Friday, October 19, 2018

Friday's Mad Mad World!

Greetings, Royalty of the Lord! Yes, you are royalty, children of the Great King! You may not feel like it now, but the Bible says you are, and hence you are!  Here's the latest from this fallen world where our enemy is in charge. Is it any wonder we see such wickedness and insanity?  But his time is short and he knows it.

Of note
  • Guillotines ordered in Georgia  (think Tribulation saints who lost their heads) 
  • Israel on the brink of war with HAMAS, China and Russia threaten US
  • Check out all the earthquakes and storms!
  • Rampant witchcraft and immorality
  • Civil unrest on the streets of America!
  • Christian persecution rising

11 Reasons Christians should absolutely NOT celebrate Halloween

Wars and Rumors of Wars

General Mattis orders fighter jet readiness. Wants 80% ready for war in a year
Islam's religious war to destroy Israel has started 
Russian sends troops and missiles into Libya
Netanyahu says Israel preparing for war with Gaza 
UK Warns. Chemical attack inevitable  
Genuine danger: Russia could spark World War 3!
US planning showdown with China
Netanyahu threatens "Painful blows" to Hamas if protests continue 
Chilling footage shows Putin's submarines carrying out mock atomic strike 
Cyberattack on Utilities could cripple America
Gaza rockets strike Israel prompting retaliatory strikes 

Earth Groaning

Hurricane Michael has left at least 16 dead
Florida panhandle devastated by Michael
Cyclone Titli kills 5 in eastern India
 Cyclone Luban set to strike Yemen
If Volcano collapse, British holiday hot spot in danger of Tsunami 
Ebola cases spike in the Congo 
Tsunami alert after 7.3 Quake strikes Papua New Guinea 
3 dead after strong quake hits Indonesia
38 confirmed cases in 16 states of strange Polio-like disease
6.4 Quake rocks Pacific Rim off coast of Russia 
Portugal is facing the region's greatest storm since 1842 
New Typhus cases reported in Los Angeles 
Hurricane Michael leaves relatives searching for thousands of people
5.5 Quake shakes Alaska 
Guatemala volcano spews ash months after deadly eruption
Europe's most active volcano is sliding into the sea
Emergency responder in Indonesia calls earthquake and tsunami one of the worst he's ever seen
Two huge earthquakes strike New Caledonia 
Polio like illness spreading across America
Floods in Niger claim 45 lives since June 
Hurricane Michael death toll rises


Global Gov/Antichrist system/loss of rights

World on brink of financial collapse 
Radical sex education agenda.. the battle for your child's soul. 
Biometric Database Growth: Plans to track, trace, and database all humans 
Are we headed toward a cashless society? 
Canadian hospitals unveil plans to assist children with suicide and not tell parents 
Social media purge intensifies as midterms approach 
Switzerland votes to criminalize homophobia and hate speech 
Chaos in the streets of Portland. Civil unrest to come 
Georgia just ordered thousands of guillotines! (They say it's for prisoners on death row. Right)
Robotic security forces on the streets of NYC

Signs in the Sky

Mysterious Hum lasting 45 minutes baffles locals


Virginia schools ban all songs that mention Jesus at annual Christmas show
College cancels Pastor appreciation lunch after atheist complaint 
Christians in Myanmar forced to sign papers stating they will not pray in church 
Islamist continue to persecute Egypt's coptic Christians 
Christian man in Algeria faces trial for evangelizing his Muslim wife 
Virginia couple threatened with eviction for holding Bible Study 
Christians sentenced to death under Sharia law 
Middle East Christians risking all 
Cross torn down on church in fresh attack on Worshipers in China 
Atheist group sues IRS for exempting churches from filing annual information form
Quebec gov. wants to ban employees from wearing religious symbols
12 Christians arrested in Sudan for sharing the Gospel with Muslims

Sodom and Gomorrah

Wisconsin ordered to pay transgender employees 750K  for not covering their trans surgeries
New York mayor signs bill to add Gender X to birth certificates 
Lesbian Batwoman to make debut 
Major Porn company targeting young people through video games 
Minnesota state tells Christian filmmakers to make a same-sex  marriage film or spend 90 days in jail
Biological male wins women's World cycling championship as a trans woman. 


Witches to Hex Judge Kavanaugh During Satanic ritual in NYC
Your kids can access Porn through this popular school database 
Witches outnumber Presbyterians in the US 
Over 1000 people sign up for NYC Witchcraft event to put a hex on Judge Kavanaugh 
Scientists proclaim we are on the brink of immortality!  If they only knew that we already were immortal
Mellania Trump strip music video a disgrace. Warning to viewers. Racy video
40% of births in America occur outside of wedlock


Rampant sexual sin has turned the American church into the Laodicean church
Most Evangelicals believe God accepts worship from all religions.  Good grief!
Followers of Prophet Joshua Homes believe he is Jesus in the flesh!   We were warned

Good news!

US Pastor Andrew Brunson released from Turkish prison!
Jerusalem Inscription from Jesus's time stuns archeologists
Pastor Brunson and his wife pray for Trump to have supernatural wisdom and fear of the Lord 
Pastor Greg Laurie believes recent Christian revival will bring about the rapture

For the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of an archangel, and with the trumpet of God. And the dead in Christ will rise first. Then we who are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And thus we shall always be with the Lord

1 Thessalonians 4:16-17 


  1. *shaking my head*
    The Lord really needs to come.

  2. But wait, the guillotine article is from a few years ago. I thought it was new. Have you founs an update on that?? Shakes head with you, andand prays harder...


    1. Was it? Sorry about that. I'll look for a recent update. Thanks!

  3. Just when you shake your head thinking it can't get any worse -- it does. The darkness touches every part of our days and nights and everything is going crazy. Our weather is unbelievable , our Goverment is unbelievable , God Loving people are being persecuted . God loving men are being heaped with filth as their reputation is being ruined . Our schools are being ruined with the teaching of gender educations even as young as kindergarten . Brain washing our youth into a life style that is not what God has for them or us. I thought the lists were longer than usual and it makes one wonder what this world is coming to. We know and have known and it is now upon us and we need to pray, and pray for our loved ones. Pray for those who live around us. Pray that God will open the ears and the eyes of those in our Goverment.,and those who are in our Goverment that are spouting evilness, pray that God will enter their hearts. I am going to pick one evil women in our Goverment that has the tongue of a viper, and every day pray for her. It can't hurt. Thank you MaryLu for being obedient and keeping this little flock aware of all that is going on.
    I pray Oh Jesus, that you cover us with your cloak Of safety as we pray for those around us, good or bad, may we be a light into their darkness. Thank you Lord Jesus.

    1. The two women I will pray for is--Dianne Feinstein from California and Elzabeth Warren from Massachusetts .
      Some might not like my choice -- but these are the women I will pray for

    2. Good choices, Elsie. I will join you in praying for these women. To my shame I hadn't even thought about doing so... only praying for the good guys. Yes, the World is fast spinning into the empire of the Antichrist. We must be in constant prayer, fasting, and worship. So many are going to hell and it breaks my heart.