Friday, October 5, 2018

Friday's Mad Mad World!

Greetings precious warriors of the Most High! Below you'll find another week of crazy news you probably won't hear on TV.   These are not meant to cause fear. For perfect love casts out all fear. What is that perfect love? The love of Jesus, who promises to keep watch over us and our families.
(Note: I am going out of town for a week, so I will not be able to gather this information for you next Friday. So, check in the Friday after that if we are still here! )

Things of note

  • Huge 10 foot wave decimates Indonesian island after a major earthquake.
  • The Arch of Baal now stands in Washington D.C.  Based on recent news, I think it fits there
  • Russia and China appear to be in an arms race against the US 
  • Check out all the earthquakes and typhoons!
  • Persecution in China is getting worse and worse daily.


Francis Schaeffer - prophet, warned us 50- years ago what is happening today


Strange mist appears over Temple Mount as Jewish people celebrate Sukkot! Video is cool

Wars and Rumors of Wars

Russia begins missile defense system delivery to Syria. Warns US on peace talks
Terrorists could weaponize highly infectious diseases 
Iran racing to hide nuclear evidence presented by Israel
20,000 Palestinians storm Israel border, rip security fence and hurl explosives
Iran threatens to cause "sorrow and penitence" if Israel attacks Syria 
US warship heads into the China Sea against Chinese wishes
Britain sends troops to Antarctica to keep Russia from grabbing land
China develops super-spy satellite that can spot US submarines 
Is Russia developing air-launched satellite killer? 
Iran launches "Death to America" missiles in midnight strike 
Chinese warship came within yards of USS Decatur in South China sea
US warns Russia it will take measures against Banned Russian Nuclear weapons 

Signs in the Sky

Bizarre glowing object spotted circling the space station
New dwarf planet spotted at the edge of our solar system

Sodom and Gomorrah

American Academy of Pediatrics now support surgical and hormonal transitioning of Children


Pastor gets 7 years for sexually assaulting Youth Group members


Chinese Government destroys Christian church, bills pastor for demolition  
Chinese government implementing 5 year plan to rewrite Bible and force Christians into communism 
University removes Bibles from guest rooms 
Communist rebels detain pastors, shave their heads, and destroy churches in Myammar
Hundreds of Chinese school children forced to swear they follow no religion
Prayer banned at Graduations and School events after atheist group complains

Earth groaning

Life threatening storm heads toward Greece
Warmer waters in the Atlantic will fuel even stronger Hurricanes
World's first human case of Rat disease found in Hong Kong
Hundreds dead after powerful earthquake and tsunami strike Indonesia
Arizona and California in path of direct hit by Hurricane Rosa
Huge quakes trigger Indian Ocean's Tectonic triangle
Rare hurricane like storm heading for Europe
Typhoon Trami strikes Japan, leaving 30 towns without power
Update: Nearly 800 killed in Indonesia tidal wave
Ground turns to liquid after devastating 7.5 earthquake in Indonesia 
Man dies of brain-eating amoeba after visiting Texas resort 
6.0 Quake strikes Sumba Indonesia  
Tropical storm Leslie to become next Atlantic hurricane
34 children killed at Bible camp in Indonesian quake
Mass graves dug for 1300 victims as death toll rises in Indonesia
Tropical storm Rosa approaches Baja, CA  (not near me!)
Typhoon strikes Tokyo as wind breaks records
Giant supervolcano beneath CA could be worse than Yellowstone 
6th New major Typhoon headed toward Japan 

Global Gov/High Tech/Mark of the Beast/Loss of Rights

Facebook breech allowed hackers to control accounts of more than 50 million people
Large Hadron Collider could create black hole and destroy the earth says astronomers


The Arch of Baal was erected in D.C. one day before Kavanaugh testified 
Prestigious Spanish soccer club honors Palestinian teen who advocates violence against Israel 
Sabrina, the teenage witch is back and more satanic than ever!
Secret service intercept suspicious envelope sent to Trump
Envelopes suspected of containing Ricin sent to president and defense secretary

Have a blessed weekend!

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  1. That picture is so me at times....come, Lord, come!
    Yet another great post.
    Have a wonderful time with your family. You and George are in my prayers.