of seeing Jesus, let's look at the happenings of this week.

Of note
  • Things are heating up in the Middle East.. lots of saber rattling between Russia and Israel. Funny that the Bible predicted this long ago. Ezekiel 38
  • Though I didn't report on this below, Trump's Middle East Peace deal is about to be released. And he shall confirm a covenant with many for one week Daniel 9:27
  • The Arch of Baal will be erected in Washington DC next week. Remember the god Baal from the OT? The one who demanded baby sacrifices and sexual orgies. Yeah.. we are honoring him now.
  • The Earth is groaning louder and louder just as Jesus said it would
  • Are you as sick of being told that gender is anything we feel like?

Earth Groaning

Over 10 trillion gallons of rain expected in NC
Satellite image shows at least  9 deadly storms circling the globe
Mosquitoes the size of quarters plague the Houston area 
11 dead so far in Florence and over 400,000 without power 
28 dead and 5 million at risk as huge Typhoon makes landfall in the Philippines
Iceland's monster volcano is charging up for its next eruption 
Typhoon pounds South China after killing dozens in the Philippines
Dams in danger in North Carolina. Death toll rises to 12 
Dozens buried by landslide in Philippines triggered by typhoon 
Giant cracks in the earth dry up rivers and wells in India
5.7 Quake hits Western Australia
Millions evacuated as Hong Kong is hit severely by Typhoon 
Experts warn of Cat 6 Hurricanes in the future
Florence leaves 31 dead, hundreds rescued and have a million in the dark 
800 Farmers suffer extensive crop loss after hail storm wreaks havoc in Uganda 
Ring of Fire rocked by 19 earthquakes in a day, some as large as 5.8 
Fire tornado sucks fire hose in the sky and melts it in mid air
Bill Gates: We are not prepared for the world's next global pandemic
2 Quakes hit within 4 minutes in Greece

Sodom and Gomorrah/Evil

New York to have third gender on birth certificates as Transgender push increases 
All the cool girls at school are transitioning into boys 
Parents spend more time on Netflix than bonding with children 
We are living in a culture of Satanic Coming-of-age tales 
Residents protest a sign in front of their yard promoting the local Satanic temple 
LBGTQ students now outnumber religious students at Yale 
Texas school accused of bias after male student punished for wearing makeup.  Give me a break!
Swedish professor under investigation for telling students men and women are different biologically 
California to provide gender surgery and hormone treatment to foster kids at taxpayer expense 
Canadian group introduces "Julian" a transgender puppet to introduce kids to gender fluidity  huh?

Wars and Rumors of Wars

Russia's war games include a submarine hunt in the Pacific
Russian military jet shot down by Syria and they blame Israel 
Israeli strikes target Iranian weapons in Damascus  
US military give more authority to launch preventative cyber attacks.
Middle East on brink of war: Russia promises retaliation on Israel for jet shot down over Syria 

Global Government/Mark of the Beast/ Tech

Facebook to start fact checking photos and videos
The left's attack on VP Pence reveals their true purpose 
Social media purge and how if affects everyone 
Why is the "Arch of Baal" being erected in DC the last week of Sept? 
China has a chilling system to control everyone

Signs in the sky

Sudden solar observatory lockdown by FBI sparks theories that alien life was found
Devastating solar storm: It's a matter of WHEN not IF


Christian persecution increases in China
Starbucks double standard: Ex-muslims kicked out for offensive Tshirts 
Prophesied End Times persecution is here and the Western church is unaware 
271 Christians charged with converting Hindus with lies and drugs
Actress Thandie Newton calls God a "Her" at Emmys 
Two Christian bus passengers executed for refusing to recite "Islamic statement of faith"


Startling numbers of believers now following Universalism
15 Stats about the church and pornography that will blow your mind 
Bishops urge Christians to stop calling God a "He"

Good News

NFL Football player drops to his knees to praise God for healing him

 Don't know Jesus?  Want to escape the wrath of God coming on the world?
 How to be saved!