Friday, September 28, 2018

Friday's Mad Mad World!

Greetings Watchers for the King!  Crazy week! I try to stay out of politics because I know in today's climate it really sets people off, but I can't believe what's going on in Washington DC.  If the Lord doesn't intervene, I believe we will lose our republic and it will be taken over by power-hungry, immoral, evil, self-serving, greedy globalists. Please pray for America!

Other striking things that made my jaw drop
  • Yellowstone shooting rocks and steam into the air. 
  • Tensions rise between us, Israel and China and Russia. Lots of saber rattling and threats!
  • 4000% increase in kids identifying as transgender. 4000%!
  • Most millennial believe Bible is just another book
  • Christian university removes ban on gay relationships. huh?
  • Chinese pastors losing their lives for Jesus (while we plan our next church potluck)


Earth Groaning

Army worms invading North Texas
Northern Ireland sets all time record for strongest Sept winds 
Over 132000 pounds of ground beef recalled over E-coli risk 
5.4 Quake strikes Mexico 
Damn breach at coal plant dumps ash into overflowing Cape Fear river
Yellowstone shooting rocks and steam into the air
Indonesian volcano erupts 44 times
Could Florence regroup and return as another hurricane?
Dozens killed in outbreak of West Nile virus in Europe
Deadly storm strikes Ottawa, 85,000 without power 
Volcano in Mexico is rising. Residents warned 
Super Typhoon heading toward Japan 
Flights across Europe could be grounded as Iceland volcano set to erupt 
New concerns over more Yellowstone rumbling 
Scientists predict major outbreak of Ebola within weeks 
Tropical Storm Rosa strengthens off coast of Mexico

Wars and Rumors of Wars

Has the era of robotic warfare arrived?
Middle East on brink of war: Iran demands UN take action against Israel
Iran warns US and Israel after parade attack 
US Airforce seeks largest expansion since cold war 
The battle field is ready for Gog-MaGog war! 
Iran video threatens missile strike on UAE and Saudi Arabia
US urged to prepare for immediate EMP attack
Russia raises tensions with Israel
China warns Trump they are ready to respond to provocations 
Putin tests new missiles by blowing up fleets of warships


Trump says he supports a 2-state solution in Israel.  (Not a good thing for America. God will judge the nations who divide up His land)


Signs in the Sky

Bright fireball streaks over Texas and Alabama

Sodom and Gomorrah

4000% increase in kids identifying as transgender. Docs preforming mastectomies on teen girls
Child porn investigation the reason for the Sky Observatory shut down in New Mexico 
Four ways porn is destroying our children 
Children's hospital drops gender from wrist bands 
Two Guides For girl scouts in UK fired for voicing concerns about transgender policy


Female shooter behind Maryland massacre
Beyonce's former drummer says the singer molested her and preformed extreme witchcraft 
Teacher fired for not giving 50% to kids who never turned in any homework   Huh?
Spooky kids film features pentagram, demons and blood magic

Global Gov/Tech/Loss of freedom

Apple gives you a "trust" rating depending on your phone call and email habits
Scientists discover how to upload knowledge to your brain
Greece uses High-tech drones to spot tax evasion
Google working on censored version of the internet 
New Large Hadron Collider discovery could break all science! (You know they are trying to find a way into extra-dimenions a.k.a. the spirit realm)
Facebook smart home device with facial recognition


Catholic church pays out record setting millions to 4 abused boys
Most millennials believe the Bible is just a book 
Azusa Pacific Christian university removes ban on LBGTQ students and creates program for them 
Mega pastor says 10 commandments are no longer applicable.  
Archbishop invites pro-LBGT priest to speak in archdiocese 
Episcopalian Interfaith service includes giant tree people


Prayer no longer allowed over loudspeakers at Blount county football games 
Islamic terrorist threaten to kill Christian girl for refusing to renounce Jesus 
School district facing huge backlash for renting to a church with traditional views on marriage 
What is happening in China should send a chill down every believer's spine 
Atheist group forces school to prohibit prayer for a sick child 
Pastors in China preparing to lose their lives for preaching the Gospel under new communist mandate

Good news

Famed atheist baptized at 85!
Teen survives 7 weeks out at sea by reading the Bible and catching Fish from the ocean! 
Archeologists claim to find point of Biblical Exodus at Jordan river.  

 Have a wonderful weekend. Keep your eyes on the sky and your ears open for the sound of a trumpet!



  1. Dear MaryLu,
    Thank you for always giving us this long list of unbelievable things going on in our world, it always amazes me and leads me to the Word! Just when I think it can't get worse than it is-- it does! I use to think -- how can we think Sodam and Gomorrah was bad -- it was -- but our days are as bad or worse. Then in the days of Noah, knowing how no one was as good as Noah, and the flood came to wash away the sin of that time. Your posting on that very time -- even though one knows the story ,it was amazing. , and that God cleansed the world with the flood-- I did not really know the fullest dark sin that had entered in and that Noah. A good man- with a pure untainted bloodline that had to be saved and passed on for the day of the birth of Jesus. Our world is dying around us with all the sin and abnormal ways that will be the undoing of this earth as we know it. I pray for our children , the innocent ones who are being taught abnormal life styles. I pray for the innocent -- who are being introduced to things God did not introduced for our body and minds, I pray for all who know our Lord Jesus, but cannot acknowledge him for fear of their life. I pray for our Goverment to open their hearts to do the right thing. I pray for our world to seek the Lord while He can still be found!
    Thank you MaryLu for being obedient and please continue to post as you never know who might read and search further. May you and all your loved ones be found with your eyes on our Lord and Savior. Keep searching everyone. Find Him I pray 🙏🏻🙏🏻💕💕

    1. Bless you, Elsie! I join you in all of those prayers! I'm particularly concerned for the innocent children as you said. They are being indoctrinated in schools and what can parents do who can't afford private school or to stay home and home school? How can this new generation be saved? Lord help! come quickly and save the children!

  2. Things are sure speeding up! I’m beginning to realize that the end of this world as we know it is going to come about much quicker than we think. And that more than ever we need to heed His warning “Watch therefore— for you do not know when the master of the house will come..” In the meantime, I pray ‘Lord, send forth labourers into your harvest’. Thank you MaryLu as always for your work in highlighting these signs. Speaking of globalism too, I was only just recently talking with a friend online about how patriotism is quickly becoming a dirty word and soon, unless you’re a globalist you’ll be looked upon as racist and hateful etc. How quickly things are changing, Lord, wake us up!

    1. So wonderful to see you here, Noela! Yes, it's very interesting how patriotism is a bad thing now.. and they connect it to racism. People who want to have strong national borders (like me) are now labeled racists! The enemy is very clever.
      Like you, I pray for the lost.. for the Lord to gather in ALL those He has called before its too late. Blessings and Hugs!